Project Runway: Online Challenge & Mindspacing Day 2

No, I didn't watch the reunion show. Reunion shows aren't my thing. 1969 sent me lots of emails that made me want to watch it when it comes on again tonight at 9. Since Grey's isn't back yet. WRITERS STRIKE OVER, LET'S GET SOME NEW EPS!! Oooh! SNL is back this week! Yay!!!

Back to the point. I did, however, watch the online collections for our PR people and I just have one indignant question. Did someone hold them all at gunpoint and make them use tartan? Because I think I'm going to vomit. Leopard and plaid are the two patterns I have the most issues with. They are very tricky and should not be attempted by the fashion uninitiated... but TOO OFTEN ARE!! Yes, some of these designers with their outlandishly ugly designs fall into the category of fashion uninitiated. If you don't know what you're doing (and everyone thinks they do), PLEASE STOP!!! Ugh. I am tired of being ocularly accosted because you can not be bothered to ask someone with some sense if you look crazy. I will tell you. YES!! You also should not ask me if this makes you look fat because if it does, I will absolutely tell you so. "Ooh honey... *nose scrunched* that's not for you. Put that back."

Busy day today-- my Saturday. I need an oil change badly so I must do that. Then I'm helping with the youth who come to the church in the afternoons from 2-4:30. Then I'm treating myself to dinner at another place by the people who do K.aya and MadM.ex. This one is called Cas.bah and is not far from my church. It's a bit pricey for dinner but tell me that menu doesn't want to make you sell your first born!! El.even is calling my name, too with that tavern menu!! I'm literally salivating right now. If Stace comes back, I'll take her to So.ba. Y'all know I don't do Asian-inspired cuisine but her Asian pimp sometimes lets her eat cooked food. She has to get prior permission, though. I got distracted by food. After dinner, I head back to church for my first class! Yay! I've been wanting a class for a while. Something to supplement church.

I'm getting more than a bit annoyed with church services. I'm out of work from 10:10/10:15 until service starts at 11:45. Yeah I go to breakfast, but I would rather cut that hour and a half from my life. Then there are at least 20 minutes of singing until we get to the word. I'm sure its way more than 20 now that I think about it. My pastor is an amazing teacher which is the only reason I go back. Now that I will have bible study and Tuesdays and this class on Thursdays maybe I'll go to church services first Sundays. I'll miss it, though. I don't know. It'll work itself out but I would love to be able to go to the 930 service. With the 1145 service, by the time it starts I've already been up more than 12 hours. By the time I get home it's almost 2 or 230 and I have to be back at work at one the next morning. It's tiring.

Back to tomorrow's schedule. After church: gym. There are usually some cuties there that time of night! Lol. Not that I would know seeing as how I haven't been to the gym at night in many moons!! I did another voice post but this one bores me. I may delete it. Rashan!! I know you didn't do a 10 minute voice post!! That better be the best story I've heard in my entire life!!!


Anonymous said...

You know Rashan has the best stories lol!

"I am tired of being ocularly accosted". You have some of the best one-liners.

Sparkling Red said...

Your schedule would try the patience of a saint. :-)

proacTiff said...

*scrunched up nose* Now that is a sight for "ocularly accosted" eyes.

Liz Dwyer said...

Oh, I'm scared for the PR finale now. Goodness.

That is a long time for you to stay awake but how nice of you to go help kids at the church on your day off. Aww...!

Momisodes said...

Ouch, and hour and a half wait after work sounds brutal. I would be too exhausted to make it through....Soba sounds yummy! I prefer cooked food.

Rashan Jamal said...

10min32seconds of complete and utter randomness... at least you got your shout out though. How long was your reply? Like 5 minutes? LOL I'll be back when I've actually read the rest of the post. I just saw my name... and you know how us Northerners are about our names. LOL

Desy said...

Dang, my head is spinning at the content.. All the linkage must have been some work

YEAH Rocky! He's probably having a pinky and the brain moment
same thing we do every night...take over the world

You know Rah is nothing but interesting... but I don't know if he can be that for 10min and 32 sec...lol...

Adei von K said...

Yo, quick question:
you think leopard and tartan are patterns the fashion uninitiated shouldn't try. does that mean you'd wear them?

blink-blink... blink-blink-blink

Jameil said...

epsi... but he was just talking!! no story!! lol. thx!

red... and i'm no saint!!

pro... hahahahaha

liz... can't wait for the finale. i got ideas for that tag you did!

sandy... some days are rougher than others!

rj... you are so extra. my reply was appropriate! and you loved it. don't be scanning my posts for your name. so conceited.

desy... i link so much that it doesn't take that much anymore. 1032 is eeeeextra!!

stace... very carefully. much more so than those who shouldn't wear them at all. i could actually pull it off. *flips non-existent hair*