Why Did I Get Married on Christmas?

It wasn't that bad. It's not a movie I'd go around recommending, but it wasn't that bad. Definitely some of your typical Tyler Perry plot holes, but he is definitely getting better with each movie. I'll tell you this, though, the brother can't act. T!! Listen to me!! Stick to cameos or stay behind the scenes. The movie was also missing a lot of the chemistry between the characters. With most of the couples, you didn't feel like they really had a relationship. In at least one case, you couldn't understand why or how they were together in the first place and it was never explained or even clearly alluded to. Then there's his hurry up and finish this movie without adequately tying up these loose ends that always seems to happen. Not a home run, but not a strike out either.

Before the movie, I went to the gym. I love going to the gym on Saturdays. There are always random cuties in there I never see any other day of the week. Heeeey boo. I also broke out the Christmas playlist!! That's right!! One of my coworkers is Christmas OBSESSED. So he's already gotten me in the Christmas spirit. I have Christmas carols in my head and am very excited. I include Thanksgiving in the Christmas spirit since that's when my family traditionally breaks out the Christmas carols. I'm just getting a head start. "This Christmas" LOVE!!!
Classic Donny Hathaway

Boyz II Men version I'd never heard before... wheeeeeeeeee!

"Silent Night" the Boyz II Men & Temptations versions.
"Baby It's Cold Outside" the Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong version.

Natalie Cole's "Caroling, Caroling", "The Holly & The Ivy", and "Christmas Medley." Plus this time of year, people start bringing out all of their pumpkin-flavored things. Pumpkin cheesecake is TO DIE FOR!!!! YAY!!!


Chris said...

Christmas music is the shit...can I get away with saying that? Oh well.

Some of my favorites are This Christmas, the Tempts' version of Silent Night (will have the biggest sinner tryna get saved), "Merry Christmas All" by the Salsoul Orchestra, one of the most slept on Christmas joints ever, and Happy Holidays from the Whispers. Makes me shed a tear every time.

the joy said...

if the song is not about jesus, i usually dont like it. except this christmas and that "i want a lil bit of this, a lil bit of that," song.

i thought your title alluded to "this christmas," that movie coming out with chris brown in it. i might wait til that one hits HBO. i mean, you got all the cliches right in the commercial? including the surprise white girlfriend, and the overprotective mother. BOOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Time to burn a CD ... yaaay!... but you cant forget Earth Kitts Santa Baby ... and Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You ... Donnie Hathaway's this Christmas ... that is always in the number one spot ... I need to get in the holiday mood ... Cali weather is not conducive to holiday spirit at all ... I keep forgetting its November! ... mmm cheesecake ... my dessert invention last year was sweet potato pie wontons ... so good ... perhaps Ill try them with pumpkin this year! TP movie I liked... and i agree he gets much better with each movie ... there are holes ... but Ill take the movies to the plays anyday ...

Jarrod said...

LMAO @ Christmas music is the shit!!
But for real, Christmas music J? Can I get my 75% off Halloween candy first and enjoy Thanksgiving before we get to candy canes and the token druken mall Santa?

Infamous said...

Christmas...I've never really gotten into the Christmas spirit, maybe it was because my 5th Christmas I got socks and clay. Poverty didn't really allow for extravagent gifts. But I do take the time out to realize what I'm grateful for and to see family I never get a chance to see.

As for the TP movie, it was so much better than the other 2. I think he needs to give up the act though, he's apparently gay. At least it wasn't as predictable as the others.

Rashan Jamal said...

You are mad early for Christmas, but I feel it. That whole BoyzIIMen Christmas album was nice. As for the pumpkin, my sister made some pumpkin bread right after Halloween that was just delicious.

And just to reinforce my hater status... I will never again see a Tyler Perry movie, play, tv show, webisode, interview,etc. If I see him in the barber shop, I'll leave and come back later. If you can't tell, I just don't like that dude.

Southerner in Suomi said...

I love "It's Cold Outside." Doesn't Ray Charles have a version too? I don't know. Also Donny Hathaway can do no wrong. That's like saying there is something you don't like by Freddy P.

Lawd blasphemy!!

Jameil said...

chris... NO!! CRAZY! Christmas music is the bomb!

joy... really?? i love em all. i want to see this christmas just b/c columbus short is in it. heeeeeey boo!! he sooooo made stomp the yard 15xs better.

cali... burn baby burn!! MARIAH CAREY IS MY GIRL!! ummm... can you mail me some of them wontons?? pleeeeeeease?? :) lmao @ not feeling like november. i guess not when its like 75! lol.

jarrod... sure! enjoy it with your carols! :) hahahaha but if you were thinking about sending me some candy canes, save your money. i don't eat them.

infamous... DON'T LET THAT GET YOU DOWN!!! yay Christmas!! we weren't poor but my mom doesn't think you need a million gifts for Christmas. he's def. gay. the movie wasn't as bad as daddy's little girls. but like i said, i'm not going to go around recommending it to people.

rj... get up on it!! that B2M is my album!! that, mariah and natalie cole. those make Christmas baby!! yeahhhh! i don't like him either. i just wanted to have a leg to stand on to all these people who said they loved the movie. i wanted to see how bad it was. dvd from now on tho. i won't be bullied anymore!!

v... pretty sure ray is up on a version, too. fiyah!

GreatWhyte said...

I do love me some Donnie Hathaway, but who is Freddy P? I'm sorry Jam; I just can't get with you on the Christmas thing. I just trashed the last of Stepdaughter's
Halloween haul! I need at least another month.
Now about "Why Did I Get Married?" I loved it. Honestly. And I'm never really big on relationship movies. But Tyler is what he is: a made-it-on-his-own guy who makes really funny plays and movies. I'm pretty sure he knows that he'll never win an Oscar. But his plays sell out and his movies make millions, so... I say rock on. But I am interested in the holes you mentioned... what wasn't wrapped up?

La said...

booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Christmas!!!!!! *running off to vomit in my mouth*

dreamyj said...

i need to come to your gym man, there are rarely cuties in the gym, no matter what day it is. sigh

Jameil said...

x... i think she meant teddy p. COME ON!!! CHRISTMAS FOR EVERYONE!! i thought carefully abt the why did i get married question but will have to answer it another day b/c right now I'SE TI'ED!!

la... go sit down, brat!!

dreamy... come on! the only problem is you usually only see the cuties once and then never again. boooooooo.