No Church

This is what you get when you don't go. (I didn't go because I had to write my show notes, take a survey and then I got turned around stealing all my eating time. Sleepy and hungry in church is not a good look. Excuses, excuses. I'll go to bible study Tuesday.) You come home to a father who has been here bored all day and thinks he should harass you just to get a rise out of you. GROW UP. He gets like this every once in a while. His male menopause, I guess. Just when I was about to talk about how living with him is not a nightmare and its more like having a roommate you just happen to be related to, he comes out of his face. Soooo over it. With other drama in my life, I really don't need this, too.

Trader Joe's. Went there today on my way home from work and got the goat cheese pizza I think AI was telling me about. Looks delish. Can't wait to try it. I also got some feta cheese, a pomodoro pizza (basil pesto, roma tomatoes and mozzarella), whole wheat pita bread, hummus, salsa, organic corn chips (what exactly is the point of organic chips? but luckily I've had them before and they taste normal.), pesto, sardines (dad got me liking grits and sardines. I know. He took me way back to my roots. I bought them for him. Now i'll be eating them before he gets a chance. hater.), tortellini and honey nut O's. I started eating the lemon sorbet I'd bought on my last trip there. DELISH!! I sooo recommend.

I also talked to my line sister for more than an hour and a half, as usual. We always talk that long on Sunday and usually at least an hour more 2 or 3 days a week. We're even closer than we were in college. My mom and I were talking about how leaving college transforms your relationships with people. I finally got out of the house to hang out with this guy I went to college with who was in town for a conference. I guess I'll detail that tomorrow. Right now I just want to eat some sorbet and go to sleep.


Anonymous said...

lol ... hungry and sleepy in church never mesh ... Ive had my fare share of run-ins with that scenario...yaaaay for Trader Joe's ... Sardines and Grits ... hmmm Im gonna have to try that ... Sleep is good... enjoy it and the sorbet too!

Chris said...

yeah, I know how it feels when your routine is thrown off and you have a sucky day because of it. Never fun.

Southerner in Suomi said...

Well I made sure to eat before church. But I also wasn't paying attention and drank like a gallon of OJ.

So being full and being squirmy cause you have to pee is NOT a good look in church either.

dreamyj said...

oh, i love the raspberry sorbet, maybe i'll branch out next time and get the lemon.

Anonymous said...

My dad gets like that he got on me because I bought gas with a CARD (gasp...so 1990's) at the pump and didn't get a receipt for it and he swore that people would think I didn't pay for the gas.
He wanted to have a lecture about that. If he has a debit or atm card he wouldn't know what to do with it.

the joy said...

I feel you on that parent/roommate thing. Sometimes you just want them to be quiet!

You're a pretty healthy eater. I could make something nice in your fridge. But sardines... Blerg.

1969 said...

All that food sounds good!!!!

Hope you ate and got some rest. Parents, yeah you gotta love em...

So...Wise...Sista said...

Omg all that cheese has my stomach in knots! lol
But now I need hummus in my life ASAP!

La said...

I am officially STARVING after reading this post. is that what you were going for? lol

Jameil said...

amber... such a bad look. sardines and grits are yum.

chris... who you tellin?

v... hahahahaha. not cute! i make sure i head to the bathroom before church b/c i will get my super squirm on otherwise.

dreamy... ooh! and now i want to try the sorbet! rachael ray makes a fab margarita w/sorbet. we should both try it.

everything... LAWD!! parents just don't understand. (i've been watching a ridiculous amt of fresh prince lately.)

joy... and today he came in and didn't say more than 4 words the whole time. quite amazing. and odd. i guess i'm healthy. i could do better.

69... you know how i feel about food!! i ate and rested well. lovely. but i've been yawning all day. very bizarre.

wise... lololol. hursh!! i'm a cheese fiend!! hummus at mellymell's house! come and get it!!

la... yes! :D

Liz Dwyer said...

Hooray for Trader Joe's. I seriously don't know what I'd do without them. But we have some goat cheese haters in this house so I don't get that pizza even though I sort of like it.

Love that sorbet...I might have to grab some for dessert tonight.