Open Opportunities

Life is full of them. You just have to seize them when they come and make it happen. What are you failing to notice and why are you failing to respond?


dreamyj said...

i think that's a great question. i don't have an answer because i'm on the look out for new opportunities everyday. putting myself out there has been the norm since college ended and i realized i was out in the real world living alone, eeeek! it's all an adventure!

i have a question for you though. what inspired this question?

1969 said...

Hmm...good question.

I don't know. I wish you knew me so you could tell me....LOL

Anonymous said...

I think at times I fail to notice the beauty within me ... I work so hard at being the best ... making myself stand out among the rest ... that I fail to sit back and take care of myself spiritually and mentally ... I look outward a lot I cant lie ... I see people in love and I think I want that ... but is it a want or a need?... and failing to realize that I dont need anything or anyone to complete me ...and I think I fail at that because I am human ... and there is a fear that exists to think I only need me and the good Lord above... What about you? What do you fail to notice?

Jameil said...

dreamy... that's fantastic. i think the next post answered that.

69... lol.

cali... you have to take care of you homie. once you do you, the rest will fall into place. as simplistic as it sounds, when you focus on yourself, it makes everything else a lot easier.

Adei von K said...


maybe missing the opportunity was the eye-opning opp in itself. like the guy (or girl) who realized they had something good, or passing on a seemingly good job to realize the one you have IS your calling.

CNEL said...

Damn, still thinking on this one!