I'm hitting that point again. Where blogging for 30 straight days is beginning to feel a bit torturous. Apparently it's cyclical. Rashan got in the spirit by using the titles of Nas songs. Isn't that clever and creative. Use a sarcastic and moody tone when you read that last line. Like writer jealously. Lol. I just need SOMETHING ANYTHING to stick out at me. To poke me in the eye like a pencil in tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy. But only figuratively. Because I have a really vivid imagination and have always been able to see the most painful things actually happening to me. Which is why I'm really careful around sharp knives, and the thought of standing in a working restaurant kitchen with people swinging knives and hot pans all over creation makes me a bit jumpy. Because I can see it all going horribly wrong all over my body. Crazy, I know. Someone give me something to post about!!

I didn't tell you last Thursday I finally got out of the house for something other than work, church, the gym or the grocery store. A.mazing! One of my Hampton homies was in town for a conference, so I met him at a church turned brewery (so Pittsburgh) for a few beers. Then we tried to go to Olive or Twist, but it was CLOSED!! Fine, head around the corner to Bossa Nova. ALSO CLOSED. I know it's Thursday, but it's 1 a.m. So we head over to the north shore where the Pirates and Steelers play. I'd forgotten Hi-Tops is permanently closed. Whatever place is on the other corner was closed.

We walk to SoHo (another bar) which also looks closed, but it says 2 a.m. on the door. I see a guy in a wheelchair sitting at the bar, and the bartender. I ask her, "Are you closed?" Amazingly, they're not. But we just more than doubled the number of patrons in here!! Wow... LAAAAAAAAAAAAME!! So FYI, if you're in Pittsburgh on a Thursday, you should avoid downtown at all costs. I usually head to the south side, but we were about 15 minutes away and I think last call is at 1:30, so that's not a good look. We should've started over there. They didn't ask my opinion, tho (his conference peeps), so whatever. It was good seeing him again. We'd hung out a couple of times at Hampton, but were never the call each other up type. He was always fun, tho. We talked a lot about grad school since he's getting his Ph.D. I love my Hamptonians!! Yay!! (Oh and before you ask about a love connect, he's gay.) Hey! I forgot to heckle. FAMU WHAT?!?! SIT DOWN!! GO PIRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shut 'em down, shut 'em shut 'em down, uh ooooooooooooh!!

Project Runway last night (I know y'all are like she sure is going on and on for someone with nothing to say. To this I say, hursh!). LOVE!! If you haven't seen it yet and don't want a spoiler, skip this paragraph. They overdid "Make it work." We get it. That's totally Tim Gunn's thing. And we love him for it, but it felt forced. Kind of like Stacey and "shut up" on What Not to Wear. We. Get. It. It's like there was an over-zealous producer somewhere who said, "Ok, this is your signature, make sure you get it in there at least 3 times per show." Organization to that degree can kill the spontanaeity. I did notice some other "Bad producer!" moments. When they were announcing the challenge, they were all lined up in windows. You know staggered in 2 lines so you could see each person's face perfectly. Funniest line of the show came from Heidi, "it looked like her model was pooing fabric." I DIED!!!!! But it really did, though. SUCH a hideous dress. But it was obvious they weren't going to get rid of that girl. She's tooo bizarre. You can't get rid of the most obviously "interesting" person in the first show. She's what keeps people coming back. Come on. We've been watching reality tv long enough to make the auf wiedersehen a bit unnecessary this week. The black and white and turquoise dress was my favorite. I hear Stace saying, "Of course," so I'm sticking out my tongue!!

Love in the Time of Cholera is now a movie. 1969 told me yesterday, then while I was watching tv, last night I saw the first trailer I'd seen or heard. It comes out TOMORROW!!! WTF? What kind of publicity is this!?!? I watch 70 hours of tv a week (stop judging) and this is the FIRST!?!? And I'm an eclectic tv watcher so of all the stations I peruse, why I have I heard nothing about this?!?! Foolishness. Y'all know that's one of my favorite books! Ugh. So I think I'll go see it tomorrow even though I haven't seen American Gangster, yet. I know, I know. But the thought of a 2 hour and 40 minute movie is what has kept me out. It's one thing to watch a lot of tv and be able to turn it off. It's quite another to be a captive audience. Blech.


1969 said...

Project Runway was good. I loved the dress that won. I like him.

The black designers outfit looked like "I dream of Jeannie from Harlem".

La said...

you are so incredibly random. I loves it.

Now imagine that scene you just had where every bar is closed... and spread it out over 7 days a week. Then you'll pretty much know my pain in Houston, lol

So when are you coming to visit again? Lol

proacTiff said...

Writer envy I have. How you gone make a post from nuffin? Whateva, mane! The Project Runway paragraph was like watching a train wreck because although it's on my "list" from my DVR (you know I got the eclectic TV addiction thing too), I haven't sat long enough to watch it today. I'm serious 'bout my blog reading and don't want the TV to distract this sacred time. LOL. But, um, I didn't open any of your provided links. Thankyouverymuch. After tou tried the first bar and it was closed I would have took the hint and retired for the evening. Try'na make it happen is so 90s. (as in my college days; always looked for shyt to get into back then). Although my 'people' graduated from FAMU, I still don't love dem hoes. LOL. Skkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeggggeee grad, boo-boo! Recognize!

Zee said...

Hey, sorry about tagging you with this... I scoured through your November posts, but didn't see it. Apparently I didn't scour thoroughly enough!

Jameil said...

1969... i liked the winning dress, but it wans't on my list of places i would apply to. lmao @ i dream of jeannie from harlem!! hilarious! i wasn't a fan, either. it wasn't horrifying, but not delightful, either.

la... i love you too! you make houston sound soooo appealing. lolol.

pro... :) i warned you!! why'd you read it anyway!? lol. you're funny. we were going to go to the bar at his hotel but it was closed, too!! ridiculous. aaaactually so 90s for me is trying to find an open mall so :P go sit down skeegee!! that's where my cousin went for vet school. GO PIRATES!!!

zee... it's ok! it wasn't in november. let me find you some links. http://jameil.blogspot.com/2007/08/go-jameil-its-your-birthday.html and http://jameil.blogspot.com/2007/07/top-8.html and http://jameil.blogspot.com/2007/02/i-got-5-on-it.html and http://jameil.blogspot.com/2005/12/tag-this.html

cathouse teri said...

You have Hampton homies? I'm in Hampton!

Anyway, hello. Blog with a color theme.

Or how sex positions relate to real life.

Hell, I haven't blogged in ages. What do I know?

Adei von K said...

la has a point. i was surprised that houston wasn't as live as i expected. i know it was a tuesday night but does EVERYTHING shut down at midnight? in houston at that?!?

cholera is a movie? i missed that memo!
i like the b/w & turq dress!

Anonymous said...

Oh project runway ... I got to watch the encore last night ... and there were several dresses that Im not quite sure why they remained but maybe Im just a snob like that ... Kevin's dress looked like some gothic prom thing gone bad ...and Carmen's was very "I dream of genie"... The turquoise was hot... I was partial to the orange and sweet p's too! I feel ya on this bloggin for 30 days... and Im goin out of town for Thanksgiving. It will be interesting to see how that works!

Rashan Jamal said...

Hey, what's up with the hate? LOL I like the way you say you have nothing to write about and then write about everything. I love the randomness of it all.

Chris said...

if you lived in SoMD, you'd be disappointed. You'd feel like R. Kelly at a grown woman's convention. Ain't see a bar yet, and I don't even drink or go out like that.

Jameil said...

teri... hello! i went to HU. i'll have to explore this color thing more. i don't talk about sex on my blog. i'm the "blog prude" of the blog la familia.

stace... THAT IS SO SAD!! cholera has the worst pub EVER!! the dress was fab.

cali... i liked the orange and sweet p's, too. keep hope alive!! 30 days! its not so bad!!

rj... lol. GIMME SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT! and thanks. lol

chris... but you live in a tiny town NEAR d.c. i wouldn't expect anything there. but pittsburgh is one of the 25 largest cities in america. no excuse.