Ok My Loves!

This is getting really pitiful. My list of things to blog about is long but short. Right now I'm sleepy-- seeing as it's after 3pm and I've been up since 10 last night. That means I don't feel like taking the time to blog about ANYTHING!! Just 5 more days of NaBloPoMo. HALLELUJAH!! I went to church today and pastor got a bit long-winded. I really would love to be able to go to the 9:30 service, get out and go finish my day. Instead I have to wait around for the 11:45 service because I don't get off work until 10, and get out of church between 1:15 and 1:45. Boooo. The one time I went to 9:30 I was in heaven. I couldn't stop gushing about the fabulousnessocity that was getting out of church by 11:30.

I bought mi padre and I a meal from Boston Market. It was yumm-o. Except I got a half a chicken for myself. Why? The dude at the counter offered it and I didn't even think about how ginormous half a chicken would be. It will take me 3 days to eat all that meat even with the tiny birds they use. Sooo delicioso, tho so I don't mind. Couple it with that honey-baked ham Dad brought back and wheeeeee!! Meat heaven. I'm SUCH the carnivore. Yeah, yeah. Technically I'm an omnivore but I couldn't ever be a vegetarian because I love meat!!!! Gym tomorrow, no Bible Study Tuesday because I have business to attend to. Unfortunate because I like BS better than church sometimes. I'd miss the singing, but BS is fab because it's straight to the message and way fewer people which is always nice.

There was something I was going to tell you guys but now I can't remember it. Oh yeah. My Christmas list. Not for me, for others. My sister asked for an ipod but I decided she won't get it from me. Money instead. I know what you're saying. Why are you telling her gift?!?! Because she almost never reads my blog and if she does, it's okay. Since she volunteered her Christmas gift wish without my asking (a bit rude isn't it?), I can let her know it won't be fulfilled without her asking. I'm thinking of going the La route and rockin it out with gift card requests if anyone asks. iTune and Apple me up! I can't wait to give 2 of my coworkers their gifts. I know they will love them. It shall be great. And this year I will actually send out Christmas cards. If you want one, email me your address! Holla!


Rashan Jamal said...

I dare you to carry NaBloPoMo into December! LOL

LMAO @ fabulousnessocity.

Your sister was just cutting to the chase. It's better to get what you want, rather than having to pretend you like something that you actually don't want.

CNEL said...

I need to find somewhere close to campus with a 9:30 service so I can get my praise on and my homework on. We save Sunday's for homework round here.

I ate meat on Thanksgiving, none the day after, but I was so ready for my momma's turkey salad. Yessum had turkey salad on wheat with some leftover mac and cheese great-o!

You and La, man, making me make a list of who even get gifts this year. The economy's tight.

LoL your sister was helping you be more efficient.

Anonymous said...

My family and I exchange Christmas lists every year. That way you don't waste your money because you know you got the person something they will like. Hopefully I will be able to make one of my church's Bible Studies but it gets so dark so soon around here. They don't have noon Bible studies...that would be great.

You make me so hungry with your posts LOL!

Momisodes said...

yummm....Boston Market. Just reading your post made my stomach growl for food :)

I'm right there with you on the gift cards this year. So much easier.

Soldier said...

Welcome to the Vampire club.... we never sleep lol.. but wait, u went to church during your vamopire shift, mm.. nah u aint one of us... u a good one lol

I stopped going to church when the 1h 45 mins service became a standard 3 hours... thats just too much for me.

Boston Market is cool, do they have Legal Seafoods there ? that's my spot, they're my real parents, thats how much i love em lol

i want a Xmas card.

I need to finish my wish list and post it so you guys think of me when u walk around Saks 5th avenue not knowin who to buy a suit for lol

Liz Dwyer said...

That's a LONG service! Whew. No wonder you got the half chicken! I always preferred things like Bible study because it's really getting into the Word on a one-on-one level, learning through your own effort and discipline.

By the way, I tagged you so you now have an instant post to write about. I think you might have gotten this meme before, but I'm sure you can come up with seven new things. Five more days!!!

Jameil said...

RJ... you lead the way my brotha!! sis needs to give a LIST, not one thing. lists i like, edicts, i do not.

cnel... 930 svcs are the bomb. not a fan of turkey salad. i don't really like turkey. that meal sounds gross. mac and cheese doesn't go w/sandwiches!! lists are great. i'm the queen of efficient when i wanna!! hmph!!

olette... yes!! lists!! not one item. noon BS is that hotness.

sandy... BM is delish!! and so are gift cards. mmmm gift cards.

soldier... welcome? i'm the pres. homie or at least a board member. 2 years, 3 mos, 2 weeks, several days and counting. never been to legal seafoods but i've heard nothing but fab things abt it.

liz... i can't stand long services. BS is bangin. i've refused to do the 7 things 2 other times this month b/c i've already done it 2 or 3 times.

proacTiff said...

Am I wrong for suggesting leaving work and heading straight to chu'ch. You prolly only miss the announcements and a bit of praise? You can get the chu'ch handout at the door (announcements/upcoming events) and get your praise on in your car on the way there. I'm just sayin...

She who (now) shys from organized gathering religion.

1969 said...

Your sister was just putting it out there...you know?

Ask and ye shall receive....

the joy said...

Is this card featuring a picture of you in a tree sweater? Cuz I'd love to see that.

faboo mama said...

Gifts for coworkers? That's love right there. I can barely by gifts for our clients. Granted with them, the more work they give us (compared to other clients and the previous year) the bigger the gift. This year everyone is getting $2 gift cards. To Wal-Mart.

Jameil said...

pro... i def. thought about it but i have to do show notes (min. 15 mins) and it takes me at least 20 to get to church. I'm usually hungry, too. That means I'd get there around 11. 10:45 at the earliest. That's not gonna work.

1969... yes, but not from me.

joy... so ig. but why did i consider it?

faboo... they're my good coworkers. 3 or 4 of us exchange gifts. lmao @ $2 gift cards to wally world!

Adei von K said...

what does Po stand for in nablopomo?

i want my card in person. make it happen.

yet another black guy said...

i have given up on my Christmas list and decided to buy all my own gifts.

Jameil said...

stace... posting.

black... much easier that way!!