Ya Know....

Sometimes people really annoy me off with their "helpful" suggestions. If I mention the fact that I've all but sworn off dating Pittsburgh men seeing as how I can't imagine dating a white guy from here (scary Y.inzer, I'm sure) and everyone seems to have records. It would be nice to meet some young black professionals (YBPs) but me living here 2.5 years and being off a maximum of 5 weekends in those 126 or so (not including weekends I blew this pierogi stand (don't worry. I'd never heard of them before I moved here, either.)) preclude that. Most professionals work 9-5, M-F. Seeing as I don't... yeah...

When I told someone I was about done with dating here, they said why don't you try to join a YBP group? Why didn't I think of that?!

Oh wait.

I did.

I tried to join a group geared to the young, flashy and fly wait this is Pittsburgh, YBPs, but they were all in their 30s and super corny. They were all about how to keep YBPs here. Scratch the record. Yeah. About that. YOU CAN'T CHAIN ME TO THIS CITY!! WE WILL GO!! Not my particular thing. I did go to one of their events and it was horrible. 25 people. One semi-appropriate guy turned out to be a lame with the most obnoxious laugh. I cannot tell a lie. Part of the reason I got into a relationship was because of the horrible, deplorable, depressing prospects in Pittsburgh. I shant lower my standards. You need to rise to meet them. I knew I'd be here a minimum of 2 years, not to exceed 5, and prayerfully, much shorter than that. I said, "Why not?" It worked out for a year and a half. Ah well. You win some, you lose some.

I also get more than a little annoyed when people who should know better i.e. those who consider themselves my friends or FAMILY, say things like, "What are you doing this weekend?" "Why can't you come that weekend?" "Why didn't you answer my call at 9 last night?" Let's quickly answer those questions. "Working," "Working," and "Sleeping before working." Remember that post about me being sooo over email and missing everything? Yeah. It just comes to a head when we have a multitude of questions along this vein. I'd like to lose this weekend shift and this city. I'm not partial to the order.

I wrote that yesterday. Today I have a new coworker, young, black and seems a bit fly. AND all her family went to Hampton. I don't know how she missed out on fantastic but at least she didn't go to the fake HU. New slogan: The box, The Official Hairstyle of Howard U.niversity a la the alum at my gym. I couldn't help it today. I told my mom about his hair and she said, "Aww. Don't hold it against him. They're not as versatile as us." Get it Mommy! Represent for the 30+ year Hamptonians!


Anonymous said...


People join YBP groups to DATE???

smh. Negroes.

Sh__in where they eat since...ever.

oh and btw...you date a Yinzer and you and me are DONE.

CNEL said...

LoL. Sometimes the helpful suggestions aren't helpful at all, cause you've already thought of them.

I hate when people try to be helpful just to make themselves feel better, I'm like buddy that ain't help me none.

I mentioned you in my speech to some aspiring journos, I was like my mentor in the Pitt, says.

I should have said don't go to the Pitt, but I talked to them about some good stuff.

Yay for giving back.

Sparkling Red said...

I don't know how you manage with that work schedule. I've quit jobs for lesser reasons.

I know what you mean about people asking questions that rub your nose in it. It's hard to be civil with them. I don't always succeed.

Momisodes said...

Oy. Those suggestions annoy me too. When I was single, someone had the balls to suggest, "why don't you go out with the Chinese church youth group?" So wrong. So very, very wrong in so many ways.

I really do feel for you with that schedule. Those hours are tough for socializing with humans. I finally gave up and did the online dating thing...

GreatWhyte said...

Why are you mad at the people with suggestions? The didn't know that your move-at-the-speed-of-light brain had already tried every suggestion they had to offer! Like this: have you tried the alimnae chapter of your sorority? Church stuff? Because I have found that if you've tried everyone's suggestions and you still arent' happy, well... time to make some changes.

Karamale said...

just stack the coins and move, i say.

i'm with you on the living-in-a-crappy-city tip. lord, why can't i make enough money with the stripping and online porn to just get out of here?

Anonymous said...

Girl you know those new birthers think are too fly with that website!! Dating in Pittsburgh...I used to meet some decent people at the shadow lounge..is it even still open? if this is the organization I think you're talkiing about I was in pittsburgh like 2 weeks, met a guy at one of their events, like 2 days later he called to tell me he was in front of my apartment...AND? how bout no! Oh I met this really nice air marshall on the net. this was right after 9/11 so that was a big deal. He ended being in Ebony's bachelor article so that means he was fly, right? uh not that fly.

Jameil said...

Ink... date/meet people/network. you really think only black people do that? stop it. its not work people. you are very judgemental these days.

cnel... so unhelpful. awww! you mentioned me!? too cute!

red... it sucks. and i work hard to be civil.

sandy... lmao @ so wrong. i don't know about online dating. i'm not ready to go there. is that how you met your hubby?

x... alumnae chapter, check. church, check. AGAIN, the SCHEDULE makes almost all of these null and void.

kara.... YOU ARE INSANE!!!!

everything... hahahaha! i know! its still open. again, i blame the schedule. i don't want people showing up outside your residence!!!! SCARY!!!

shani-o said...

Oh man... sounds like you're gonna have to take an L on this one Jam! Unless there's a hot, mature, single, straight, young black professional who has the exact same schedule as you. (And I was gonna suggest your grad chapter, too, but no dice, huh?)


Rashan Jamal said...

Why dont you join a YBP group to meet some men? LOL

Yes, I read the post. I was just being silly.

I'm telling you... I'm bringing the box back in 2009. Just gotta find a barber that still knows how to hook up my bald fade. LOL

yet another black guy said...

people love to think that the obvious suggestion that popped in their head never popped yours.