Brothas and Sistas!
Brothas and Sistas!

Ladies and gentlemen, People with jobs, People without jobs, Middle class, Upper
class, High class, all dat, Cats, snakes, chickens, ducks, elderly people and twerkers...*

Momma Fresh, Fresh *scratchin*, Fr, Fr, Fr, errr, err, Momma Fresh.

But do you understand my dad is back from Charlotte. Got that? Ok. My mom made sure he did not return to the 'Burgh without some of her CHOCOLATE POUND CAKE JUST FOR ME!!!! THANK YA JESUS!! HALLELUJAH AND PRAISE THE LORD!! (Hence the title.) When I tell you this cake is so delicious and melt in your mouth moist?!?! I watched the nun on the inspirational channel for a few minutes yesterday and she said we should thank God for alllll his blessings. So let me get up on that. Praise Him!! God bless my momma and God bless the cake!!

*Courtesy: Mannie Fresh from Lil' Wayne's song "Bring It Back." Yes, I'm Southern and that was my senior year at Hampton!


proacTiff said...

Praise Him! [Organ player gettin' busy on the keys, but it's not chu'ch music comin' from the speakers... It's a bird. A plane. Oh, that's rap/hip-hop] All need to repent afta eating cake and referencing rap and Lord-praising in the same post. Just joking *LOL*. I know how good food make the best of us dance and sang; even old Negro Spirituals.

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm PTL'ing about this steak and macaroni and cheese, my grandma is sending me home with.

Southerner in Suomi said...

PTL for my stepmom's lemon pound cake.

And love that Manny Frizzle.

Jameil said...

pro... haaaaaaaaallelujah! haaaaaaaaallelujah!! hallelujah! hallelujah! halleeeeelujaaaah!! i could go on for days. all old negro spirtuals stand up!

rj... Praise him brother RJ!!

v... Praise him sista V! not a manny fresh song. that was just the most hilarious intro i'd ever heard in my life!! i think he raps like a geriatric aka casino resident (yes, resident).

yet another black guy said...

see, you ain't right! always makin' a brotha laugh. and hungry :D

CNEL said...

Choc pound cake sounds interesante.

Adei von K said...

elderly people and twerkers.

jameil in 50 years will encompass both.

i've never heard of choc pound cake. that sounds,

PTL for making yo momma who made that cake!

Jameil said...

black.. hahahaha. eat up!!

cnel.. it was her first time makin it. faaaaaaaabulous.

stace... i can't stand you. that joint is bomb!! PTL for mama!!