Peer Pressure, Peer Pressure!

May I tell you how glad I am that everyone is jumping on the u.tterz bandwagon!? SO excited. Everyone who has signed up and is now following me, allow me to say YAAAAAAAAAAY!! Those of you who have not, go. get. the. hump. up. outcha back now! OW! I never make predictions about people's voices because I know enough people in tv and radio to know voices rarely match faces. Oddly enough, X sounds EXACTLY like she should. I very easily matched the voice and face. Rashan sounds more Yankee than I thought he would. Diva sounds like she should. All the rest of you I either haven't heard or wasn't striken either way by what your voice sounds like. I hear joy has a voice post! Can't wait!!

Have you ever met a guy/girl with the banging voice and the neck down/butter face? A) Ooooh! He looks goooood! From the neck down. B) Everything about her is cute... but her face. Hahahaha. Both of those crack me up. Speaking of neck down. Why did I see the guy we called neck down in college on tv at the Rocky (I still love you X) rally in Ohio yesterday!? I started to break down that package this morning (pick a soundbite from the rally) and there neck down is nodding next to some local preacher! I was dying laughing! Too funny.

Know what else is funny? I wasn't letting anyone at work get to me today. Sometimes I let them get me all riled up, too. Other days like today, I'm very y'all wanna act up? Fine. But I'm in chill mode. It's much better that way. After work I went to this restaurant called Sto.kes Grill. Unfortunately they don't have a website but y'all know how I am about burgers. I had been needing one in my life. My coworker suggested the restaurant and had a menu so I got to pick what I wanted before I got there. I got the Holstei.n angus burger: cheese, avacado, bacon, diced tomatoes and diced red onion. I usually don't do raw onion but it was like pico de gallo because it was mixed with the tomatoes. It even tasted faintly of lime. My arteries aren't happy but my taste buds and belly are overjoyed!! It was so flavorful I didn't even need ketchup or mustard. I usually slather my burgers with both. I was sold by the avacado and boy was it delightful! I am sooo in love with food. Shout out to food!

I went to Bible study today. You know how people say the more you talk to God, the more you can hear his voice? You know I was not necessarily a skeptic but I want more details on everything. "When you say hear do you mean hear hear or just hear? And is it like a booming voice from heaven or like your conscience? Or what about your neighbor or nagging coworker? I'ma need you to be more specific when you get to dropping ambiguities like 'You can hear God.'" Except now sometimes these thoughts come to my head and I think "Wow!! That could only be God." Its hot and I go, "Thanks G, that's what's up." God likes it when I talk like a b boy. Hahahahahaha.

Today the pastor was talking about spiritual gifts and I thought all of a sudden, "Ooh! I think I have the gift of conversation/comfort." One of my college friends just lost her father to a heart attack. He had been a bit sick but it was still sudden. He was only 68. That's not terribly old. Only 6 years older than my dad. And really there's never a good time to lose one of your parents. I called her the day after the funeral just in case she needed someone to talk to. I knew I didn't know what to say, but I can listen.

She's horrible about communication. I know this and let it slide. We talk via i.m. maybe twice a year, 3xs a year via myspace and next to never on the phone. No matter, it's always like no time has passed when we talk again. When she didn't answer I thought, I'll just leave a message and she'll know I'm there if she needs something. She may never call but she'll know. She called me right back and we talked for an hour. Sometimes she talked about her father, sometimes she just talked about what was going on in her life. Sometimes I added things going on in my life. She thanked me for calling and I had the feeling she felt better when we got off the phone. I felt better too. That's another bible study lesson: sometimes when you think you're ministering (not necessarily conciously or even talking about the bible; sometimes just being there) to other people, you end up ministering to yourself or they end up ministering to you.) HOTNESS!

I also had the vague feeling of becoming one of those church weirdos who's there everytime the doors open. I used to look at my friend Wynel sideways for that like aren't you going a bit hard?? And now I get it! It's so weird to notice your own growth. It's one thing to watch a baby mature. I mean that's bizarre enough! I asked my mom, "What is it like to share your body with someone, let them grow inside you and then to have them be me and Elaina?" She said, "I never thought of it like that, but it's amazing." I bet!

Another friend is a new mommy which means her whole world is her baby. We have been missing each other constantly (and hadn't been talking regularly even before the baby) or she'll answer and say, "Let me call you back" and we don't talk for a week or two weeks. She called me at 2 this morning as she was putting the baby back to sleep. I answered, we talked for 2 minutes, then I told her I would call her back. She answered this morning and we talked for almost an hour and a half about something and nothing. It was great. I thought, "I can do this all the time!" So there it is. As long as you're not whining about nothing I can be a great person to comfort you! Yes, I know that's all relative but I reserve the right to be selective. Hugs for everyone! I feel like Claud today. Muy touchy feely! Lol.


Sha Boogie said...

I know all about the church house stalking..lol.. I'm there about 2-3 times a week; so whenever my friends call and I'm like 'on the way to church' they think its code word for a bar or club, LOL!! But, I'm seriously there..it just becomes a natural part of life..like going to work - something that has to be done, CHUUUCH!

And, if you can't remember my annoying voice, I am not going to remind you! Paak the caw at Haaaavad yaaad!..lol

JOB said...

Jameil, You never said... did you go to Bravo? What'd you have and did you like?

Southerner in Suomi said...

I think it is like your conscience but an unconscious-conscience (sp?).

OK, I mean, you have a situation and you think of the good and bad and the bad seems more appealing and you go about your merry way. And when you're off doing something that has nothing to do with that bad thing, you get a booming conscience voice with a "you KNOW you know better speech"

That's God. (and just my opinion on how it works for me lol)

Adei von K said...

chatty kathy aren't we?

yo, utterz is the ish! i'm so glad you brought it to our world! THANKS JAMEIL!

GreatWhyte said...

Damn, that Rocky thing bugs the crap out of me, but anyway... I love church. And I definitely can feel it when I am not going as often as I should. I haven't been in a few weeks since I have been out of town and it feels crazy... yay MSCCC!

Jameil said...

sha... hahahaha @ code for bar!! that's hilarious! church is fab. i def. remember your voice and hilarious sarcasm!

job... no. i try to stay away from chains when we go out. there are tons of good pittsburgh only or regional restaurants here so i try to get to some of them.

v... yeah i think its different for everyone. it cracks me up that its booming for you! its probably that God know what will work for you and get your attention. He knows for me i would be like but why are you yelling? lol.

stace... yeah and to think i didn't even want to post today. yay everyone on utterz!! you didn't mention that i saw neck down!!!

x... i'm so evil when i don't get church. its bad. i'm like i know it shouldn't be like this... but it is. msccc?? *wrinkled brow, tilted head* confused.

1969 said...

That burger sounds so good!

Since I gave up meat, my indulgence is the Turkey Burger at the Ruby Diner here in Philly.
It has avocado, pico de gallo and smoky chipotle cheese. It is fabulous!

And God talks to you in your heart and He does like it when you talk like a b-boy!

Sparkling Red said...

You all are totally making me want to go to church. I'm being increasingly attracted to Christian spirituality lately. I've been to synagogue a few times but it's always in Hebrew and I don't understand a word of it. Church sounds great. There are a dozen in my neighbourhood but I wouldn't know which to pick and I find it all very intimidating.

the joy said...

Jesus, is a homie, we be kickin it, all the time... Sing with me now! Lol.

I don't have the thing to follow people on my phone. I need to get on an actual computer so I can add you all to my circle! I feel so non committal!

GreatWhyte said...

My church, dear. And Red, please don't be intimidated. Pick one church to go to one Sunday and check it out. If you don't like it- for ANY reason- then, pick another one next Sunday. You will ABSOLUTELY know it when you have found the perfect fit.

Mau said...

Hmmm...a couple things:

1. "Shout out to food!" - Classic. Funny. Cosign.

2. Burgers - It's a chain, but Five Guys makes a pretty damn good burger.

3. Church...Check out Impact Church here in Atlanta. Website is www.impactdcd.com. To give you an idea, the "dcd" stands for Doing Church Differently." You can pull down podcasts of the sermons at the site.


Mau said...

Oh yeah...And a voice post? No plans at the moment, because I generally find recordings of my voice to sound flat and too loud.

Never know, though. I may get...experimental.

Jameil said...

1969... it was delightful!! and that turkey joint sounds great! i think i make God laugh which is hot.

Red... i think church searches are overwhelming no matter your religion. x is right. just pick one, don't like it? go to the next one. i sampled at least 5 churches before i decided on the one i joined. and i went there 5 sundays before i did. AND i only joined (instead of just continuing to go) b/c i wanted to be active and meet people.

joy... lolol. you should absolutely sing that on your next voice post. poor joyski! can't listen! boo hoo!

x... fabulous advice. i'm still not sure i have the perfect fit but it far exceeds the other churches i've attended here.

mau... i've heard about 5 guys. oooh. i love burgers. i can't get into online church but maybe i'll check it out if i'm in the city. wait i already have a fave preacher there. i think everyone should experiment.

Unknown said...

Hey there!!! I think this is my first time stopping by.

I initially blamed Rashan Jamal for my fight with Utterz, but I think I need to officially blame you since you turned him on to it. I actually like it, now I just need to get it to work the way it's supposed to. I'm jealous you have the little player on your side bar. I WANNA DO THAT TOO!!!! Lol, and you're right your laugh IS infectious. I was cracking up for no good reason over here.

LMAO at your shout out to food. That is HILARIOUS. But I can so relate cause food is my BEST friend. lol

A 2 am phone call. I would have been SOOOO mad. But that's just me. I guess that's why I keep the ringer off in my bedroom. Not only is food my best friend but so is sleep.

Love the blog, I'll have to stop by again.

Have a good week.

Jameil said...

goddess... welcome! you should absolutely still blame rashan!! lol. but i take auxiliary blame. lol. glad you liked it! just go to widgets on the utterz homepage to get it in your sidepanel. food is love and i'm glad i could get you to laugh! i'm always up at 2am... i'm usually at work at that time. you have a good week, too!

Desy said...

haha- i'm just waiting for the day when my brother tells me that their pregnant...:sigh: I'M NOT READY....lol

Being a shoulder is an art- everyone is differet.... it's good to know you could be there for your girl... that's hard to find

Jameil said...

desy... i'm never ready when my friends have babies! i can't even imagine my sister!!!

i'm just glad i could.

yet another black guy said...

how very sweet to call and be their 2nd set of ears, so as to take some of the edge off their lives.