Hot & Bothered/Double Take

And not in the good way!

Do you understand that every time I get pissed, I get all hot and bothered? Physically hot. I can feel my body flush and I have to start taking off layers. It's always freezing at work so that means the pashmina has got to go. Watch out if I lose the blazer!! If I was lighter I would be red-faced, too. How about I used to think I was dark-skinned. Even up until college. When I told my friends this, especially Stace, they DIED laughing. Honeys. Apparently I'm brown-skinned. Semantics. I'M BLACK!! And today I got all heated up. But I'm better now. Wise was talking about how people always try to get you to calm down when you're pissed. WE DON'T LIKE THAT!! Can I just let it out without you trying to mollify me!?!? LET ME BE!! Haters.

Know what else got me heated today other than general foolishness.
1) someone stole the candy out of my drawer and LEFT THE EMPTY BAG. HONEY!!!
2) 2007 is the deadliest year for U.S. troops in Iraq. WHY ARE WE STILL THERE?!?! That really pisses me off.

Other than that I had a good day! Lol. How about I was in the mall yesterday, getting all excited about the Christmas decorations.... (Hahahahaha. I LOVE that some of you aren't ready for the Christmas spirit yet! I'm usually like that but this year for some reason I'm rarin to go! I think it may be because I need something else to look forward to and I have no idea when my next trip will be or when someone will come visit me again.) when I noticed a familiar face. I looked, then looked again. I think I may have even looked a third time. And then I stared and just started giggling.

Remember the model who's in Stace's boyfriend's band? That's a bit of a lengthy post and a while until you get to the meat so let me just excerpt the pertinent part. "The lead singer is a model... I see why. Lololol. I don't know why models are not my type. It's not that I don't notice they're attractive. Maybe I just like more normal looking people. At the end of the set, I meet the band. Everyone was aware this is the trip of the century. THAT'S RIGHT, RECOGNIZE!! Hahahahaha. Tho the model did ask me if I brought his blanket. I was so confused. Apparently he loves airplane blankets and Stace and Drew were supposed to pass the message along to bring him one. CRAZY MAN!! That's how people catch scarlet fever. Airplane blankets. I'm just sayin. Think about it."

That's the face I saw in the window of Men's Warehouse. I could not stop laughing!! So I took a picture of the picture that was hanging in the store's front window to send it to the homies. Tooooooooo funny. I think it was so funny because it was so unexpected. Especially since I'd just popped the band's cd into my cd player in the car and was listening to it as I pulled up to the mall. I mean who does this happen to?? Who sees random models and recognizes them as people they've had (short, disjointed, meaningless) conversations with???

Speaking of funny, my laugh. Apparently it's infectious. My co-workers love it. A few of them told me they say outlandish things just to hear it. And that they catch other people smiling when they hear me laughing. Part of it is that if something tickles me I just keep laughing because I keep thinking of it and start laughing again. So it comes in spurts. Like hahahahaha. Think, think. Hahahaahahaha. Think think. There I go again! I'm laughing just thinking of my laugh! I'm so fun sometimes. A lot of times, actually. A guy I knew in high school used to be in love with the contented sigh I do at the end of my laughs sometimes. It's hilarious! Hahahaha. Here I go again making myself laugh. This post is cracking me up!!! I've gotta stop or I'll be here giggling all day. Again!! Hahahahahaha.


Liz Dwyer said...

Oh you had me dying! Too damn funny! Someone stole the candy up outta your drawer??? Look around your office and see who's putting on the pounds! That's your thief right there!

Anonymous said...

Dang they are gangster where you work!!

Adei von K said...

see, that fcukery right there. leaving the bag?? sloppy.

jameil, i am DYING at the men's wearhouse model!!! i have yet to see him anywhere!!! I can hear you laughing right now! what did you take a picture with? camera or phone? please send!!

T-Mc said...

This post SUCKS!!!!! Just kidding, just trying to get you "hot and bothered" so you can start peeling off dem clothes.

You are a great writer. I will try to stop by more often.

Chris said...

don't trust that laugher over there! Nah, for real, laughter is indeed the best medicine, I LMAO@work all day and now that I'm finally ready to get out of here, I can breathe.

And that's why I go home for lunch. Somebody snatch something of mine, everybody's gonna know about it.

Jameil said...

liz... glad i could entertain you!!

everything... & ridic. they tried me!!

stace... & ig. i was annoyed more than mad. the model had me DYING!! got it on the camera!

tmc... see... some people just don't know how to act!! lolol. thanks and do come back!

chris... ahhhh good laughter. i haven't had any food come up missing but other people have. I'm there early in the am so it would be really easy to find out who took it. she's been sitting next to me all morning, she hasn't come back from the kitchen with anything. only 2 people left. time to get gangsta! lol.

Southerner in Suomi said...

I am soooooo glad I now know someone who has the residual laugh. I do that all the time and people just be looking at me funny.

Forget you!! I'ma be happy.

yet another black guy said...

you MUST do a video post!