A-Z Avec Jameil

I stole it from Pro who got it from Instyle's interview w/Halle.

Award: I'm wondering again what I'm supposed to do with all the certificates I've accrued across my life. I'm always getting some sort of award. Muy annoying. They're all at my mom's house and the last time I tried to throw them away my mom balked. Why? You don't even know these are all here! Perfect attendance, French I, French II, French III, Debate, Vacation Bible School for probably 10 years or more, and on and on and on.

Bikini: Since I've been working out and went to Miami for the first time in September, I'm very in love with bikinis. Like to the point where I don't want to even look at one pieces. That means I need 'em in my life. I want 'em in my life. Come put 'em in my life. I'ma keep 'em in my life! Since children could very well be 5 years away, I plan on wearing bikinis for a very (ok relatively) long time. Should my post-child body look good, I'm makin it happen!

Character: Is SO important. If you don't have character, you also have no standing in my eyes. What really is the point of living sans stellar character i.e. superior morals that you work intensely hard to follow to the letter. Essentially you are an honest, trust-worthy person. The type of man every woman wants to marry and the type of woman every real man aspires to find.

If we're talking about super heroes? I'm going with Wonder Woman.

Dreams: Incessantly!! I have at least 3 dreams, in color, with high detail every night of my life. I've had as many as 15, I'm sure, maybe more. They run together and if I tell someone about them, I can remember them for years. Very few are recurring but a lot of them have similar settings as in they're different places but they resemble some building from high school or college, but I know they're not the building from high school of college. I'm quite thankful not to have prophetic dreams because I did have a few dreams that I was knocked up (my favorite pregnancy euphemism because it's so delightfully tacky) sans marriage with a bad baby's father.

Eco-friendly: I recycle shopping bags and I'm not a litterbug. Does this count? Recycling is not nearly as easy here as it was at home. Don't ever call the south backward again! We don't make recycling a chore!

Fashion faux pas: Me??? Yeah right. Keeping the fashion trends of the time alive doesn't count. I appreciate the majority of my fashion phases for what they were. The colored socks were a bit bothersome, particularly with shorts, but my children will be able to look at the majority of my pictures and say, "Mom that was awesome! Do you still have that?!" I skew toward classic pieces, timeless clothing you can wear for seasons. I've always matched even when going to gym class or to bed. My father called me "fashion bug" when I was younger, among a myriad of insane nicknames. I was 7 years old regulating the matching abilities of my parents. It was not a game.

Goals: Total global domination! I want to be hideously happy, not have to worry about bills or retirement (you Jam right I have a 401k and am getting an IRA very soon!), married to someone who is just as fulfilled as I am, spiritually aware with gorgeous children and able to help my parents should they need it.

Hidden talents: Uhh... I can mimic people very well. But usually only once. I'm also quick on my feet when its time to talk junk. That's not very well hidden, though, is it? Don't I seem like I can do that?

Inspiration: Life. I love it! Even when I'm annoyed, it's only temporary. I wouldn't go so far as to call myself an optimist but pessimists irritate me.

Jokes: I loooove jokes. I love to laugh. If you allow me, I'll make you the butt of mine! Please join in!

Keepsake: Old pictures. I love looking at stuff from back in the day. I also held on to a lot of ticket stubs so I can see how active I was in college. It was INSANE! I went to almost anything you could think of. Seminars, movie screenings, endless meetings, parties and events for all the frats and sororities, fashion shows, plays, concerts, road trips. I know I'm missing stuff.

Liberal: No. That's a bad word to me. I'm not conservative, either, though. I ROCK BARACK!! Love him.

Mom: FANTASTIC. I love her so much its insane. I talk to her every day and tell her almost anything. If I need a sounding board, she's there.

Nudity: None of your business.

Online surfing: I really don't know how it could get more obsessive. It shouldn't. We are at critical mass right now! I will leave the gym to make sure I have at least an hour to surf the web. Then I find myself on there at least 2. It's ridiculous.

Perfection: Yes? Oh I thought you called my name. I kid I kid! No one's perfect but I've been accused of being a perfectionist. I cannot help my standards and will not apologize for them. I want the best and deserve it. May you think so highly of yourself as well. I don't necessarily expect others to be perfect and am working on forgiving people for being slackers. Everyone can't be like me. However, don't expect me to waste my time in your presence if you don't have enough respect for yourself to attempt your best.

Query: I loooooove asking questions. That's part of the best part of meeting new people. Question, question, question, question. Why do you think I became a journalist? I also like answering. This is why I'm not on tv. I hate those interviewers who spend 90% of it telling you how much they know. Glad you're so smart. Now can you let the person you brought on the show tell us why he or she is here? Thanks genius. We really appreciate your generosity.

Reading: Once I got my license I had to get directions everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Even the simplest places that I'd been hundreds of times i.e. church, because from 5 years old on, if we were in a car (which was a lot because we lived in the burbs) I had my nose in a book. It didn't matter how short the trip. I was not looking at the scenery, I was reading. I didn't play with my sister much because I was reading. My mom used to say, "You can't finish your book until you play with your sister." Yes, it was that bad.

Song: I don't like to play favorites. Songs, books, movies. How about I just tell you what I like. However, "I'm Hot" by Missy is my favorite workout song. I listen to it at least 3xs and as many as 8xs every time I work out. Yes, that's a minimum of 9xs a week. I hear it once and get crunk and just keep hitting repeat. I know it's a bit ridiculous but I can't help it. I just love it!

Trip: My mom is from Mississippi, but worked in Trenton for 5 years after she left Hampton. I also have an uncle in Atlanta, my sister's godmother in Columbia, SC, mine in Harrisburg. We were always on the road. Interestingly enough, those sometimes 12 or more hour roadtrips did not really impact how I feel about road trips. I just like to be included in everything. So if we can have fun, let's do it. I do NOT like solo road trips.

Ultimate indulgence: Food. Duh.

Virgo: Holla baby! But also part Leo. And everything else. Can a horoscope contain me? Not likely.

Workout: 3xs a week. I get sensitive when folk ask me about working out. Only certain people. To use my fave Stace-ism, "Don't judge me!" I like to respond, "Judging!"

Xtra: Fresh? IDK. This makes no sense to me.

Yuck!: Cold weather and hot weather. I like it in between. My definition of hot and cold have changed since I've been here. Surprisingly I can tolerate hotter temperatures than I used to be able to. Of course cold doesn't effect me as much. I used to think 32 was cold. OMG FREEZING!! Lol. Now it has to be in the teens for me to get too bent out of shape and then really only when the wind chills are really low or that's the high for the day.

Zen moments: Eating. Did I mention I like food? Also being with my girls. It doesn't matter what we're doing, we're having a blast! I'm missing CC's birthday party tonight because I have to work but I hope everyone takes lots of pictures for me! After work today I'm going to a bridal shower in town since I can't leave town. Holla!


Karamale said...

yo, i'm bout to start callin you mary poppins: "practically perfect in every way."

yes, i did just drop a disney reference. problems?

Sparkling Red said...

Jameil as Mary Poppins: Hilarious, and yet karamale has a very good point! I can see a resemblance! ;-)

CNEL said...

C: Character, agreed.
D: Dreams, jealous I never remember mine.
G: Global Domination, kinda figured.

Keith said...

There's a lot of you in this post! I personally will not be in a bikini in Miami anytime soon tough some of my favorite people are Virgos. Zen- I'm still looking.

Thanks for stopping by my side of the universe the other day.

Momisodes said...

LOL! I don't blame you for not wanting a 1 piece. Growing up in Miami, I've never even owned a 1 piece. I have faith in your post-baby bikini. You can make it happen!

Funny how we have the same goals ;)

ROFL at perfection!

Jameil said...

Kara... lmao. you're insane!

red... don't encourage him!! lol

cnel... remembering dreams is so necessary.

keith... too much i think. when i posted it i was like sigh. virgos are great and so are bikinis! finding zen is greeeat!

sandy... one pieces are so boring! yay for goals!! lol.

SimplEnigma said...

Y'know I'ma steal this too right? LOL. I'm wondering if I have to do the trail: Jameil > Pro > Magazine...we writers are always concerned about plagiarism. LOL.

Too cute. I love your responses.

Jameil said...

lol. do what you want girl! i don't need those sorts of accolades for a meme. you're straight!

1969 said...

Veddy Interesting. No wonder we get along.

Open Grove Claudia said...

That's a very fun and interesting post. It's great to learn more about you - love bikinis, love Wonder Woman... Character, of course, is more important than... almost anything, especially now when the slick slope is so available.

Dreams? I was going to marry Craig David - does that count? ;)

p_nami said...

I'm late. I just saw this over at Stace's spot for the first time. still interesting though:-)

Jameil said...

1969... yay!

claud... wooooo!! bikinis character wonder womaaaaan!! craig david tho? yech.

doll... :)

yet another black guy said...

mom withholding the book until you played with your sister? INSANE, i love it!