TV Time!

It's no secret that I'm mildly obsessed with television. I can't help it. I didn't used to be like that. I didn't have a tv in my room until I went to college. Even then I thought the cable was an outrageous price especially considering there were only 15 channels or something stupid like that freshman year. So I watched next to no tv. Sophomore year I didn't even bring a tv because I didn't watch it. You know how in college tv watching is a team sport. Whoever has the biggest, you and your crew gather there to watch. Junior year, me and Kristen would watch CNN all day long. Senior year, no tv again. What's the point? Like I said, tv is a communal sport so I'd watch it wherever. Good times.

Enter the job in tv. Sigh. WHY?!?! I now watch upwards of 70 hours a week. It's a full time job. I'm at work 48 hours a week minimum and there is always at least one tv on near me. My desk has two and there's a bank of tv's with every station that ever has news on it to let me know when I need to turn there to see a story. Speaking of the two tv's per producer/executive producer desk, the remotes are the same for all of them. Today every time one of my producer homies would turn around, I'd turn off both of his tv's. It was crackin me up!! I know it was so childish but he's the calmest person in America, so when I'd turn them off and go back to work acting like I did nothing and didn't know how the tvs went off since I wasn't facing him, he'd just turn them back on without saying anything. Of course that made it even funnier!!

When I come home I watch an additional hour or two or even 3 of tv. Thursday all I ever do is read blogs and watch tv, and throw in the occasional movie. It's insane!! Anyway, the point of this post is to let you know my current tv loves. FIRST, let us ALLLLLLLLLLLLL celebrate... (drumroll please!) PROJECT RUNWAY RETURNS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! I'm sooooo excited!! Woooo! I think it was Rashan who got me watching "Pushing Daisies," and Joy and Vanessa who got me watching "Samantha Who" with Christina Applegate. Thank God they both come on ABC. That station is great about putting video online. Y'all know I go to bed before Oprah, so I need to be able to view video outside of primetime. And I read in Black Enterprise that the man responsible for taking ABC digital and HD and all that is black. Hotness!

This is why I can get away with watching so much tv, because I read a lot, too. I love the Washington Post and NY Times. Here's how news people read newspapers-- headlines! You have to. You read the first few paragraphs of a story to get the gist, unless it's really interesting. Then you move to the next story. That way you can read an entire paper in a relatively short amount of time. For extremely dense papers, another good rule of the thumb for the most interesting stories is to click on the most viewed/emailed/popular/blogged. That's where you find some good stories that aren't necessarily from the day's paper that you may have missed. And you can read multiple papers a day without spending hours at your computer. I also like to go directly to the closest paper to whatever big event is happening. They'll have the most in depth coverage others will have only skimmed. God bless the internet.

This ends today's journalism lesson! Lololol. POINT! Run's House. I LOVE THIS SHOW!! Here's a look at why.

Furthermore... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! So funny. I had the most adorable outfit on today. Looooove my shoes and my jacket and my blue and gold sweater and tank. Fab-o. I can't stand myself.


the joy said...

I was gonna write about my tv shows! I still am, but just know I was gonna anyway, lol. 70 hrs? Do you wear glasses?

Also, my dvr is the greatest. I haven't watched Samantha yet, but I'm off tomorrow and plan on catching up on it and Bones. Its 1000x better than a VCR.

1969 said...

I love Diggy. He's so cute.

PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!! I am sooo ready. Bring it on. Make It Work.

proacTiff said...

I went to bed last night thinking about all of my TV obsessions. I swear fo... I thought about how I didn't used to be this way until the invention of TiVo/DVR. I'm so guilty and really had to take a look (vs. your adding up hours spent viewing) at what I watch and was sickened by my list. I stuffed the piece of paper in my night stand drawer. I thought about writing about them (like you have), but then I'm ashamed that I even tune my eyes up to view so much time-stealing garbage. And I love 'em all...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reminder for Project Runway i forgot all about it...i wish i could make clothes.

Pushing Daises and Runs House also my fav.

Southerner in Suomi said...

I'm gonna go with Ugly Betty. Pushing Daisies is just strange.

yet another black guy said...

LOL, "I can't stand myself"! but all that tv can't be good.

Leela said...

I am soooo excited for Project Runway! I also love Run's House and The Hills. I have loved ANTM forever, but for some reason I haven't gotten into this season as much...
I work during all the prime TV hours. I need tivo!

Nikita T. Mitchell said...

LMAO @ "I can't stand myself." You are wayy to much for me. I think I'll have to stop reading.

no, jk.

Mr. Jones said...

I rarely watch TV and when I do its either sports or news (CNN...very little local news). The idiot box will not rule me!!!

I do love Run's House though. I can only hope for a family as lively and together as the good reverend's is.

Jameil said...

i responded to all of your comments and it was deleted!! not happy.

joy... no glasses (you already know this smart arse). 48 hrs of it is at work. if i had tivo/dvr i would never leave the house.

69... i know! and woooooooo!! can't wait!!

pro... i didn't even name all the shows i like/watch. i left out the worst ones! lol.

v... i tried to watch ugly betty but with daddy daughter day i can't really have more thursday crack. it comes on too early. and i don't care enough to watch online. oh well.

black guy and jones... DON'T JUDGE ME!!

leela... i haven't watched ANTM in 2 or 3 cycles.