Be Grateful

Happy Turkey Day! Do you know my mom answered the phone gobbling this morning? Wow. Lol. Let's talk about what I'm thankful for...

1) Coworkers who don't want me to be alone for the holidays. I've become accustomed to being alone while doing a lot of things. It agrees with me because I'm a bit bossy, so I like always being in control of the timetable. BUT I'm also social by nature so sometimes I do like to be out and about.

2) My family. I've grown a lot closer to my dad in the 2 years we've lived together. My sister and I are working on our relationship. We're so close in age (19 months) that EVERYTHING has been a power struggle. I think she's starting to realize that I'm a genius which makes everything easier for all parties. And my beloved Mommy. We've gotten really close, too. We talk almost everyday. I call her at 10 when I get off from work.

3) My fabulous friends. LOVE THEM!!

4) My new church. I'm a copy editor for the church magazine. I'm getting to the point where I can just begin to read a scripture or the Daily Bread and instantly relax. It really comes in handy. Don't think I haven't noticed the cuties. But I'll refrain from talking about them until there's a reason. At this point there is not.

5) The blog la familia!!!!!!!! You guys are great!! If we can get X and La to post more, that would be fab. 1969 wanted me to talk about my fave bloggers. I won't do a ranking system, but there are definitely people I go to daily. Holla! to those of you who joined me in the NaBloPoMo, Joy, Amber, Rashan, Stace, VDizzle, Pro. I love it! Big shout out to Liz for introducing me to such a thing!

6) Food and Fashion!! I love them both!! God bless music, too.

7) The gym even with the crazies. It's saved me from not having anything to talk about a few days. Liz requested that I talk about my hot body. Lol. She didn't put it quite that way but I'll have to get to that later. I have to wash the hair before I go to my coworker's house. I'll holla. CHEER UP LA!!


Your Favorite Teacher said...

The thought of a goobling mom is hilarious! Stay with the gym, cutie, because after today, we will all need to be there tomorrow.

the joy said...

Happy thanksgiving! We love you two

the joy said...

Too* WTF? Lol

Southerner in Suomi said...

Loves that Daily Bread. I get the books mailed to me.

But don't you love that they're online too? I pull it up at work when people piss me off.

Adei von K said...

lolol! gobling?! that's huh-larious!!!

happy thanksgiving Jameil! love you!

Jameil said...

zack... i know! lol. and thanks.

joy... YAY!!

v... i have the book and i pull up the online ones when i get upset.

stace... i know!! love you too!!

Rashan Jamal said...

Even its technically 20 minutes late, I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you. And tell the truth, I'm your favorite blogger, right? LOL I'm only kidding I'm not that big headed...yet.