Playing Catch-Up

Why did I forget the craziest thing of all when talking about my day yesterday!? I was wearing these boots right?

Okay. The scene is set. I get compliments every time I wear them. (No, I don't always wear such eye-popping combinations. Lol.) That's fine. Yesterday though? INSANE! I'm sitting in bible study, taking notes, listening and paying attention when I hear over the speakers, "Oh. my. goodness! Those are such cute boots!!" It was my pastor!!

O.k. my church is pretty big. There are more than 10,000 members so he has to use a mic even for noon bible study because it's in the sanctuary and there are still at least 75 people there. Then he says, "Can y'all see these boots? Stand up for me. They're like rainbows! They're too cute!" I stand up and do a mini fashion show. What? It's who I am. But after I sat down I was suddenly shy and even a bit embarrassed!

I blend in at church and get lost in the crowd. I'm very used to doing that in Pittsburgh because it's how my life is here. I don't mind it but there was definitely a point in my life where I would have. I never blended into crowds in high school, college or at church in Charlotte. I always knew and got along with tons of people. I've never been shy. I might not make the first move to speak to someone but once they speak, I can make people instantly feel comfortable. I'm very big on the spirit of inclusion. Unless you're lame. Lol. If you're a friend of a friend, you get a pass even if it's only temporary.

After bible study in the office, everyone who came through had to comment on the boots. I don't know any of these people so this is very weird to suddenly be on display again. Today I wore them again (MORE SNOW!! GO AWAY!!! 5+ inches in the last two days.) and when people commented on them I felt myself shrinking. Lol. Such an odd sensation! I'm not worried because I know Jameil of yore is merely hibernating. Can you imagine the world when she comes out again? Oh my word! Or to quote sha, "Oh My Lanta!" THAT CRACKS ME UP!!

Kidneys. I'd like to keep mine. I just found out another one of my uncles is getting a kidney transplant. This is uncle number 3. My dad's 2nd brother. One of my mom's brothers also had a kidney transplant. One of my first cousins on my dad's side also had one. She's only 31. Her brother gave her one of his kidneys about 2 years ago. Another of my dad's brothers also has kidney problems where he needs to take a lot of medication to keep them from failing. My dad also says several of his first cousins have had kidney issues. I guess at this point I should explain that I have 8 uncles, 4 aunts and 36 first cousins. The majority are on my dad's side because he has 4 brothers and 4 sisters. His father was the youngest of 13. My dad is squarely in the middle and SUCH a middle child (that article is spinning it very positively) except for the lots of loyal friends thing. He's a bit of a loner. Middle and only children are weird.

Remember how I told you news people were adrenaline junkies? I was MIGHTY cracked up today because the St.eelers' long-time broadcaster died while we were on the air. I produced more than an hour and a half without a commercial break. If you don't know anything about this town, this is a HUGE deal. The show actually went really well and it was all done on the fly. We had statements from the team owners, phone reports from former players and fellow broadcasters, live interviews with fans, etc. etc. I was really proud when I walked out of the control room. You know how I feel about death. I think fitting tributes and funerals are very important. This funeral will be private but I'm sure there will be several huge memorial services. It's so necessary.

I saw this funeral procession yesterday. There were only about 10 cars in it. I was on the phone with my line sister and started yelling. I was like, "I WOULD BE SO HEATED IF I DIED AND THERE WERE ONLY 10 CARS!!" Wow. But I know there wouldn't be that few now. If I lived to a million (or a 100, whatever), I think I'd be like those ladies at my church in Charlotte who have 7 million faux relatives if I happen to not have children (which I can't even imagine). I already have a ridiculous amount of non-relatives who are almost like family at this point of my life. I guess the point of this post is for all of you to live life to the fullest. I had a great time at bible study yesterday. I absorbed some fantastic messages.

I can't go to Miami because tickets are about $300. Last time I went they were $150. This time it's spring break time. Ah well. I did get my two new bikinis today, tho! Vickie was having a sale and I love her bikinis! I bought 2 and with shipping and handling they only came to $25. They're adorable! My dad asked where the rest of them were. Lol. I have a bikini body and you'd best believe I'm showing it off the Miami way whenever I go!

I did not do the chili cook-off. I got tired and went to sleep. Plus my dad loves my chili so I will make it for him tomorrow. He doesn't know that's what I'm going to do so he'll be really excited! :) Tonight will be daddy-daughter night because I'm going to my bible class tomorrow night. We're also going to see this movie tonight. And... new Project Runway!! Part 1 of the finale!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I may watch it 4 or 5 times. Lol.


Sparkling Red said...

I know the best term for that feeling of shyness that hits you after the fact: Shame Afterburn. I picked that one up in psychotherapy school.

You're spot on about only children being weird. I should know - I'm an only. My ex was an only. After it was too late, I read that marriages between two onlies are the most likely to end in divorce, because both spouses are used to being the centre of attention and not sharing. Too true!

jinni said...

NIce spot.I invite u to check out mine.

Jazzy said...

You always crack me up. I could so see you strutting on display! LOL


Chris said...

such a diva, always, LOL....I can imagine turning to the left and to the right with a lil arm swing thrown in for good measure....all in the name the Lord, oh shananaccandio

Anonymous said...

Your church is so damn huge!!!! I oould not do it. I need a smaller group of people.

You always take advantage of an opportunity to show off your fashionista style. Even in church. You the only person I know who styles for Jesus. You would be in heaven designing robes for everybody!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Now I know why I like you so much. You speak middle child! :) Although your father and I are going to have to box over the grand champion of middle childness.

Of course, being middle children, we'll get distracted and forget to show up in the first place. Some oldest child will take the award (of course)! ;)

Love the boots - you're going to have to teach me your boot-fu.

GreatWhyte said...

Pastor nigga... you GAY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel ya on tickets just cause its spring break time ... I had to use my birthday as an excuse to get me home for spring break ... lol at your church story ... reminds of when the lady commented on my hair only we were prayin and I was real disturbed...who says you cant bring folk to Jesus through sassy boots? yaaay for project runway ...

Desy said...

you are hilarious- boots showcase... i'll definately take after my favorite project runway desire and call that FIERCE!...lol

but- question: how ya pastor gonna call you out?!? doesn't he have other things to focus on...?...lol; that is funny that he spotted those- they must be SO serious in person

SimplEnigma said...

Hope your uncle getting the transplant does ok.

LOL @ Pastor checkin' your boots. I got some UGG Locarno boots for my birthday, which I love dearly, but I cannot wear them because they're too big.

Jameil said...

red... i couldn't find anything on this afterburn stuff. send me a link. oh you onlies!! y'all make me weary!! lol.

diva... lolol. and you know i was! for real... i need to be fabulous even in death.

chris... NOT w/the fake tongues!! your reservation is now indefinitely held in hades. first. tuuuuuurn to the left! tuuuuurn to the right!

epsi... that's why you have to join ministries and go to bible study. it shrinks the pop. it is a bit larger than i normally like tho. Jesus likes style, too. His father invented it.

claud... yes i speak it... sometimes grudingly. y'all are nutty! boots are so necessary. i'm in love with them now that i need them. can't wait until i don't again tho. when they're just for fashion, not function.

x... i can't stand you! i so started to put a line in there saying he wasn't. silly! lol. he's very into fashion... that doesn't mean he does it well, though. he had on a hideous multi-colored coogi. ew.

cali... whosoever will, let him come! lol. while praying?!? ignorant. IGNORANT!!

desy... it wasn't my idea! lol. but i did go along w/it. pastor cracks me up but that was so out of left field!!

s.e... i hope so too. my first uncle to get a transplant kept his for 10 years before he died. i don't like uggs. mostly b/c they're so popular. lol.

Momisodes said...

I know you're tired of hearing it, but those boots ARE so cute! I can't believe your pastor said it though :O

So sorry no Miami :(

Karamale said...

look at you!

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm thirsty. Anybody got a Sprite?

You and pastor can have a Project Runway Finale party. LOL

I'm a middle child, can you tell? If you knew me in real life, you would know that I'm the consumate middle.

Jameil said...

sandy thx! i'm not worried about it. i'll get back. and luckily i have free housing! lol. AND bathing suits never go bad!

kara... oh my darling you know i heart you!!

rj... did you see when i wrote about this dude tryin to holla at my friend by calling her sprite? then he went to lemon lime. HUHlarious. i couldn't stop laughing!! our PR party would be so fab!! middles are crazy. i would've pegged you as a middle or only. they share a lot of traits since middles feel left out all the time.

GreatWhyte said...

Yeah... hate to break it to you, but no straight man will interrupt a BIBLE STUDY (or anything else) to tell a girl that her boots are "cute." No ma'am.

La said...

um... yeah... most men that are "into fashion" are also "into men". These are the breaks.

Jameil said...

x... think what you will.

la... you too.

Adei von K said...

that is so funny that you became somewhat of a shrinking violet. Jameil?? shy away????? no!!!

yo. that kidney thing is no joke. i think you should stop drinking. for real. not like you drink inordinate amounts, but just to be on the safe side. kidney trouble is no fun.

ummm, that middle child article was interesting. that was a very positive spin!

Jameil said...

stace... no drinking?? yikes. that middle child article was such crap. Y'ALL CRAZY!! i know you're not a middle but that was for the middles lol.