Come Again?

Did you really say a mix of rain and snow on Tuesday and a high of 42? Because I would like to give a big WASSUP!!! to my selective hearing. Is this really happening to me? I feel like I'm in an alternate universe. I DON'T WANT TO PLAY!!

I think of LOWS in the 40s as good football weather. Suffice it to say I won't be making it to a Steelers game again this year unless I'm in someone's luxury box. I used to be a HUGE college basketball fan. I'm talking so obnoxious in our college newsroom arguing with the boys about why DUKE was superior. HEEEEY COACH K!! When 1969 gave Sunday football as a reason not to blog, it hit me all over again how my sports world has been turned all upside down. I have worked a schedule requiring me to be at work between 11pm and 4:30am for the last 2 years. That pretty much negates me going to bars to watch games, even my favorite college basketball game of the entire season, Duke and Carolina. So sad. This would really get you crying if you knew me in college.

This schedule, and living in Steelers country are not exactly conducive to following basketball period. This is an insane football town. And yes, I was here when they won the Super Bowl. *enormous sigh* Did you read that post? That's the madness that was my life. I like Coach Tomlin, mostly because he's young and black and has a really good personality. But I can't deal with this again. I JUST CAN'T!! Especially since the Panthers are having trouble BUYING a win (no, there have not been any Patriot-esque activities at home). I mean the LIONS are doing better than they are this year. This is just. So. SAD!! See? I can keep up with football because I have to know all this stuff for work. But I know mostly AFC stuff and the Panthers are clearly NFC.

The Big East is okay for basketball, but they're no ACC!! WOOOOOO!! GO ACC!! And really, even when people are basketball fans here, they don't care that much about it. NBA? Forget it. Basketball season is back and I can't even get excited about it because I know I won't get to see any of it. I'll escape this basketball-killin city one day. I WILL!!


Kacie said...

"I used to be a HUGE college basketball game."

lol, come again, what did that feel like, being a huge basketball game? :)

I know what you mean about this not being a basketball town. I'm from Indiana. Have you seen/heard of the movie "Hoosiers?" Yeah. Go BigTen!

I used to care about college and pro football, but these days not so much.

Anonymous said...

The Big East OWNS the ACC in Basketball AND football.

ACC cherrypicked three of the better teams in the Big East for football and they STILL cant touch the Big East in EITHER major sport.

They did last year..they do this

The fact that we are indifferent to Basketball makes it all the harder to swallow.

Anonymous said...

and whats this i see on the Schedule...

December 20

Duke AT Pittsburgh????

Hmmm...I smell an L for the Dukies.

Chris said...

It really shouldn't surprise me that you're a Duke fan, but I still find it hard to wrap my brain around that one, lol

And football is king down here as well. I'm glad to be surrounded by Redskins fans though. If I lived near Baltimore and had to deal with the Ravens fans who stole my original Cleveland Browns away 12 years ago...well, Chris would have to choke a bitch. Quote the Raven...nevermore.

1969 said...

Pittsburgh is a football town, period. They eat, breathe and sleep football. STEELER NATION baby.

I say throw on a Rothlisberger shirt and join the party.

And tell Troy Polamolu and Coach T I said "hey".

Jameil said...

kacie... boooooooo. GO ACC!!!! i've never been a college football girl. i grew up in basketball country.

dp... ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUS!! i don't give a rats behind about a college football but BASKETBALL!?!? Can you really say that with a straight face? B/c you shouldn't. Sooooooo wack. You got me all excited. It's not at Pittsburgh. It's at Madison Square Garden. I gasped. You SUCK. And do you really think "I can't ever pull through a win in the post season" Pitt is gonna beat Duke? You are OUT of your mind.

chris... GO DUKE!! very indifferent to the ravens. i love to dislike the skins.

1969... lol. if i were to join said party, it would be in a hines ward shirt. not a big ben fan. at all.

Anonymous said...

The Big East will have more teams in the tournament than the ACC again this year.

Here is the deal...

I (me and the wifey)will be in Pittsburgh the end of the year.

Loser buys dinner at the winners choice.

Ill take the Panthers and you can have the Boo Devils.

And how many times have I told you that Resistance is futile. Stop fighting the nation.

Southerner in Suomi said...

Dp, I will give the Big East SOME props in basketball, but the ACC rules the show. And sweetie, don't even go there with football. I am from the deep south and if it ain't the Gulf Coast (SEC!!!) it ain't workin' with much.

And for me, I'm like baska-wha!! As much as I love a super tall man, I'm not very into it. But you're from North Carolina, where basketball is king.

Welcome to football country baby!!

Aaaaaand!! Your word verification:zrbbt. Zerbit!! Like off the Cosbys

Jameil said...

dp... YOU ARE SO ON!!! i'm thinking capital grille. fighting is in my blood!! I'M A FIGHTER!!

v... that's right!! ACC BABY!! You know what's up!! SEC is great for football but you know what? We've already talked about how much I don't care about a college football. florida/florida state game made me start watching football, period tho. I LOVE CHRIS LEAK! mostly b/c he's from charlotte. he's also adorable but so young. i love zerbitt!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!! lololol

Mr. Jones said...

Hold on...you're a Duke fan? I'm a Maryland fan. This won't work.

DP - I'm sorry buddy, but you're off base.

The Big East doesn't own the ACC in anything. The ACC has more national titles, more Final Four appearances and owns a winning overall record against the Big East. In fact, the ACC is the only conference in the country to have a winning all-time record against every other conference in America.

Remember, the Big East ran scared from the ACC in the early-90s by dropping out of the ACC-Big East Challenge because the ACC dominated. A few years later, the Big 10 stepped up to the plate and hasn't won an annual series yet either.

The Big East is a fine basketball conference. Its top programs (UConn, Cuse, G-town) can compete toe-to-toe with the ACC's top programs (Caroline, Duke, Maryland), but the quality of teams in the Big East takes a significant drop after that (Rutgers, USF, Providence, Seton Hall, St. John's) . As for the Big East placing more teams in the NCAAs this year, it didn't happen last year. Seven ACC teams earned bids while only 6 Big East teams went. One would think that a 70 billion team conference would get more teams in.

The ACC also has an overall all-time winning record versus the Big East in football, too. I'll admit, Mike Trangese (sp) did a good job recovering from the ACC raid of 03, but let's not act as if the Big East is actually respected nationally.

The ACC's top programs (Miami, FSU) and burgeoning mid-tier programs (Maryland, NC State, Virginia) have had some set backs since 2004, but the ACC has still been the better conference. At least on paper. This year, for instance Big East fans love to hang their hats on its OOC record, but the ACC's OOC record has been better each of the last two years.

I love the ACC.

Jameil said...

jones... THANK YOU!!! Handle my light work!! hahahaha LOVE IT!! despite your misguided team-specific fandom. you can't help it. you're not from the best bball state in the nation. the terps are my 2nd team. i looooved juan dixon. cutie and he could ball. but when they play duke?? KNOW YA PLACE!!!