Project Runway: WrestleMani..ugh

*If you didn't know, my whole recap is a spoiler.*

Memphiz, I found a way for you to watch online!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrestling? WRESTLING?? I'm so apprehensive. My PR routine: check the listings to make sure I can catch the re-run because I know I can't wake up for the original showing. I don't turn on the tv until exactly at the appointed time so I don't see anything. Of course Prince Christian the Small (PCS according to 1969) aka angy gay 12-year-old whose mom lets him do his own hair... because that's what he looks like. Why do they even do this model crap anymore? Anyone? So stupid. No. one. cares. Ask me if I ever notice the models in the magazines. Rarely. Show me the clothes. That's your purpose.

I hate the whole guess the challenge thing. They do it every show and its always so stupid. Did PCS just tell Jillian she hasn't won in 2 challenges?!?! WOW! Some of them think the noises coming from the room sound like people being killed. PCS thinks it sounds like sex. Insanity. I KNEW Rami wouldn't be down. Ricky ugh go home. He looks excited about it. I knew Chris would like it. He likes everything.

Create an outfit for them to wear in the ring? I'm going to vomit. This is not conducive to my fabulosity. Yes Chris, it IS stripper tranny wear. And she likes leopard. Speaking of wild cats. Why did this woman at church have on a faux ocelot print hat where the only thing I could think of was "have you seen the muffin man?" It looked like a 13-inch, flattened shower cap with a one-inch band around the bottom... with a matching stole. Stop.

Sigh. There are cutouts and sparkles everywhere on their outfits they already had on. Did SweetP's say classy whore? How do you decide to become a wrestler? They're not ugly or manly. Chris just said green velour. SweetP w/the shiny white. The fear is palpable beneath my keys. And PCS has this super shiny pleather/patent leather/shiny black plastic. I see Rami draping again. YOU'RE KILLING ME!!! Can you do anything else!?!? PCS said SweetP's looks like "Tranny Ice Queen." Sweet... the feather boa?? YOU'RE KILLING ME!! This is horrendous. I hate this challenge. I don't even know that I can go on.

Can you imagine Vic doing this? LMAO! She would've hated it. SweetP is going based on this fabric. But I sooo want Ricky to go home. PCS and SweetP arm wrestling and he almost won??? See what this challenge has deteriorated into? Ricky the orange?!?! I don't like orange anyway and that's hideous. Christian cracks me up!! Ok for a wrestler his outfit is kinda hot. I just want to know how this can possibly be judged!! "Fierocia Coutoura" is PCS's wrestling name. THIS CHALLENGE SUUUUUUUUUCKS. I can't judge these clothes because they're not real clothes!! People don't dress like this!!! I do love Ricky's wrestler's faux hawk. The horrendous gold cape-esque overthing? There's not even a name to describe it. Gross. Chris? I need a glitter-lined hoodie in my life and I'm so serious. But not leopard. Ocelot either. Heatherett.e folk are judges. Gross and appropriate. Most of their stuff is so over the top and drag anyway. Yes, I know it's supposed to be "fun" but I'll pass.

Okay I cheated this week because I just couldn't take the ugly. I looked at the website...

Ricky's going hoooome!! Ricky's going hoooome. Ricky Ricky. Rick Rick Ricky's going hoooome. If you picture me singing? I am! Okay now that I know that I can stop recapping and just dance. *kid n' play* *roger rabbit* *pop lock and drop it* *dutty wine* *butterfly* *m.c. hammer* *cabbage patch* *various and sundry snap dances* I want some eggs. Over hard.


Unknown said...

OMG thank you so much for the link and for the recap!! You are my hero! and was the church lady that serious...lol

p.s. wrestlers stink...

Karamale said...

well...(sniff)...i look at the models. JDMA all day, baby!

Rashan Jamal said...

LOL @ all your dances. Other than that, I have nothing to add. Just letting you know I read it.

Unknown said...

You did NOT pop lock and drop because Ricky is gone did you?? LMAO!!! You are a fool!! I was sooo happy too!! Why was he still there?? Really...I didn't get it!!

This challenge was...*eh*...I mean I could've done without...I wanna see some REAL clothes. I did like Jillian's outfit!! Her voice annoys me to no end though!! *ugh* I love Rami but he really needs to STOP with the draping...like 6 months ago. PCS(LOVE IT!!) he is HILARIOUS!! I swear I watch for him. Fierocia Coutura?? He is a fool!!

I wonder what the challenge will be next week??

1969 said...

How does Rami decide to drape a wrestlers outfit? When will the madness end?

I am sorry but Chris' hoodie was awesome and PCS' outfit was so superhero fabulous. He always makes whatever he does look like it should be on a runway (except for that Prom dress). TEAM PCS!

Buh bye Ricky. At least he didn't cry.

Anonymous said...

I was here. I have nothing substantive to offer...but I read the whole thing.

Im still not positive those girls dont actually hurt themselves when they take those falls. it looks so awkward.

But at least they make them fight instead of just parading around in less than nothing.

Ok ...i did have something to add.

Momisodes said...

I never look at the models either...I never understood why they're paid so well.

"It looked like a 13-inch, flattened shower cap with a one-inch band around the bottom... with a matching stole. Stop."-- You're hilarious ;)

the joy said...

Female Wrestlers aren't gigantic any more. I adored Chris and pcs's fits. And Ricky's was clearly a swimsuit. Rami is so next... If one of the chrises doesn't win, I'm done.

Jameil said...

mem... you're welcome!! I was so excited when I found that! Can't have you in England not knowing about PR!!! i think she was very serious.

kara... lolol. sorry gorgeous. someone should look at them i guess!

rj... i had to dance and you know i adore you for reading!

b... IT HAD TO BE DONE!! i can add more if you like. *the rerun* *grocery shopping* *mow the lawn* *the swim* *the mashed potato* *can you do the twist*

if they don't stop the madness we're gonna call this PROJECT REAL CLOTHES!! rami and the draping!! killing me. jilian's voice is the WORST. i kind of think sweet p's next.

1969... THIS IS WHAT I'M SAYING!! THERE WILL BE NO DRAPING IN WRESTLING!!! that hoodie was amazing!! i just don't like leopard. i cannot tell a lie... pcs is amazing. the time when ricky could cry he doesn't.

ink... the fighting is so wack!! they probably do hurt themselves when they fall! thanks for your addition!

sandy... a well-known face can boost your collections' exposure so the money i get. that doesn't mean i necessarily pay them that much more attention. that outfit was hiiiiideous!!

joy... but why do they become wrestlers? i don't get it! they're not getting rid of rami and chris most certainly will not win. i love his personality but he will not win.

David Dust said...

Buh-bye Ricky [..doing a celibritory cabbage patch as we speak..].

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Adei von K said...

as you did your dance, were you 'kid' and was your dad 'play'?

i missed it yesterday! booooooo!

Adei von K said...

just got back from the website; i do like chris', even though its painted leopard. i liked jillian's the most. she brought me back to the days of american gladiator: the 1st time around.
whoever made the orange swimsuit is NOT slick and rami's with that skirt was not cute. at all.
that WAS a horrendous challenge.

Liz Dwyer said...

It was seriously about time for not-pretty Ricky to go home. YAY!

And I always wonder what those Heatherette boys are gonna look like when they get old.

Jameil said...

david... let's add the robot, too.

stace... i was SO happy that i was both. i don't even talk about what i liked except the hoodie b/c it was all in the wrestling context which ugh. *pause* is so not fashion.

la... he's hoooome he's hoooome he's really really hooome! wheee!! they will look nipped and super tucked.

Desy said...

LMAO @ Ricky going home
-why did this dude cry on EVERY episode; I never understood it- Is it reall THAT emotional or are you just that sensitive...

BE A MAN!...lol

yet another black guy said...

"It looked like a 13-inch, flattened shower cap with a one-inch band around the bottom... with a matching stole. Stop."