Winter Workout

Is everyone aware that it's still FALL!?!? I had to remind myself as I looked out the window this morning at the snow-covered pine trees while the flakes fell. I like to watch snow falling. I like for people to bring me food when it's snowing. I like to watch children playing in the snow. I even like to make snow angels. I DO NOT like to drive in it. This means I have not gone anywhere since I came home at 10:45 Wednesday morning. Since I'm off Thursdays and "Fridays," that means I go nowhere until I have to go to work Friday night.

I'd planned on going to the gym Wednesday and Thursday. When I didn't go either day, I said "Friday! Friday's the day!" Except it was snowing when I got ready to go out and I promptly u-turned in my house, just as I was about to put on my snow boots. No indeed. I'm not afraid of snow. I just would prefer to stay out of it if given the option.

Since I skipped the gym, I decided to give myself a winter workout and shovel the snow. That way I don't have to worry about it when I finally leave the house tonight, I get my workout in, AND I can warm up my car and clean off the inch or two on top of it. Another thing I don't have to be bothered with tonight. Score two for me. Plus I figure if I get my hair all sweaty, I'll go wash it and watch "Sideways" since I bought it. I now buy DVDs when they're on sale at Target. $6.50 or $5. Who can beat those prices?! Love it. So I bought "Sideways" and "Hotel Rwanda." I'd decided I would start collecting Oscar-nominated films. Why not? I know my dad will watch the latter with me so I'll bust it out one of the Daddy-Daughter days when Grey's is a rerun and there's nothing at the movies.

The workout. I put on my "A Christmas Workout!" playlist (yes, with the exclamation point) that I made yesterday and went to work. After I'd cleared the walkway, around my car, and my dad's space, I wiped the snow off my car. Then I looked down and said, "Hmmm... maybe I should've done this first." Ah well. What's a few more scoops of the shovel? I got a 25 minute workout in AND saved myself some trouble later today. But now my right hand hurts. Maybe twisting my hair isn't the brightest idea right now. Afro it is. I'm also washing clothes. See? I can be productive without leaving the house! :P Not feeling the Christmas spirit right now despite my efforts. I'll explain tomorrow. Bah humbug.


Sha Boogie said...

Since I've moved to a complex I will be missing out on my winter work out :( I love the tar-jay sales, yaay!!

1969 said...

I need to start shopping for the Holiday this weekend and it's snowing in Philly too....UGH.

Shoveling snow is a workout and a half!!!!!

Momisodes said...

Ugh,...shoveling. I admire your drive. It's so bizarre. I posted about exercising today too :)

proacTiff said...

I want to hear about your workout attire equipped with neon leg warmers and a one-of-a-kind Donna Summer scoop-neck t-shirt, leggings and scarf tied and hanging ever-so around your tiny little waste. Better yet--pictures!

Jameil said...

sha... hurray tarjay!! winter workouts get the arms movin.

69... shop shop!! i already did some of that. i was gettin it w/my shoveling!

sandy... lol. work it out!

pro... see now you actin up!! you know i don't do neon or crazy gym clothes!!

the joy said...

I miss snow. I really do. It is fall still, huh? Lol.

You're really dedicated to the twists. It takes too long so I haven't done it in months! Yo you ever do the plats, then loosen them in the morning (or evening for you) and wear it all crinkly?

Jarrod said...

All you Southerners stop complaining about snow! Embrace the cold! As you can tell, I'm from Jersey.

Adei von K said...

get it jameil! a productive workout!

you know i've loving the "!" at the end of your playlist title, right? i can hear 19 five year olds having a field day with it!!!


Jameil said...

joy... you can have my snow. the more you do it, the less time it takes. i'm down to an hour now. that's an hour less time than it used to take. for a while it was the only way i liked my hair so i had to get dedicated. plus when you're in college, you don't really have anything else to do with your time and lots of people to sit around and keep you company while you do your hair for hours.

jarrod... yoooooou shut up you! as you sit in your 50+ degree weather.

stace... lolol. they would love it. EXCLAMATION POINT!!