Happy Founder's Day to all my sorors in Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Al Roker gave us a shout out this morning on the Today Show! I'm so glad to have my mom and sister in my sorority family. My life has been infinitely blessed by my fantastic line sister. I will always love Blue Rhapsody step team. Arketa, Janel and Tracy, you rock! I love you all!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee-yip!!


1969 said...

Happy Annivesary to the ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc!!!

CNEL said...

Happy Founder's Day

D.A. Davis said...


I love your writing style... BTW BLU PHI!!!



Chris said...

Happy founders day to the SGRhos including my gorgeous college friend who I should've told I liked her before she graduated. I say all that to say she is a soror of yours, so there was a point in there somewhere, LOL

Jameil said...

thank you my dahlings!

damian... hola! & thanks. come back again. i saw your boys ripped it at a&t's homecoming. youtube is the best.

chris... booooooooooo!! clearly i told you you should have said something before you graduated. when will you realize i'm allllllways right!?! lol.