He Really is Insane

As he grabs a giant glob of butter, I say loudly to D's chest, "I'M SORRY!"
To him I say, "That was for your heart."
He replies while looking at his chest, "I'M NOT SORRY!" Muttering, "You break too easily."

LMAO!!!!! CRAZY MAN!! This was while we were at dinner (Daddy Daughter night, of course) last night at this place called the Wooden Nickel. Don't recommend. The non-smoking section was a mere formality considering it's uber tiny and directly next to the bar. The food was fair. My salad was drenched in ranch and the prices were outrageous for the type of place it was. Small menu, $16 to $30+ entrees. Even the chicken salad was in the neighborhood of $14. I wanted to try something different. I started to walk out when I saw the "non-smoking section" and then again when I saw the lame menu. Stick to my instincts.

Next week is Thanksgiving. My dad is going out of town, of course. I don't have to work, but I also have no plans. I'm kind of okay with that. Since I usually work holidays, and my dad goes out of town, I take the Boston Market route. It's become my routine. The last 2 Christmases I went there. Last Thanksgiving I went to Norfolk to hang with Wynel and her now-hubby Sinclair's family. WHOA! This time last year, I certainly would not have been thinking they would be married!! That's crazy. The passage of time just smacked me in the face. And this time next year they could be parents. Who knows? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Wynel said Sinclair asked if I was coming to Thanksgiving again this year. Isn't that sweet?! I decided I'm saving my money this year. I did extend invitations to others to come hang with me, but no takers. Ah well. I will revel in the Christmas music! And I may go shopping! (So much for saving money)

OOH!!! My mom is the best!! She bought me a subscription to Rachael Ray mag for Christmas!!!!!!!! I got the email yesterday and here's what it said. "[Mommy] has given you a one-year gift subscription to everyone's favorite cooking magazine Every Day with Rachael Ray. How cool is that! I mean to have my christmas shopping done ahead of time this year, ha, ha! or should it be ho, ho, ho!!!" And how hilarious is it that I can't tell which part is her writing and which is Rachael Ray. So jolly! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

I have this thing about leopard print. Me and Stace. We hate it. It's so fake sexy. And I really can't stand it with red. Do you know my dad also wishes it would go away??!?! FAB!! Oh! Also, this daily blogging thing has given me and Stace the wherewithal to get back to semi-regular posting on the Record Dish, too! So check, ch ch check check check a check it out! Have I told you much this one Rihanna song makes me want to get up and dance? O.M.G.!!

I had to download it as much as I normally object to Rihanna. I still can't stand umbrella ella ella SHOOT ME IN THE FACE!!! That reminds me. I need to update my ipod playlists for the gym. There are at least 7 workout playlists with too many songs, there's another called newest from at least 2 months ago. Reeeemix! I bought Chris Brown and Britney Spears, mostly for dance stuff. Any other suggestions for upbeat workout music??? Leave 'em!

Also... it's snowing. The average high is in the low 50s. The high today is 37. Bah humbug.


Southerner in Suomi said...

Ok, my post Christmas resolution (cause I need to start as soon as possible) is to join a gym and go regularly.

And love those crazy daddy's. I woulda left that damn restaurant as soon as I smelled the smoke.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about that Rihanna song but then again, Rihanna isn't exactly at the top of my playlist. Anyway, check the Serena Williams Interval Workout on iTunes. It's good stuff. And keep that damn snow up in your neck of the woods!!!!

1969 said...

What Fresh said....no snow needed in the lower half of the state...Thanks!

the joy said...

Snow? Oh boo.

Alicia keys is good, but not dancey. What else? Music has been disappointing me.

You and your dad are so silly! Ida walked out for reals.

Jameil said...

v... ASAP but still post Christmas??? these are non-sequitur (best phrase from AP english) my dear! sooo should've dipped on the wack restaurant. ah well. boston market next thursday! dolo baby!

funky... she ain't at the top of mine, either. dreamyj was listening to it on her page for a while and got me all crunk on it. i have most of the songs on serena's playlist b/c one of my homies from home had them on these mix cds she gave me. TAKE THE SNOW. that goes for you, too 1969!

joy... boo forever on the snow!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Im gonna have to disagree with the leopard ... I paid a pretty penny for my favorite pair of open toed flats and they are like and abstract leopard ... and they also look fab with red ... its true... and Im fierce I cant lie...but Ive had them almost a year ... I was wearin them when everyone was quite unsure of the animal print thang... though I do find myself wearing them less and less since its become so trendy ... Im jealous of your snow ... Christmas wreaths and lights up in 80 degree weather ....just wrong ...its like the twilight zone!

Rashan Jamal said...

Let's try this again, since blogger didn't post my comment the first time.

All the restaurants here are smoke free unless they are "18 and older" at all times. I can't imagine anyone turning down an invite from you. I should get my niece that magazine. She loves all things food network related.

La said...

Oh how I love Rachel Ray and loathe everything leopard print. Wise woman you are.

Much like Joy, music has been disappointing. I did buy Britney too. I'm ashamed to admit I like it anywhere other than your spot, lol. I've gotten to the point of downloading singles I see on Billboard that either I love or that I'm curious about. It has made Honey and I's daily walks quite enjoyable

Sha Boogie said...

Why did I think I was the only one in the whole wide world who did not spend Thanksgiving with a huge family spread. Its just usually me and my momma and *shudder* my brother..but he usually just takes a plate and hides somewhere, HA!

Liz Dwyer said...


Um, that sounds scary! And I wish I had a little girl so I could have my husband do daddy daughter dinners. But I'm not getting preggers again so NEXT! LOL!

And check out: http://www.myspace.com/idacorr

That "Let Me Think About It" is what I'm dancing around to. Love Ida Corr.

Chris said...

your dad is a wild man, I like his response. "I'm not sorry!" BRILLIANT!

Adei von K said...

i need to meet your dad. if he hates leopard, he's cool with me. oooh, remember a certain groove at HU... who LOVED leopard!? LOLOL

I hear the Brit is actually good. well good for pop standards. b/c of all her drama, she gets no pub cause she's pubbing herself without her record label having to do it. (that was a weird sentence)

Southerner in Suomi said...

Yes!! Post Christmas! You forgot, I had to empty out my account on my car. Do you know of any free gyms? I don't.

I need to be able to pay after that two week trial. Lol.

Anonymous said...

We need to hang out. Im 21 now, that means we have to chill. Its necessary

Jameil said...

cali... i've really tried. and sometimes i like leopard pumps but in general. no. TAKE THE SNOW!!

rj... blogger be trippin!! you should TOTALLY get her the rachael ray mag. i have 365 no repeats (her book), too and i loooove it. so fab. i have a tyler's ultimate cookbook that has fantastic pics. can i get some smoke-free restaurants please!?!? geez.

la... holla!! we are so fab!!

sha... see i refuse to cook if there isn't anyone to eat the leftovers other than me and d.

liz... snow is horrid! daddy daughter day is great. i like ida corr! sounds nice.

chris... don't encourage him!!

stace... omg!! i sooo forgot about his unabiding love for leopard!! insanity!! brit is decent. chris brown actually is pretty good. shocking, i know.

v... alright alright! but i'm sure its warm enough down there to get your outdoor exercise on!

epsi... whatever!! you've sooo been to pgh a million times w/o calling me. i'll believe it when i see it!!

Leela said...

do you like the Madonna "Confessions on a Dance Floor" CD? i think it's great for working out.

La said...

oh! I can't believe I forgot to bitch about Christmas.

bah humbug.

proacTiff said...

I have a few magazine pull-outs to give to the grands as gifts for their grandkids: National Geographic for Kids (eldest, the nerd); Sports Illustrated for Kids (middle-boy-child, bright but hates reading so "picture" mag with math and sport statistics ensue); and the baby girl loved the Bratz mag when it first hit the stands, I hope it's not defunct. She will be bitching if noting comes in the mail for her except her already free American Girl catalog.

So because you are getting a mag subscription all year long, I guess this is what the people deem "Christmas in July," huh?

Happy Turkey Day, however, Boston Market ain't got nuffin on my sweet potatoe casserole. =>

proacTiff said...

And, um, those legs and shoes? It's your blog you'll change it if you want to. I'll just cry, cause I really admired those legs and shoes... Bah humbug.

Jameil said...

leela... i think i tried to like it. not so much. that was disappointing.

la... that means you really want to say HO HO HOOOOOOOOO, MEEEEERRRRRYYY CHRISTMAS!! and to you i'd reply, merry christmas to you, too dahhhling!! :D

def. christmas in july!! that's smart on the grands tip. very smart. i actually only like sweet potatoes in pie. sorry abt the shoes! i had to move on. i need something else as my header now b/c the current one is boring me now, too. thanks for the love!! :)