That Itch

I've had it to travel for months now. Now I'm getting that itch to go out. Since I don't get weekends, and have not seen a fruitful Wednesday or Thursday night gathering, it's been quite a while since I had a good night on the town. Once we get out of February, we'll be great! March 19th, I'm going to see N.erd with new cool coworker. I'm listening to their myspa.ce right now to get myself in the mood. I need to learn their new stuff so I'm not just standing there singing Rock.star, B.rain, SheLikestoMo.ve, Provide.r and Lap.dance. I guess that's more than most people but still.

I always do this before concerts. You have to make sure you look like a fan so they ask you up on stage. Lol. No, I've never been on stage but I've seen 112 in concert 4xs and met them twice. I used to be a huge fan. My first "job" out of college was with a film company in Charlotte. I use the term job loosely because I wasn't getting paid but I was producing documentaries which was right up my alley. It was fun but I eventually had to leave to actually make money. Pesky consumer economy. Anyway, while there I got to interview JohnL.egend the week before he performed on the Gramm.y's for the first time. He was cool. His concert was fabulous! It was sold out in a small venue and I didn't have a ticket so I just stayed inside after the interview. Lol. Gotta work your way inside baby!

My first concert? Bud.weiser Superfest: MJB, Dr.uHill (when they were hot), G.inuwine (FANTASTIC performer), Aal.iyah & Bon.eThugz. It was hot! I went with my middle school crew and we had a blast! In high school I saw Out.kast with Laur.yn Hill. You already know that concert was on point!! N.as even made a guest appearance with L.Boogie. Youtu.be is ruining my life right now. It's not coming up on my computer so I can't link to these songs I mentioned previously. I guess that means you'll have to find them on your own. Sorry!

Back on top... the week after N.erd is MIAMI!!!!! MOJITOS!!!!! HOMIES!!!!! BIKINIS!!!!! BLUE BLACK TANS!!! (thanks Didd.y!) Two weeks after that I go home! Charlotte or bust baby! Then the next month is my sister's college graduation. I don't know what June or July hold yet. August? THE BIRTHDAY!! YAY!! I plan on being in Cali. Everyone come celebrate!!!!!!!!!! Pittsburgh just ain't worth livin' if you can't leave regularly.

New voice post!


Desy said...

hahaha- what an agenda. I'm jealous.. the only thing I've got to look forward to is an unpaid summer internship in none other than ORLANDO FLORIDA...lol... but I remind myself that I am blessed for this opportunity, I am blessed for this opporunity, I am blessed for this opportunity (I'm workin on convincing myself...lol)

I'm so mad at youtube right now...

Momisodes said...

LOL! That is too cute you do homework before attending concerts :)

I LOVE John Legend! Very Jealous...
AND of MIAMI TOO!!! Can I live vicariously through your travels?

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm not trying to get you to do anything, I was just telling you about why I'm obsessed with it. '

I hate going to concerts and you don't know the songs... go ahead and study up.

Hey, where are the applicable YouTube posts? LOL

Sparkling Red said...

My first concert: Boy George and Culture Club in 1984. I was 12 years old. My aunt took me. I wish I could remember it better.

Have fun!

CNEL said...

Damn. I haven't been to a concert in a minute. The last performance I saw I think was Musiq Soulchild which was probably last spring.

Is it the sign of a real journalist to want to do docs? Me and Memphiz are definitely like umm can someone hit the lottery so we can start up a production company?

"Pittsburgh just ain't worth livin' if you can't leave regularly."


Chris said...

First concert, January 31, 1989, the Spectrum in Philadelphia...New Edition with Heavy D and The Boyz as the opening act...and I fell asleep. Don't judge me.

The best would have to be when I saw Frankie and Maze perform at Ford Field in Detroit Labor Day Weekend '06...will never forget that show.

the joy said...

I can almost taste the Glow In The Dark tour. I'm even gonna wear my nerd hat!!! Lol. I'm gonna be your shadow on everything, nerd, Miami... Following greatness, lol.

Jameil said...

desy... hey girl! its setting you up for the future! down with youtube!!

sandy... lol. live honey live!

rj... lies. study study! and jerk. that is all.

red... fun!! i'm kinda glad i was 13 or so and really into it as my first concert. i paid more attention.

Cnel... no that's not a sign of a real journalist. journalists come in many forms. ya gotta get out of pittsburgh. its true.

chris... you fell asleep!!? JUDGING!!

joy... bow in the presence of greatness! lol. its only nerd as far as i can tell but hey i'll take it! this city never gets good concerts for the folk.

Tasha said...

Damn, I haven't been to a concert in a minute. Last I saw in concert was Robin Thicke. Ehh. I'm so jealous of your agenda. All that travelling sounds like fun! My next fun vacation is December...I'm headed to Puerto Rico for the honeymoon.

p_nami said...

You are about to have so much fun!!!! I WISH I had a traveling schedule right now.

Unknown said...

Your plans sound like FUN!!!

Unknown said...

Oooo NERD...bet thats gonna be a good concert!!

I'm going to Miami this summer for the first time!!! I'm sooo excited!!! Gotta get bikini sexy by July!!

I'll be in Charlotte this weekend, I LOVE Charlotte actually thought about moving there. I'll give Charlotte a hug for you this weekend!!

Little Brown Girl said...

HEY GIRL!!! yes, I am still alive LOL!!

I feel you, its like once you get the travel bug jumpin you are on the move and feeling good. I have Jill Scott in a few weeks, Trinidad and Tobago in April, Oakland in May, Jamaica in June, and Miami in July...I am so excited about the pending warm weather and freq. flyer miles to be racked up. Spring is coming...Let's Go!

Jameil said...

t... puerto rico... OHHHH!! lol. i heard its gorgeous!! have fun girl!

doll... you need one, girl! get up on it!

mem... better be! lol.

miss b... i hope its great! miami is fab!! make sure you get a mojito @ versailles!!! love it!! please give charlotte a huuuuge hug for me! ooh! you'll be in town for CIAA! LOTS AND LOTS of stuff to do! charlotteobserver.com has oodles of stuff and i got some more info if you want it email me.

rd... wow! blast from the past! lol. i LOVE you travel schedule!! gimme gimme gimme! i need to put some international travel on mine, too!!

Adei von K said...

you went to a concert in middle school??? and that's a nice sounding concert you have there!! NIIICE!

I think that is cool that you catch up on music before a concert! i should've done that before pharoah monche but it was all good!

take me to see n.e.r.d!!! i want to see them!

not blue-black tans!!! LOLOL!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Now that's a great schedule - concert, travel, graduation then birthday! Whoo Hoo!! I'm so glad you are planning ahead!

(My first concert? Police and the Clash - I was 12 years old - Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood. YAY)

Jameil said...

stace... people w/less overprotective parents got to go in elem. school. catching up on music is so necessary! come to pittsburgh that weekend! (but its a wed.) blue black tans are so in in 08.

claud... i can't stand graduations. even my own. but this is obviously one i have to go to. police and the clash! wow!