Project Runway: Who's Going to Fashion Week??

They have to select something for inspiration from 3 rooms at the Met: a (stolen) Egyptian temple, Greek/Roman room (greeeat. Rami. Please. Please don't.), and European art. They all ignored Egyptian. Color me seriously disappointed. How could you not be inspired by that fabulous era?!?! Ugh. Everyone chose European except Rami. You know what he chose. I WANT YOU TO GO OUT OF THE BOX AND YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT "This is what I do." in your little dead pan voice. Ugh. And now I'm over you. Just like that. It was a process considering the denim challenge was THE ONLY ONE where you didn't drape. And I'm convinced its only because of the fabric. Ugh. I can no longer be in your corner. I want a designer with layers. You do not have that.

Jillian you're not a fast mover? WE DIDN'T KNOW THAT! OMG! Thanks for sharing! (sarcasm) And why are you letting POC (Prince Christian the Small (c)1969) get to you? Stop it. Ignore him. I'm still not sure of you and Vic which one I've chosen to be Type A and Type Aer and she's been gone for weeks. She was the latter but now my head is spinning!! I just don't know! What are thou!? I'll give you Type A since she's crazy on sight.

POC hit the nail on the head. 1) Chris' dress looks WAY too similar to the one team fierce did episodes ago. Stop it. Yes POC, you definitely are very Alexander McQ.ueen (Current collection: TO DIE FOR!! Spring/Summer '08? Disgustingly fabulous.)/Vivienne Westw.ood. Tres apropos that you worked for them.

Aaaaaaaaaah!!! This is off topic but I just have to share. I did a dance at the gym when it happened. I was looking at this magazine, glanced at a top and said, "Catherine Ma.landrino" without looking at who designed it. AND IT WAS HERS!!!! To be able to know what something is based on how it looks and recognizing a designer's work is so cool!! I'm too excited I can do that!

2) Did you really go to sleep Chris!? Ridiculous. This is the last challenge. AND you refused to add anything? Go home.

Did he really say to Tim Gun, "I KNOW LADY!!" Hilarious!! Loooooooooooove love love. He's cracking me up. Mad hours later (I guess) Sweet P's model still hasn't come (family emergency). I can't believe Jillian has so much done. Ol' Super Slow Sewer. That should be her name. She's the queen of coats.

"This is stunning" said Tim of Rami's. Yeah but gimme a break. Over. you. Glad SP's model came. What is that ugly fabric? It's supposed to be peacock and its hideous. And you're still trying to get input from your competition on what to have in there. 1969 was right (yes we talk about PR incessantly!!), you and Chris are out. I'm over Rami, too, but his construction is so methodically top notch, they can't send him home. Ugh.

SP's model came. She said she's sending her confidence and peace. How odd. But a bit cute. I've gotten so much more touchy feely in my old age. Yes I know I'm only 25 but I get softer with age. I'll be like a human by 90. Wooooooo!! SP, that is ugly. Jillian, what is your deal? You're really looking at SP's ug and Chris' repetition and worrying? You're going to fashion week. Done. You're Type Aer. You have that pleated metallic fabric and you're still worried about steaming. What are you even talking about??? I don't see anything you could steam!! In.Sane.

I've refused to look at ANY Fashion Week coverage because I do NOT want to be tipped off to PR. But 1969 already sent me 3 pics and told me who the guest judge is. I definitely told her NO MORE!! I want to be surprised and awed. I only clicked on links that said they were taking me to specific designer collections. If it was open to interpretation, I abstained. Very difficult but daily blogging has taught me a whole new level of discipline.


Oh Jillian. Love. I love yours! It's so fantastic! POC, you think you're over the top!? That is a shock!! It definitely is amazing Cavall.i, You think Chris is the most artistic??? Get out. That's soooo what you saw from Team Fierce. Thanks Heidi, Nina and MK!! Geez. I know Cav.alli (henceforth to be known as he) didn't see it but sigh. Yes Nina!! She keeps us surprised. Can you believe he said "I would love to have you on my staff." Loooove!!! YES!!! He says Rami's is too normal!!!!! Wheeeeee!! Why do you insist on placing yourself in a box? You shouldn't even let someone else put you in one but you create one for yourself and build a home inside. Draped drapes, couches, feather dusters, draped cushions. Horrendous. You have to let them know they will see variety in a collection, not 12 versions of a Grecian drape. Christian, may I also have that hat? Thank you.

POC won! Yay! But I wanted Type Aer Super Slow Sewer Jillian to win. What do you mean really, girl? Like you didn't know you were in. Ugh. False modesty is so 1997. SP you're out! Knew it! Don't worry girl. Some people will like your little boring clothes. This is when you're supposed to cry so don't worry about being a cry baby. Wait. Rami & Chris are in? Wow. Wait what? OOOOOH! Face off!! They have to show their 3 strongest looks and then the judges will decide who goes on to Bryant Park. LOOOOOOOOOOVE!! Oh I'm SO excited about that. Hey Rami. Here's a little hint. Don't drape. SP, how pissed are you that you don't get to be in the face off? Wow. That sucks.

Next week (a la Joy's MTB4 recaps which I love!): Reunion! Fan favorite! "Oh No You Didn't!!!" Bryant Park! The smallest of alllll the princes!


Rashan Jamal said...

Obligatory PR Comment: Nothing to add, except: every week I read this and every week dude is doing draping? Not sure what that is, but shouldn't he be gone by now if he's doing the same thing week after week?

p_nami said...

Girl, I would be PISSED if I was Chris and Rami...work your butt off for 3 months and then can't show it at fashon week?! (the loser anyway) But, on the otherhand, they get to make an entire collection using someone else's money. I renege...it could still be a win-win!

But I like them BOTH!

1969 said...

I am sure we will discuss this at some point but you already know that once PCS is released on the Bryant Park runway....he will BRING IT like no other. How fabulous was his whole outfit?????

From the hat to the cape thingy. He is just over the top and oozing fierce-osity. TEAM PCS!

And this is Jillian's 3rd coat. *SIGH*

Jameil said...

rj... see? you DO have something to add. and that is precisely my point. if someone who doesn't even know what it is can ask WHAT ARE YOU DOING EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK? then yes, you are out of control rami!!

doll... yeah it would be disheartening but like you said, this will take their careers in a whole new direction so they should be alright regardless.

1969... his outfit was amazing but so extra! i loved the hat. the rest of it was so much for anything but runway. since this is project RUNWAY, he brought it. yes, its jillian's 3rd coat. this means she can only have one at bryant park b/c yes, we want to see more than that from you!!

1969 said...

But you know, the Runway has to be a show, a production. He has to bring the drama. An entire collection of pretty and safe won't win. I just know he is going to deliver in the tents.

Jameil said...

you're absolutely right and I can't wait to see what he brings!!

David Dust said...

Poor Sweet P - her lack of peacockery got her sent home.

Click here for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.

Adei von K said...

i can't wait to go to PR. com and see what you were talking about! and then you know i'll be back to make a real comment!

Adei von K said...


Chris' was... Chris. Not the biggest fan of his but I see why he's still there.

Rami was too safe. OMG, he just needs to go into interior decorating and drape everyone's house. Be a draper!

I don't like POC's. I see why you do cause you're extra like that.

jillian, safe in a sexy way. mad she did another coat though. taking rami's steeze and doing the same thing over and over again.

Jameil said...

david... but i only felt sorry for her after she started crying. she doesn't really seem to have her own vision because every week her stuff looked crazy until someone said THAT LOOKS CRAZY!!

stace... i didn't really like POCs that much either. did you just call me extra? hater. lmao@ rami becoming an interior decorator. so true.

yet another black guy said...

you and your running commentary crack me up!