3rd Post Today: Colonial Williamsburg

Yo. You know what I don't like about that place? It's unrealistic. No slaves hangin around. The black folk who work there are like... normal. They work in the restaurants and stuff. Really? UN-REAL-IS-TIC. WHERE ARE THE SLAVES?!?! I'm just sayin. But then... who wants to play a slave? Because if I'm going all realistic and playing a slave at CW and someone orders me around, I'M LOSIN IT!! Plus, you know someone's going to have to ask if you get paid since you're sooo concerned about realism. Again. Ballistic.

Another random conversation I had today w/Chris. My additional thoughts are italicized.
C (3:13:29 PM): some drugs are just not to be messed with
C (3:13:37 PM): better yet, all of em are not to be messed with
See how he switched it up? Caught it real quick so that you don't know his deal. I'M NOT FOOLED!!
Me (3:13:58 PM): right?
Me (3:14:16 PM): i'm too cute to be strung out in the street w/some clothes previously owned by a now deceased bum
Me (3:14:26 PM): and haven't washed in weeks

Can you imagine me like this?!!? UGH!! I actually saw a woman like this yesterday. It was terrible. And sad.


Southerner in Suomi said...

Ok, you just took random to new heights ma'am. Lol.

Rashan Jamal said...

Crazy random style in effect. I guess I'll keep checking back to see how many more post you have in you today.

Chris said...

just put me on blast why dontcha? I don't drink or do any sort of drugs, lol, I was just noting that meth is the caucasian crack and that drugs are bad, mmmmmkay?

Liz Dwyer said...

Oh man, you had me crackin' up with the, "Where are the slaves?"

Wouldn't that be a crazy reality show? Let's see who gets voted out of the house and back into the field!

Jameil said...

v... i do what i can.

rj... i think i may be done.

chris... no problem! blast off!! and riiiight. mari-je-wana is bay-ad.

liz... i just wondered that. and i said it to this white guy at work once and he was like they can't have that. it's like disneyland for the 1700s or something like that. maaaaaaaan WHATEVER. and i don't have to like it. you are insane for the slave reality show!!

proacTiff said...

You are too cute for last month's outfit. Druga ain't cute, although I've done my share of the leafy green thing. *Shh*

Adei von K said...

if they were there, you'd have a fit!

Jameil said...

pro... this is what i'm sayin! and i won't tell anyone!

stace... i don't think so. morg and i actually discussed this on a field trip. give us our realism.