Senior Sip and Bowl


First, it is soooo fun. Second, its FUN!!! I know what you're thinking if you're as cool as me, "Bowling? Yeah right." BUT, you are probably at least part of the lush I was in college, maybe more. I used to be a drinker. I still like drinks, but I don't go out enough to consider myself a drinker anymore. My tolerance has dropped so significantly that there's really not even a point in attempting to hold on to that title. That's okay with me. I like alcohol and can educate you if you're lacking, and make suggestions, but a drinker, I no longer am.

1969 suggested I blog about Hampton. (The last few commenters came with some good suggestions on the last post so I thank ya!) Excellent idea. This post has been on my mind something serious for a while. Let me tell you how the senior sip and bowl was up there with one of the most fun things I did my entire senior year. (At Hampton, there are a LOT of events to wrap up the year. You have events spread throughout the year, senior week the week leading to graduation, senior class trip (Puerto Vallarta that year, but I didn't go), senior social and senior ball (part of senior week)).

The title of the event pretty much explains the premise. There is a d.j. (for us, it was DJ Vince, who is taking too long to find online, but you know who he is if you went to any school in Hampton Roads), bowling, drinks, and your entire senior class. There were about 900 of us in the class I guess since we started with 1400. So obviously it wasn't everyone, but I knew a ton of people and the place was filled with familiar faces. FUN!!! We pre-gamed it (definition no. 2), so we were a tad late getting to the party. Me and the d.p. (drankin patnah) exchanged matching engraved flasks at the beginning of the year. We brought ours. Too bad I lost mine before senior year was up. Never to be seen again.

We also bought drinks at the joint and flitted around since we'd gotten there too late to do much bowling because all the lanes were taken. Not a problem if you know me! I'm the social butterfly, baby.! That means I don't need no stinkin bowling lane! PLUS, the few times people let me bowl and I got my hands on a ball, it was steadily downhill the more the adult beverages kicked in. Eventually gutter balls were a foregone conclusion. Ah well. Fun anyway! Up with senior sip and bowls!! Woooooooo!


Southerner in Suomi said...

I don't think we could do any of that since we have like 5000 people graduating each semester. We'd have to do it by colleges.
Plus it'd be a buncha white folx that I didn't like anyway.

Add that to the reasons why I regret not going to an HBCU

Nina MM said...

I used to be a drinker too. Back when I still had a stomach.

Adei von K said...

i take it it's not on campus...? not an HU sponsored activity...?

Anonymous said...

I wish we had senior events like that in my undergrad... and woohoo for adult beverages... I feel classy when I say that... I dont know why!

Rashan Jamal said...

I'll take a drink suggestion... you know my birthday is coming up and I need a new signature drink.

That Sip and Bowl actually sounds like a lot of fun even though I graduated 10 years ago.

Jameil said...

V... yeah, that wouldn't be as fun.

nina... ah well. stomachs come and go i hear.

stace... on campus where!??! its a bowling party. the campus bowling alley has like 6 lanes. we are allowed to have liqs at h-u sponsored events. duh.

cali... sooo fun!!

rj... getcha grown man on w/tanqueray & tonic. if that's not up your alley, let me know what your drink specs are.

Chris said...

Senior Sip and Bowl? Y'all know how to get it in. Folks at DSU sip for no good reason, at least there's bowling involved. Me, I can bowl a good game, not sure if I could under the influence, lol

La said...

aww that sounds like so much fun!!! My friends I did something like that at this super trendy bowling alley they opened in DC. Except we called it... Thursday.

Mr. Jones said...

I honestly wish I had gone to a HBCU at times. We had nothing like this in college.

Jameil said...

chris... do it do it do it do it!! maaaan we had so much fun. we didn't need an excuse to drink either. but since they gave us one... *shrugs*

la... LMAO @ thursday!! i actually am no good at bowling which means i don't like it. so we wouldn't call something like that thursday. a day where we say "i had a good day, let's drink!" or "i had a bad day, let's drink!" THAT'S thursday. or monday, or tuesday.

jones... WORD LIFE!!

Anonymous said...

uh don't think we did that...we did go bowling during senior week. Of course I remember DJ Vince -can't get that dang voice out my head *where twitchell at* But senior sip and bowl...can't recall that phrase I didn't drink like that, maybe I just wasn't in the cool crowd lol