Run Tell Dat-- Me & D

FYI D is my dad. The D stands for dad. I initiated this conversation this morning, one of the many strange/hilarious ones we've had in the 2 years we've lived together.

"I think I'm going to go get breakfast."
"OOOOH! Where are you going?" (Yes, at times he's as exuberant as I am.)
"Burger King."
"Yuck. Why?"
"Because I don't feel like sitting down and eating breakfast by myself."
"I understand that. And I don't have time to go. Sometimes I want some company so bad I just want to grab a hobo off the street and have him come eat with me. But I decide against it because if I feed him, then he'll ask me for a few dollars."
"Then if I give him a few dollars, he'll want to rob me."
"And then if he robs me, he'll want to kill me."
"Yeah, because he'll say to himself, 'Well I robbed him, and now I have to kill him because if I don't, he'll run tell dat.' Run tell DAT!"

This is where the conversation ends because I'm convulsing with laughter. Whose father uses random Martin Lawrence stand-ups in conversation without actually talking about the movie??? So good to start the day at 7:30 with a laugh. My dad cracks me up!!


Southerner in Suomi said...

Yaaaay for daddies!!!

Sha Boogie said...

Hilarious! Funny parents take the edge off, now run tell dat!..lol

Don said...


Good read, J

Daddy's Girl - nothing wrong with thst.

Still Patrice said...

Now THAT was some funny ish! LOL

La said...

lmaaaaaoooooo you literally got me in work cracking up and everybody looking at me crazy

Chris said...

LMAO@Pops...I can imagine how black dads talk and him saying it a certain way. Hilarious.

CNEL said...

WoW is all I have to say.

Jameil said...

hahahahahaha. sooo funny. still makes me giggle.

don... i love my dad mucho, and we have our daddy-daughter days. we've also grown much closer since I've lived up here, but i'm definitely a mama's girl.

Leela said...

LOL, dads are great!

Karamale said...

now we see where you get it from!


Jameil said...

leela... when they're not trippin, yes they are!

che... lmao! i know! i totally started to put that in there somewhere.