Breaking Routine

Every Saturday night I dress for church, then head to work. I get to work and people ask me why I'm so dressed up. Newsrooms are bare bones on weekends. There are maybe 5 people there, and next to none of them are dressed up. Okay, only the people who have to be (those on air) are dressed up. Some people look like they struggled to make it out of the bed. So yeah, lots of questions.

After my show, I write my show notes, then head to Panera Bread for a baked egg souffle (why is this the 2nd time today I couldn't remember that word?!). I like the spinach and artichoke. I thought the new turkey sausage and potato would be my favorite but the potatoes are a very fine dice and taste frozen. So that's a no. To drink, my favorite, ORANGE JUICE!! O.j. is so beautiful. The ORIGINAL o.j. Not Orenthal. Then I go to the 11:45 service, sing at the top of my lungs, get out my notebook and take notes on the sermon (which I sometimes call my line sister, mom and Wynel to share when it's really good to me). From there it's up in the air, but that's the basic Sunday. I've also started mixing in trips to Trader Joes on Sunday since it's near church, but nothing else in my life. Have you had their mini refrigerated pizzas? Love!!

Today I got turned around and was getting frustrated by my lostness because I knew I was thisclose to where I needed to be. So I stopped at Qdoba. It's always a good time for Mexican! I got the poblano pesto burrito (the last one). Yum personified!! I also looked ADORABLE! LBD (knee-length little black dress, sheer black stockings, square-toed black patent leather stiletto pumps (I don't toe discriminate. I like round toe, pointy toe, square toe and I have a special toe I want to intro to the world but I won't share it because I want credit for it when I finally get a shoe named after me.), a three-quarter sleeve mohair sweater with a ruffle sleeve and collar and my black hat with the feather perched jauntily on my head. Too cute! And my legs looked killer! So fun.

I also saw a lady with a hat on. I sooooo wanted to ask her where she got hers from but she was talking to someone. That's alright. If she has one, I'm sure she has more and I intend to find out where she gets them from!! I'm glad it's cold now. (BITE YOUR TONGUE!!) All four of my hats that I have up here are winter hats. I also have some gorgeous coats. However, I don't want the permanent cold. How Pittsburgh does summer (85+) is how Charlotte does winter (to me this used to mean highs in the 40s) -- for 3 weeks. How sad are you for me that there's already 2 days with 40 degree highs in the 5 day and it's only November. My coworkers have already said, "It's gonna be a long winter for her." :( But! As I came home, I saw my neighbors putting up their Christmas tree!! Yay!! My dad and I haven't put up a tree in the 2 years that I've lived here but I think I'm gonna go buy a wreath for the door! Wheeeee!! I looooove the infectious Christmas spirit!


Don't Oppress Me said...

Am I number 1?
Yeah, this is definitely where I should be!!!

*takes moment to luxuriate*

But yeah, Breakfast be THE BUSINESS, especially when you eat it really late at night, or after a really good fu...nevermind!

the joy said...

You and Christmas! You're gonna get so much hater from me these next two months.

Gosh. I could go for Mexican right about now.

Anonymous said...

Really I'm done with you stealin my stuff... poblano pesto burrito is one of my favs though I dont think Qdoba is in Cali... and The Goat Cheese Pizza from Trader Joes my Fav... theres one in my freezer right now ... church outfit sounds fierce... but I would expect nothing less... and well ... square toed ... i just can do it ... or just havent found any cute ones yet! Im forcin Christmas upon folk in Cali ... me in the Crown Vic bumpin Donnie Hathaway! So Lovely!

1969 said...

Christmas already? I am still getting over Halloween.

mmmm Qdoba.

at Trader Joes? I love the frozen potstickers....delicious.

Southerner in Suomi said...

Me loves orange juice too!!!

Rashan Jamal said...

I don't think I;ve ever heard orange juice described as beautiful before. You seem to really enjoy your libations. I love your descriptions.

La said...

omg!!! I looooooove the spinach and artichoke soufle!!!

dreamyj said...

i love panera bread and qdoba! yum!

Jameil said...

oppressed... lolol. breakfast is fab!! if i've been drinking like out at the club, its the only thing i want to eat.

joy... loooooooove Christmas!! and Mexican. Let's have a Mexican Christmas!!

cali... YOINK! lol. square-toed is fun. you just have to get yourself in the spirit. like Christmas! :)

69... since I don't do Halloween, I'm in the clear!! not really a fan of asian-inspired foods other than egg rolls and egg drop soup... pattern... so not sure i would like potstickers.

v... UP WITH OJ!!

rj... lol thanks! feel the libations! come on come on! feel it, feel it!

la and dreamy... YES!!!!

Sha Boogie said...

Ok, I need you to live here, or me there..lol.. Love Qdoba, Singing at the top of my lungs at church and Trader Joe's! Must try the pizza...mmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Whats funny about Pittsburgh Winters is how much worse it is in Erie and Cleveland.

Unless youre from somewhere else..poor child.

White Cranberry Juice>>>>> OJ

but Simply Orange Pulp free is quality stuff.

Jameil said...

sha... come on!! boston is too cold. and you will luuurve the pizza!!

ink... i know i know. but i can't stand it just the same. mostly b/c i still have to go to work and drive in that crap WHILE ITS FALLING and usually before it's been cleaned up, regardless of the weather. white cran is ok but the oj is delish!!!!!!