Christmas Hoopla!!

Let's all go wild!!

1) I LOVE real Christmas trees. I will vacuum all day and all night and water that mug daily, just to have a live Christmas tree. The scent of pine is the smell of Christmas if you ask me!!

2) This is the 3rd Christmas I haven't been home or been with any of my family. The first Christmas was definitely the worst. This year Stace is coming so I'm determined to have a blast no matter what!!

3) My godmother gives the best gifts. She's my mom's line sister. The were both charter line members of the Hampton University chapter of SGRho. She always sends me multiple things. One year it was a Dooney&Burke bag. A box arrived yesterday. I can't wait to open it but I figure I should since I don't think I'll be getting too many more gifts. Well, actually, more than last year. But still. I think I'll actually have a blast throwing wrapping paper in the air and squealing this year. I'll make sure to call my mom and have her on the phone. She can listen to me squeal. Hahahahahahaha. She'll love it.

4) I looooooove the food of Christmas. Christmas Eve or Christmas morning we always went to my mom's best friends house or she came to our house with her kids and we all ate breakfast and exchanged gifts. It was so fun.

5) The last 2 years I watched "A Christmas Story" with my coworkers since TBS plays the movie 24 hours straight. It's on at least 3 different stories. Working holidays bonds you to people. It's actually kind of fun. This year there's no morning show so we're all of Christmas day.

6) Even tho I live in Pittsburgh, I've still never had a white Christmas. I've had 2or 3 white Thanksgivings thanks to this place. This year is no different, and I'M NOT COMPLAINING!!

7) I love Christmas specials. I don't like the corny, "WE ALL MAKE IT HOME!!" crap, but I love the collection of Christmas episodes that all run this time of year. You get to see years of Christmas programming in one day. Who can beat that!!??

8) Listening to Mariah Carey Christmas while trimming the tree and Boyz II Men Christmas while riding around in the car. Also in heavy rotation for years, NatalieCole the Holly&TheIvy, ThePreacher'sWife soundtrack, and KirkFranklin& theFamily SilverandGold.

9) Christmas Day movie releases. Me and my cousins used to all go Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. I'm so going to see the Great Debaters. I love Denzel. Plus I was captain of the debate team senior year. Master Debaters unite!! LincolnDouglas baby! I know what you're saying, what is il fabulousa doing with such a lame title? I LIKE TO WIN!! Ain't that right Rashan?

10) Mom's sweet potato pie. If that ain't love in a crust, I don't know what is. Also in love with her baked chicken, green beans cooked in chicken stock, DRESSING!!, AND a new fan of her chocolate pound cake (she'd never made it before Thanksgiving). One shall arrive on my doorstep MONDAY!!!

11) I had a Christmas sweatshirt once. I KNOW!! We had to wear them for chorus or something when I was 9 or 10. It was an extremely tame version, but there was a cartoon in a santa hat on it. I have destroyed all evidence so try to find a picture if you'd like. We all know how I feel about holiday sweaters and vests. How about this woman at church had a fur-trimmed vest on Sunday and this dude pretended to pet it. I DIED!!

12) We don't really do Christmas like that. One year my mom decided there was no reason to go Christmas crazy. That means we did not get a lot of gifts. I was about 13. That doesn't mean I don't love Christmas!! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

**Bonus: I sang Christmas carols for 5 hours at work today and danced for 35 minutes straight.

The rules (Jameilized):
1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas! Yay!
2. Please refer to it as a ‘hoopla’ and not the dreaded ‘m’-word
3. You have to specifically tag people when you’re done. None of this “if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged” stuff because then nobody ends up actually doing it.
4. Get to work! The Christmas season will be over before we know it.

La: because I know there is some love of Christmas deep inside you. And you're at home needing something to occupy you other than a bottle!!
Vdizzle: I know you love Christmas!! See the latter part of La's post.
Liz: you always tag me so yay!!
Chris: you're twiddling your thumbs and need a post for the week anyway.
X: because you like tags.
Rashan: because you couldn't beat me at anything!!


La said...


the joy said...

Oh my God I'm glad there was a purpose to this. I thought you had gone crazy. I was like, 12 points jam? Really? Lol. I love that you had a Santa sweater. Probably why you hate them so.

I can't do the real Christmas tree. The smell...

proacTiff said...

"I had a Christmas sweatshirt once. I KNOW!!" ... What you know? That's it's VERY school-teacher on the Friday before Winter Break-ish? *LOL* You "sleigh" me! [Pun intended :)]

Chris said...

how about I've actually been working instead of twiddling my thumbs? Get out of here, lol

Rashan Jamal said...

Har de har har... Once again, you won, I lost... You like to win, I get it. LMAO

LOL @ master debaters. Is that only funny to me? Must be my 7th grade sense of humor.

Momisodes said...

No pics of the sweatshirt *booooo*

I was just starting the crave sweet potato pie this afternoon..I cannot wait until the 25th!

You'll have to update us on your Godmother's gift.

LOL-.....those darn trees are just like kids aren't they...cleaning up after and feeding them ;)

Jameil said...

la... hahahahaha.

joy... like the 12 days of christmas!! maybe that's why. the smell is delightful!!

pro... shut it.

chris... liar.

rj... i have a secret: I WON. I WON. I WON I WON I WON!! lol. our debate coach was not so amused. lololol.

sandy... make your mental pics. mmmm sweet potato pie!!