Liz Said...

It's National Blog Writing Month. Well who am I to deny what she says? I'm down! Who else wants some??? You do realize, though that this means you will have to READ and COMMENT for the next 29 days. GET TO WORK!!

For the first day of this undertaking, I have several bloggers to thank 1) Stace for posting a Record Dish-worthy post on her regular blog, 2) AI for introducing me to the better version of this song.

When composing this blog for the first time in my head (does anyone else thing of blog posts all the time no matter what they're doing in their lives?), I came up with the title "Oh Beyonce," knowing full well X would hate me for this post. But it had to be done.

Why does she do this to herself? It's not like she has a bad voice. But she's not a power singer. The battle with Jennifer Hudson in "Dreamgirls."

I know it was scripted that way, but come on. She got killed. And don't give me that "Deena was supposed to be the weaker singer." Yeah... well, SUCCESS!! BTW this is one of my FAVE scenes from the movie and goes right into the signature "And I'm Telling You."

Now to the meat of this post. I didn't even know this song existed before Beyonce rolled in the sand for it getting the weave wet and nasty. Do you know what the beach does to your hair???? You'll never get that out!!



It's not that B sounds bad. It just has NOTHING on Des'ree. Why did you do it to yourself B? Why? So sad.


1969 said...

Hmmm...blogging every day? Even on Sunday during football? Nope can't promise anything.

You are a better woman than I.

La said...

I love B and all but her version made me wanna throw up in my mouth a little bit. especially once you hear how beautiful and simplistic the original is. She just... must stop.

Tasha said...

I might give that blogging every day thing a try. No comment about Bey.

Southerner in Suomi said...

I'm down homie. I have a post for today. It was at like 12:04 a.m. when I got off work.

And I have no words about B. She's just a robot, controlled by other people. I bet if you put your ear to her's you can hear the ocean.

Infamous said...

Blogging everyday, I think I'm up for the challenge. As for Beyonce, yea I liked the first album, but the second album seemed rushed, besides that I have a problem with albums that aren't even an hour long. She needs to step it up and take longer than 3 days to record an album. On a completely unrelated note, Kelly Rowland should leave the Knowles camp because she will never be a star under their management.

Liz Dwyer said...

Whoo hoo! SO glad you're down for doing this as well. I'll be on the plane tonight doing my writing for NaNoWriMo and working on another post that I can stick up on my blog tomorrow when I finally have a wireless connection again.

As for Bey, she makes videos just to be making them, doesn't she! And didn't I read that Des'ree had to sue her to get credit for this? I think I did! I wonder how much she spends on weaves every month.

Jameil said...

69.... COME ON!! I would sooo love for you to do this. But you do have the Talis. Sigh.

la... YAY!!! convert. yoink!

t... do it do it!! daily blogging for everyone!!

v... yay!! poor b.

infamous... that first cd was good (minus the luther song-- gross). the 2nd def. sounded like she did it in 3 days. and have you been in my head?? we are SO HERE on the cds less than an hour!!! SUCH b.s. i don't want to be able to listen to your entire cd in less time than my commute to and from work each day. i think kelly knows that. this is deeper for her somehow.

liz... yay!! that's dedication. poor bey. and yes, des sued b over this song. i'm sure one of her superfans can tell you how much she spends on weaves.

Adei von K said...

b needs to stop. what the hell does rolling around damn near naked have to do with the song? i am soooooo mad at her video! so b/c it was in black&white, its poignant and poetic? minimal make-up so it was true beauty? please. she ruined it.

Anonymous said...

i wanna try this blogging for everyday ... dont know how it will work out ... guess ill just have to take it a day at a time ... and as for B well ... Im a theatre geek anyway ... I was upset she even got cast in dreamgirls ... all for the sake of a big name ... dont get me started!

p_nami said...

I like Bey's version.
And as for rolling in the sand...girl you know that's a lace front...she can snatch that thing off and replace it in 10 seconds! LOL

Blogging everyday? Umm...I tried last year...but I can try again!

Rashan Jamal said...

What's this about blogging everyday? I'm too lazy to read the rules so break it down for me? Is there a prize involved or something? LOL I'm only kidding. I think I'll try it, but no promises.

Never liked B... ever. I'm just starting to get to the point where I wont immediately turn off the radio if she comes on.

Jameil said...

stace... you know she's deep. an ocean, that girl.

cali... don't get me started!! lolol. one day at a time is the only way.

doll... but do you not agree that b's version doesn't touch des'? if at first you don't succeed! don't lace fronts cost 1k or something like that? i know she can afford it, but the point is BLACK GIRLS DON'T ROLL IN THE SAND LIKE THAT!!

rj... why won't you act right!?! b overexposes herself. why must you be EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME!?! it makes only her superfans not want to choke and cut themselves.

**anyone else notice how quiet x has been?**

GreatWhyte said...

Well since you've singled me out. I blog from my Sidekick so I can't see what I assume are videos on your blog. I don't even know what song you guys are talking about. Sorry :) As for rolling in the sand, I don't know. If I were getting paid millions of dollars, I'd roll in that bitch too!! Take one wig off, put another one one- keep it moving. I disagree about her talent, but ah well... it is what it is with you guys. I heart Beyonce :)

Organized Noise said...

You are not alone. I think about blogging way more than I should. I have post planned long before I actually post them. On a good day, I'll have three or four on draft because they came to me and I just didn't have time to post them.

Jameil said...

x... you know i need attention. i had to make sure you were still reading.

noisy... lol. i sure should've put those posts on draft that i had in my head. i'm crazy. ah well. some of them are gone, possibly forever. i will survive.

*Tanyetta* said...

i'm with rashan on this one. i'm all for blogging everyday but, dang the rules make my eyes bleed. you know i'm working with a toddler who likes to help me type. *sigh*

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

okay so i missed a whole lot of your posts while trying to keep my life together but now that i'm back i had to see the start of this blogging everyday thing. I commend you! you've done a fantastic job with only a few days left.

Oh and I'm ALWAYS thinking of a post during my daily routines. Monsieur N says I'm addicted. the hard part is usually sitting down to write what i was thinkin if time has passed and the inspiration is gone.