First Fry-Free Day

I've already had to pray 3xs and it's only 12:15. However! I have been up since 11:45 last night. Seeing as how you're supposed to pray when you think about what you want but have given up... wow. I was very annoyed at work today and was thisclose to saying "I DON'T CARE!!" and eating fries anyway. I was very surly, getting my C.harlie Brown on. You know, the personal storm cloud. Usually working out can work it out but today I get there and realize I've left my ipod on the table. Now I did have my Rach magazine, but the only other time I've left my ipod at home, I also left the gym. Except this time I didn't do that only because I had my mag. But then I pulled my outfit out of my bag and couldn't stand it. Like I said, personal storm cloud.

HOWEVER! The day started on a bright note when I immediately got up and went downstairs to turn on the tv. I never had a tv in my room growing up because my mom was very big on us not being spoiled. I was also such a big reader that I didn't care. I didn't get my first tv in my room until freshman year. Then I didn't have cable because it wasn't free so really... what's the point? Like I've said before, I never watched much tv until I got into tv. Now I watch too much. At least 70 hours a week. Granted, 50 of that is while I'm at work. Whatever.

I go downstairs and have to flip around because the cable is different at my house than at work so I had to try to remember where to find all the news! Then I see my homie Rocky has won some big states and he's talking about it right now!! I sit down to watch and he's talking about change and making this happen and I see that he's won ID, UT, KS and MN. I just start crying at the thought that these overwhelmingly white states have overwhelmingly chosen a black man as the person they believe can best lead our nation for the next 4 years. I sat there and bawled.

It gave me hope and made me FINALLY proud to be an American. I won't say that I never have been, but it's certainly been a while. Definitely not in the last 8 years. I was so proud that I put on my white long-sleeved tee under a navy blue velvet blazer with a red rhinestone dragonfly pin, with a glittering red belt, jeans and red patent leather flats. Less than 100 delegates separate Billary and Rocky. There are still more than a dozen states left and more than 1400 delegates they each need to clinch the nomination. YES WE CAN!!

**New Project Runway tonight. Not excited about them making outfits for women wrestlers. Gross. I want to see beautiful clothes!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe its for them to go out to a wrestler awards ceremony. I'm gonna go pray about that. Otherwise, not only will I be upset, I KNOW Prince Christian the Small [(c) 1969] and Rami will be HEATED!!

Okay funniest MTB4 moment yet? 4:19.

"OH MOTHA! OH MOTHA PLEASE!" *DEAD!!* I die laughing every. single. time!! So hilarious!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! And I love Dawn and Q!! Too cute. I thought girls were supposed to be the messy ones. Danit.y K.ane was never like this and the dudes are like cats scratching at each other.

****Update**** I wrote this before seeing this.

I CAN'T!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liz Dwyer said...

I love how they get all scared when Puffy comes in. They just need to understand, Puffy ain't mad. He's just hungry because he gave up fries for Lent too! And that fur is making his face itch so he he's extra irritable.

And love the outfit you're sporting. I love dragonflies so I bet the pin is too cute!

Chris said...

I ain't got but one thing to say....

"it is a contagious sickness that is in our community....There will be no bitchassness allowed at Bad Boy."


Anonymous said...

Diddy says some ish that leaves you shaking your head. He makes you feel like doo doo when he is done talking to you.

Anonymous said...

FREE BLACK ROB (literally)
FREE 112!

Can anyone name me an artist of Puffy's that he DIDNT rob blind????

shakin my head in disgust.

Happy Ashy Wednesday

Sparkling Red said...

Can you believe that Canada is so wrapped up in American politics that our national morning news was entirely broadcast from Washington? Hours of debriefing on Super Tuesday. Anyway, I haven't been following it very closely, but just from their body language I prefer Obama to Clinton. He projects ease and confidence. She has a tight, nervous vibe that bugs me.

Rashan Jamal said...

Look at you getting all Eeyore about the fries. Just 6 more weeks...

I'm always amazed when I see Rocky win those states where there is little melanin.

Jameil said...

l.a.... i looove that they get all shook when puff walks in. too funny. lmao @ him giving up fries for Lent!! and he's killin me w/the fur!! it is adorable!

chris... LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

epsi... he CRACKS me up!!

ink... LMAO! give us us free!! happy happy to you too.

red... i believe it. i loooove obama. and yes the ease is a big part.

rj... did you really say just six more weeks? torturer!!! me too on rocky! HE ROCKS!!

p_nami said...

Good luck and stay strong! I'm already struggling myself.

You can do it:-)

1969 said...


LMAO! Diddy is hilarious.


Still Patrice said...

I have to agree, Dawn and Q are too sweet. The whole bitchassness speech had me Hollin'.

Momisodes said...

Oh man, how did that whole room not bust out laughing when P.D. fell into his acting bit? That. was. hilarious!!!

You wear pins? I love that!

GreatWhyte said...

Don't get too excited... only the Democrats in those lily white states decided that Obama was the best person to lead our county as President. I still wonder how the conservative, gun toting, Reublican whites in those states feel.

Southern Girl said...

U know what I love...how you have an outfit for EVERY event! Love it! Floors me every time....

so now you know J, there will be no bitch-assiness about not being able to eat fries:) I can't drink coke...so we'll be ok...

Jameil said...

thank you doll...ing!

1969... cracks me up!! loooove rocky!! 19 mins until i see team fierce!!

paj... dawn and q are super adorable. diddy is off the chain!!

sandy... this is what i'm sayin!! hahahahaha. tooo funny. i love pins and hats. and actually like stockings, too. my fashion is so from another era sometimes.

x... please believe i looked at the numbers and noticed significantly lower numbers of dems than repubs voted in those states. but still. in some of these places they've never seen a black person up close.

the oldest man ever (aka mc.cain) will not cut it for them (the conservatives) so a mccain v. obama race would really be good. there would actually be *gasp!* a choice. mccain v. clinton is 2 career politicians who originally agreed with the war. clinton used to be a repub. they both have these ideas that straddle the fence so fiercely you wonder how they were even able to pick a party.

southern... aww! i'm still trying to decide what to wear to this bridal shower i'm going to. if it was a summer event, i'd be good! but since its in the dead of winter... uhhh... i'm a bit stumped. but i usually don't like others' suggestions lol so i guess i better figure it out, huh?

I *POINTS TO EYE* don't have the disease afflicting our community. i know i'll survive!! YES WE CAN!!

shani-o said...

Jam... I can't speak on Puffy because I've given up TV, but I will say I agree with you 100% on Rocky.

This is truly the first time since I was like 5, and didn't know any better, that I've been soooooo proud of being an American. (I've always been proud of being black, but the American part, notsomuch.

Veronica Marché said...

"YES WE CAN!!", Jameil? Seriously?

You're an ass. Officially. LMAO!!!

yet another black guy said...

MTB? 4?! reality indeed...