All Up In HE-YAH

(That's "here" for the dialect deprived) For some reason I carry my stress(?) *shrugging right now*-annoyance(?)-frustration-other-people-bothersomeness(?)in my shoulders. You know how when you go get a massage, they ask you where you want them to concentrate? (Lest we forget, I don't like massages because I don't like being touched by strangers like that. But from the one time, and from what I've seen on tv, I know they ask that. I gave Jade a hug when I met her yesterday when I met her. I think that was surprising to her. Lol. I can't help it. I'm southern and I feel like I already know her. Blogs make people feel oddly familiar. I definitely referenced Amber in conversation even though we've never met. This was after I'd already talked about the bloggers I know. X. Seriously tho. We need to rectify this. We have the same alma mater, both know the big headed one. HOW DO WE NOT KNOW EACH OTHER!!)

There I go again. What is it with me and the parenthetical statements longer than the paragraph it resides in? Silliness. The point of that was to say I hold it all in my neck and shoulders. AND IT HURTS!! Jade noticed me wiggling yesterday and asked if I was okay. I guess. I'm so used to it that I barely notice I'm wriggling like a 5-year-old in a 4 hour church service.

While searching for that back in the day post, look what I found! My gym goals! What an excellent time to revisit them! I joined November 2, 2006! Yay!! I hit my year w/o a congrats from Bally's. Those jerks. Here I am coming on the regular, just a workin on my fitness, and I don't even get a WASSUUUUUUUUUP!! Whatev. They probably wish I wouldn't come so often. It'd be free money since they take the fees right out of my account. Not me! I work hard for the money! (So hard for it honey)

In case you didn't read, here were my goals, "lose 7 lbs., have abs like Janet, well-defined arms without being cock-dies (that doesn't look right either, that's dies as in short for diesel), that line in your outer thigh like Andy McDowell that only shows up when you've been working out. Just to general be sleek and short (there ain't but so long I can get at 5'1... so the illusion of long)."

Let's run down the list!
1) lose 7 pounds: Check! I lost 13.
2) abs like Janet: Maybe not Janet, but they look Jam good! My line sister said, and I quote "Wow!! You're my new stomach inspiration!" *drumroll* "It used to be Beyonce." AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I love her. That's my dog. My poodle.
3) well-defined arms: pretty good. I want them to look a little different but they definitely have some definition. My college homies used to always make fun of how I would stare at the line in my arm in the mirror.
4) outer thigh line: no. I do lots of cardio, and some leg exercises but this isn't one I have down. And you know what? I'm okay with that. The other day I was looking (I'm a bit obsessed with mirrors and it only grows worse when I workout.) at my thighs to see if I had the line and it wasn't there. I said to myself, I may never have it. That might not be in my composition but THAT'S OKAY! Cuz I look Jam good!!! Jaaam. (say that like Will Smith on that hilarious episode of Fresh Prince.)

On a partly related note... I've been watching a LOT of Fresh Prince lately. Enjoy.



dreamyj said...

LOL @ me being surprised by the hug. I was indeed! But it was a definite warm welcome.

Good job on meeting those goals! I'm working on mine too!

Anonymous said...

Did you reference me Amber or another Amber ... yaaay if it was me! ... and yaaaay if it wasnt me bc she must be fierce with a name like that! Blogs do make you feel strangely familiar.. Im trying to lose 10 pounds but Im discouraged ... in the gym five days a week... been goin for a month this week and nothing ... bleh ... Im tryin to keep hope alive though... really I am!

Southerner in Suomi said...

I swear this is the second time I almost fell out laughing at work. Thanks.

Love fresh prince

Rashan Jamal said...

I don't know anybody that actually uses their gym membership religiously. Lots of free money for the gyms out there. Every time I met a blog buddie, i hugged them, which is strange cuz I don't like strangers touching me either. Jam good? LOL

Adei von K said...


your LS!LS!LS! is so funny! and those parenthetical stmts? yeah, long as hell.

Chris said...

LOL, you a mess. That is all.

Jameil said...

dreamy... hahaha. i knew it. you can do iiiit!! say it w/that odd creepy voice.

amber... yep, you amber. lol. don't be discouraged!! i saw NO noticeable results in the first month. are you changing your diet, too? that's the best way to see faster results. couple diet w/exercise. but seriously, you have to give your body some time. at least 3 mos. i know, i know. but you can! and if you feel a plateau coming, switch up your exercise regimen.


rj... MEEEEEEE!! I DO!! no free money over here!! ya jam right!! jam good!! its the blog la familia son! hug em up!

stace... whatev. that was a direct statement. deez dees. shake it shake it! you know you love my parentheses son. say you like it.

chris... you have been so vague of late...

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

Preach - im straight up Kuntry too, cant take that memophis out of me

the joy said...

Jam! Is that the episode where he put Gina's weave on? That one was on recently. Teddy jam!

I need to get on your level with the gym. I need my leg lines back. And my hot abs. Man, I'm gonna be one of those people who trot out high school pictures to prove I was hot, lol.

1969 said...

You know I already assumed that you are fabulous right? :)

Now let me go do the Apache dance with Will and Carlton...

Jameil said...

ts bam... hol up homie! i'm not country! just southern. so i have something that looks like hospitality sometimes! lol

joy... show ya right! and i love that you call her gina!! hularious!! i'm tellin you. fresh prince comes on for at least 3 hours 7 nights a week and I watch at least 6 hours a week. yeah... ridic wit it. so i've seen a LOT of those episodes in the last 2 months. get down on it homie! rock the fly!

1969... awwww!! and i, you! i'm doing the dance and singing the song AVEC bongos RIGHT NOW!! lololol

proacTiff said...

I'm putting a freaking moratorium on YOUR TV watching! God bleth you. And good night. I bet your ass used to watch him end his shows with that too. Geesh.

Jameil said...

prooooooooooo... but i WORK in tv. you can't not have a tv on at work. i have to WATCH tv as part of my job. do you want me to be unemployed?!