Chit CHAT!!

I'm TIRED!! The preacher was talking for.ev.er. It was good so I didn't even notice until he said "Time just flies." I looked at my watch and then could no longer focus. I was just thinking, "Oh no but wait, its PAST time to go and I've been up for hours on top of hours (on top of hours-- at this point 14)." Prior to church, no one would answer their phones (oh but some girl I did answer hers in church (huh uh. no you didn't.) so I just talked to y'all. VOICE POST! (Also conveniently available on the right side of your screen.) Even though most of you didn't listen to the last one, I forgive you. It's quite alright. I buried the notice at the bottom of a post on African American history. I know that makes folks nervous. Lol. Plus it was a tad long.

I had a delightful breakfast today-- a Spanish scramble with soy chorizo (I know. Sounds oxymoronic to me, too), mushrooms, onion, peppers and black beans; a side of whole wheat toast and potatoes at this place. The black beans are what sold me. Since it didn't come with egg I had them add one of those in as well. It was yummy after I got liberal with the hot sauce. I've never been a hot sauce person but since becoming enamored with Mexican food I now want some kick in almost everything I eat. PLUS if you're going to call something a Spanish scramble, shouldn't it have some kick? Makes sense to me. Those peppers should've been chipotle. Mmmm! Now THAT would've been something to write home about. The service? Eh. It took too long for them to get my money. That is one of my pet peeves when eating out. You do want to get paid, don't you? Then I need you to hustle up when it's time to pay.

I realized something this morning as I got dressed. I'm starting to get a little too comfortable with being alone. I've always enjoyed my own company, but I am really and truly a people person. I love being around people and have no qualms about being the center of attention. But Pittsburgh has added a new and very unfamiliar layer to my personality. Sometimes I just don't want to be around people and be required to engage. GASP! WHO IS THIS PERSON AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH JAMEIL!?!" I know. Shocking(!) new development.

I have a new coworker I'm getting along with very nicely but I've come to enjoy my solitary Sunday morning breakfasts. I got a little sad when I realized she'd be along with me since I was supposed to take her to my church this morning. Nothing against her because she's great company and y'all know I've been looking for young black professionals. I just like my breakfast time. She didn't come with me this morning so I got that one good time in and boy was it delightful. I truly enjoyed it (up until the taking too long with the check part). Ahhhh. Brekky.

*and yes I found my phone! YAY!!


Desy said...

I can definately relate. I am all about being with friends and socializing. Meeting new people is also an amazing experience... i love the getting to know you part

but can I have my Sunday's with no eyes on me and no conversation and no people at all.

Tell me why I was crackin up at your voicemail-especially the comment 'oh, now you wanna call me back, when i'm on the phone with my bloggers'

I do that all the time; when I need to talk- no one picks up, but when I'm busy, oh NOW you wanna call- You are gonna have to leave a message

Southerner in Suomi said...

I'd say don't worry about being by yourself. You'll change when you get to a city you acutally like.

the joy said...

I joined Utterz too but I haven't done one yet. Ironic that I can send a post from my phone but I have to go to a computer to listen to them... I wanna hear jam!

Jazzy said...

Feelin ya on the gettin used to spendin time by yourself. Sometimes I just can't help it though. I actually enjoy my own company *gasp*

Your voicemail is hilarious...you start off all chipper and perky with the song and then it's like that sucked the life outta ya! lol Your voice even changed!

Congrats on finding your phone!

Sparkling Red said...

Your breakfast sounds delish. I must agree that everything is better with beans. North american cuisine does not use beans nearly enough. They add such good texture! I'm all about the texture.

CNEL said...

Womp. Womp.

I love alone time too, I just don't car. Five to six days a week I can't get rid of people, so if all my alone time could equal a day, it'd be heavenly.

LoL @ voice post so saw "Walker Texas Ranger" coming without the movie, it was my first thought.

Jameil said...

desy... and when the pastor gets to "talk to your neighbor, tell em" i'm all "do i have to?" i rarely participate. its a conspiracy! that's why they don't answer the phone!!

v... i'm not worried about it. its just weird.

joy... can't wait to hear your voice! i think when you sign up you can set it so you can hear your folk on the phone. i'm not sure tho.

diva... the life sucked out of me? hmm... may need to listen to that one again. i don't know what happened. i think maybe i just got bored.

red... beans... mmmm. esp. black beans. love of my life.

cnel... you clearly don't count seeing as how you don't know how to say no. i'm tired of telling you that. get it together.

Rashan Jamal said...

Come to the darkside of antisocialism... embrace the non engagement. LOL

Answering her phone is church... thats not cool.

Jameil said...

nooooooooo!! i won't do it!! you can't make me!! and that girl was so wack for that. then 30 secs later she's standing up acting like she's feeling the message. wow...

yet another black guy said...

alright now, don't get too comfortable flying solo.