Peevin' Me Cerebrally

Some of you get on my nerves. We can make this quick because there are just a few things I should get out now and then we can move on.

Men. I know you don't have the sense of smell we do. And I know my nose is almost the sup.er sniffer but PLEASE!! DO. NOT. BATHE. IN. YOUR. COLOGNE. You stink. Thanks. Management.

P.S. You're coming to work. Really? Really? We don't want to smell you. Soap only.
*Blogger's note: I looooooove a man who smells like soap. I will SO sniff a soap-scented man all day. Perhaps its good my co-workers don't smell like soap... HOWSOMEVER!! Bathing in cologne? Not a good look.

"Exclusive." "BREAKING!!"
Television stations over-use this term. I am tired of you calling in interview with a political candidate or a star promoting her upcoming tour or concert series an exclusive. We. know. Rocky. and. Billary. are. talking. to. EVERYONE!!

Same thing with breaking news. If it happened at 4 this morning and your show comes on at 8 p.m., I'm sorry to tell you, but it must be said... You have missed the breaking category. It doesn't count and we all know it. You've had all day to get to the scene and get the story from all angles. Don't lie to me. Misuse of both of these terms damages credibility, ruins integrity and most importantly, it annoys me.

Crabs in a barrel.
Don't hate on someone because you want what they have. It's unnecessary and it's not cute. Begrudging someone doesn't give you the joy you think you lost from what they gained. Whatever it is you didn't get wasn't meant for you. But by acting like that you are blocking what is. Now stop. We are not amused. (Everyone who notices and most importantly, GOD!!)



Anonymous said...

You stink. Thanks. Management.

Consider that phrase O-fficially jacked!!!!

Jazzy said...

lol...since you are the first to mention, I guess you can put the return of spell check in the "breaking news" category!

Cologne...thank you for posting this. Seriously. I can only hope that it reaches the masses...that's how important I consider this. This also applies to those ole ladies that bathe in the eau de toilette and still wear the powder and lotion set. MADNESS!

Southerner in Suomi said...

I looooove a soap smelling man. Regular soap though! Like Irish spring. If you smell like flowers, I'm gonna think you like a little backdoor action.

M-Dubb said...

There are some fragrances women bathe themselves in on GP. I'm just saying.

Women who reek of Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret lotions are not a good look.

Wait for it:

Try to smell like you didn't try to cover up funk with flowers. HMMMKAY?

I feel you on the soap thing. We need to go to the makers of Dove and Zest and be like "yeah, bottle dat up and sell it next to the Curve!"

1969 said...

LOL....who stinks? Leave a post it note on his desk attached to some Deodorant.

Open Grove Claudia said...

ahahahaha. I always think that about men - and I hate that breaking news thing. I mean really. It's like listening to the "just released" song I downloaded six months ago. I think breaking news has no place in today's instant internet new world. But that's just me! ;)

Great post!

Sparkling Red said...

YES to your scent sentiments! I would rather buy fancy soap for my guy than for myself, because it smells so much better on him. Perfume and cologne I can live without. I work in a scent-free workplace, thankfully.

CNEL said...

VDizzle out of control.

Thanks for the reality check regarding breaking and breaking news. So intolerable abuse of the vocab and news judgement.

the joy said...

Lol Nancy grace does that breaking news every day!!! She's the devil.

Also, soapy man smell is yummy. I also enjoy some deodorants.

Rashan Jamal said...

Shocking discovery in blogland!!!

I agree with Jameil. We now return you to your regularly scheduled comments.

LOL @ howsomever!!

Anonymous said...

I am partial to man smell good ... not like drenched in you forgot to take a bath man smell good scent ... but if you walk by and I dont see your face but you smell good... just enough to twinge my nose ... you will get a look ... plus less is always more ... and I prefer oils they actually last and you dont risk over scentin yo'self ...

Jameil said...

funky... lololol.

diva... BREAKING NEWS!! lol. let's spread it to the masses, one blog at a time!

v... mmmm soap man! of course i don't want him smelling like fruit! get outta here v.

m... they don't smell underneath but its just so overpowering. i love the smell of oil of olay. i think there's nothing better on me than that.

1969... i mean the overpowering cologne is ridiculous.

claud... thanks! i don't think there's never breaking b/c everyone's not on the internet all the time like us! lol. but don't try to sell me a breaking story 8 hours later. i don't buy swampland either!!

red... can i get up on that scent-free workplace!? its mostly the men tho. soap on a man = heaven.

cnel... its annoying.

joy... and that's reason no. 1 i can't stand her. the list is very long. i don't like deo as much.

rj... shut it.

cali... i def. don't like oils. they all smell the same. esp. those musks a lot of dudes w/dreds like to wear. no thanks.

Unknown said...

a man that smell like soap is GOOD ... I have not smelled that at all over here in England ... just balls.lol

Unknown said...

Men that don't know how to wear cologne KILLS me. I wish they would ban it in the work place all together. That mess don't smell good when you pour the whole damn bottle on you at once. Geesh!!!!

My Hubby smells like soap and oil and I always want to take a bite out of him he smells so good. Tee hee!

Jameil said...

mem... IG!!!!!!! lolol. mmmm man soap... mmmm!!

goddess... may God bless me w/one of them soap-smelling delectable hubbies one day!! lol. can't wait!

Momisodes said...

Over cologned dudes need to be sent to nightclubs with the rest of them....