No Country for Us All

My dad and I saw the movie last night. I had heard it was gory so I thought I was prepared. I wasn't. How can you really ever prepare yourself for the worst of humanity? Working in news gives you glimpses of it daily. That's part of the reason I watch so many comedies and can even get into a chick flick or two. I still cannot watch a poorly-made movie, but I don't want to see further evidence of the existence of sociopaths and psychopaths. I get that at least 9 hours a day, no thank you very much.

Before the movie we went to a bar to eat. 70 beers on tap. My dad got the arrogant b.astard just because he wanted to say the name. I already what he would get and why when I saw the name. I don't remember what I got but it had berry undertones. I like my beer to taste like beer. I don't like berry and citrus flavors running amok throughout. It wasn't terrible but I would sidestep it if there were other non-light and likely non-domestic options.

We shiver walked (you know where it's so cold you will do anything to stay warm even while walking-- folding into yourself, shivering) in the windy, 17 degree temperatures to the ticket counter. The guy at the window said, "How old is he?" That was an odd question. I've never had anyone ask me that. So I said, "70...5..." and collapsed into giggles. He started laughing too and since he gave my dad the child's rate, I guess he believed me. I couldn't stop laughing. My dad didn't hear the question and said, "Why are you young people laughing at me." Which of course made me laugh even harder. We got our candy-- gummy bears for me, sour patch kids for him-- and went to the movie. We considered going to see The B.ucket List instead but went with the award winner.

At this point, my mind was already going a mile a minute. When I start laughing, I'll stop to collect myself, then start thinking about whatever I was laughing about again and start back up. It never fails. I did that yesterday until I was struck with a realization. My dad's 61 (and 1/2... we just celebrated our half birthdays! (by ignoring them) half birthday's are foolish). I thought, "What if he only lives to 75?" Then I thought, "Well, I'll still have 14 years left with him. That's not bad." Then I immediately followed that with, "That's not long enough, though. That's no time." It was only later, I'm not sure how much later, that I realized when you have good parents, no length of time is ever long enough. I'm glad I instituted Daddy Daughter night more than two years ago. Sometimes it makes me want to never leave.

After the movie, D asked, "What was the point of the movie and what did the title mean?" He didn't like it at all. He's harder on movies than I am which I know some people who know me are baffled by. The ending was terrible but I understand the title. When you're old you realize how different the world is from when you were a child or even a young adult. The lawlessness, differences, lack of respect and morality all begin to overwhelm you to the point where you feel out of place wherever you are. And I realized, if that is the case, perhaps there is no country for us all.


Anonymous said...

So, I was thinking...Dang...D aint Sebntyfive yet is he?

You wrong for that.

I decided that NCFOM was DVD fodder, best picture nomination or not.

and kindly remind me to bring that sixer of Shiner Bock in May when i come up for my mother's graduation(CCAC).

Tasha said...

It's beautiful to see a woman actually appreciate her dad like that. To be able to see him as a parent and a person...loves it. And I love Daddy Daughter night.

I've been stalling on going to see NCFOM, I might have to put it in the Netflix cue when it comes out.

Momisodes said...

Daddy daughter night- so sweet! I love sour patch kids. I ONLY get them at the movies ;)

I can't watch movies like this either. I can barely make it through the re-enactments on America's Most Wanted without being freaked out.

Unknown said...

i traveled all the way to new york to see that movie when it first came out .. it was gory but good!

shani-o said...

Hell, I feel that way about things now. There's no country for young semi-conservative black women, either!!

And yeah, I feel you on the daddy panic attack moment. I get those too. I freak out so much when I think about the fact that my dad, my best friend, won't always be around!!

CNEL said...

"It was only later, I'm not sure how much later, that I realized when you have good parents, no length of time is ever long enough."


La said...

The last time I was at home and saw my daddy, it made me so upset to see how much he had aged. Not that he looks awful or anything, its just that I think it finally hit me that he won't always be around. Especially considering we didnt start to get close until later in life, I wish I could have much more time with him than I realize I do. I'm glad you guys have Daddy/Daughter day

Liz Dwyer said...

I hear you on the gore factor in the film. I'll take a pass on that one because I just can't watch it.

I can't wait till my boys get bigger and I can do Mommy/Son day.

Liz Dwyer said...

And can I just say that the hair weave clothing that Chris did was wack!

Sparkling Red said...

You're lucky to have such a great relationship with your dad. I want to keep both my dads around for as long as possible! Yes, I'm lucky too. Some people have no dads and I have two. Dadly Abundance!

I go through phases where I want to watch all the disturbing crime stories on TV, and phases when I just want to watch the Simpsons. I don't think I'll go to see that movie.

1969 said...

I don't know what you guys are talking about....I am about to glue some hair weave onto my leather jacket and be super Feroche!

I love Daddy-Daughter days.

Ms.Honey said...

Hmm perhaps I'll wait to see that movie

I actually love hanging out with my dad was well when I'm home..its the simple things that make ya smile I tell ya

Jameil said...

ink... it was funny!! yes, def. dvd it up but not before. bring the beer!!

t... it took time, but i'm there. def. netflix.

sandy... :) the re-enactments don't get me but i don't like movies about crazies.

mem... i didn't like how it ended.

shani... exactly. welcome back. never being able to talk to him again is scary.

cnel... mm hmm

la... i know. i didn't see him much while i was in college- or either of my parents. afterwards i was like omg!!

liz... yay mommy son day! the hair clothing!!!!!!!! ugh!!!

red... very lucky!! i never go thru gory phases.

1969... noooooooooo!!

honey... yes, wait.

Desy said...

I honestly didn't finish that movie- it was too much for my young eyes... gore is definately not my thing

daddy daughter nights... i'll have to implement that when i no longer live in the same household...

Rashan Jamal said...

RE: The voice post. I almost want to watch the show just to see the hair weave coat. Seems like I would be cracking up at that.

Re: The blog post. I haven't gone to the movies in a while, I probably catch that one on DVD. Surprise! I like dark twisted movies like that.

Hurray for Daddy Daughter Night!

Anonymous said...

I'm about to implement Daddy-Daughter days now. That way it will be ingrained in her head and I won't get bumped for some dude when she starts dating.

Adei von K said...

i hated that movie. drew and I have to watch it again.

it actually wasn't that gory too me. then again, i like scary, action movies and will pass on a soft, romantic comedy any day.

okay, hate is a strong word. the ending fcuked my head up and makes me not like it. it was too loose ended for me. that whole soliloquy tommy lee jones had at the end... i'm sure it told the whole thing story if you were listening. speaking of TLJ, i bet he's the...

nevermind. someone might go see it

Sha Boogie said...

I think it is absolutely fabulous that you and your dad hang out!

Open Grove Claudia said...

We read the book and I was so grossed out that I don't think we'll see the movie. I mean 2% of the population is psychopathic - 2%!! Why do we hear about them all the time???


I think it's so awesome that you make the effort to connect with your Dad. I did that (more than my other sibs) and didn't do that and now can't - so enjoy it while you can! :)

Jameil said...

desy... lol. you def. need some distance to enjoy the nights. i might not have stayed to finish it either.

rj... it was so hideous. you seem like you like movies like that. ol weird middle child self.

funky... there ya go. start em young. lol

stace... why watch again? it was def. a horrible ending. i thought the same thing-- i might understand more about this movie if i'd bothered to pay attention to his dream at the end.

sha... yay!!!

claud... b/c people are morbid. i plan to enjoy it as long as i can!

the joy said...

re: voice posts.. you are so silly. why you hating on this poor beaded child? and also, i really thought it was a lil girl! when you said HE i think i gasped. and your pr recap was excelent!

Jameil said...

joy... it was a girl. i need to articulate more but i get so comfortable! lol. glad you liked the p.r. recap! lol.