Monday Mindspacing Vol. 34

1) When I worked overnights I used to get Arby's on my way in to work 3-4xs a week.  So that the night workers knew me and were shocked when I changed my order...  My coworkers used to bring me coupons.  I had a collection of Arby's condiments in my desk drawer.  Yeah... like that.  It was near my house and one of the few places on the way open at 11pm and 1230am when I was heading in.  Well when I moved here, I went to an Arby's once and the dude irritated me AND the prices were higher (as if they're not high enough already!) and I didn't go back again until earlier this month.  I think I'm done eating there... end of an era for real.  I used to love it as a kid, too but rarely got it since my mom was very into us having home-cooked meals.
2) Did you see how the ball kids were dressed at the Australian Open?  Pink get ups with ball caps with flaps hanging down like ears.  Bi.zarre.  And during the matches they were standing on the sidelines with their noses in the air, arms to the side but slightly out, palms up, very stiff.  Again.  Bi.zarre.
3) 2010 still looks weird to me.  The fact that there are 2 zeroes equally spaced... but the other 2 numbers look nothing alike... ("Two dudes walk off in the fog... don't nobody know where they goin...") something's not right about that.
4) Men with embroidered jeans/bedazzled jeans/jeans embellishment of any sort raise red flags: "does not know that was last cool (to somebody) in 2002"  That's a big flag.  If he doesn't know passage of time how will he remember your birthday?  Anniversary?  Stop.  Think about it.
5) It drives me batty when I'm asking Rashan which movies we can watch together on the phone (both using Netflix instant) and he says, "I told you to add that." "You added that one because of me."  Okaaaaaay... so what?  Do you get a dollar for every movie I watch that you suggest?  Can you just say yes I'll watch that one?  It makes these things move a lot faster.  He doesn't know this irritates me.  I could tell him before I post this but that makes it less fun for you, no?
6) ROTFL @ this twitter explanation: iTampon is a popular topic on Twitter right now. People are making a joke due to unfortunate word associations in the name of Apple's new tablet, the iPad (Jan. 27). 
7) While we're on apple a) why did that 8-minute iPad commercial include only white males? #fail. and b) why does apple give you stickers with all of their products?  I don't need an apple-shaped sticker that's bigger than my sleek, itty-bitty shuffle.  That sticker would wrap around my shuffle 3xs.  Stupid.  And don't put it on your car.  That's an alert to a burglar to make his way into your house to get up on some apple.  Even stupider.
8) I decided to try not to say anything snarky for 24 hours after realizing how evil I've been lately... yeah we'll just leave it at lately.  Rashan said, "You?"  Ugh.  How unhelpful.  Then he said, "Might I suggest you stay off fb."  "Excellent idea."  I crammed some mean stuff in in the minutes before starting then thought of how terrible that is.  Rashan said, "30 seconds. Last chance."  HORRIBLE!!  Of course within 15 minutes of starting I see something his brother want and was DY.ING. to say something horrible... Get thee behind me fb!!!  I made it, though!
9) Why are you holding an Ash Wednesday fish fry on a Friday?
10) When Rashan told me he didn't like cabbage, I was disturbed.  Then at this Jamaican restaurant in town, he cleared his plate.  I said, "I thought you didn't like cabbage."  "That was cabbage???"  Lolol!!  So it turns out he doesn't like the poorly prepared cabbage he's had before.  I was wondering!  Because I LOVE cabbage!  Mmmmm!!
11) Why would I want a $65-90 coffee table book?  I wouldn't.  And you wouldn't want me to have one either.  Because every time someone came to visit, they would have to sit down and look at it.  No matter how many times they came.  Enjoy, Rashan.  You'll find something new every time.
12) I can't stand when someone says something blatantly WRONG and then 5 other people cosign.  Great.  Now the 6 of you are patting each other and yourselves on the back saying, "Must be right, 5 other people agreed!"  No.  You're all foolish.  Congratulations.
13) There is a radio station here raising "Pennies for Haiti."  The middle or high school that fills the most milk jugs gets... are you ready?  An appearance at their school from Trina.  TRINA!!!!  *drops mic* I can't. 


Ladynay said...

Arby's was too pricey for me to get hooked on.

Looks like those ball kids got some nice checks! Leave 'em alone! LOL!

I didn't know men wore bedazzled jeans ever! Wow!

I don't own an iAnything so I don't care about the jokes floating around on my non existent twitter page.

Apple knows the target audience for that pad thing that's why.

People get paid on Friday so you gotta have the fish fry when folks got some change in their pocket! LOL!

Trina said she was going to adopt an kid from Haiti! Who knows she may be trying to change her image *shrug*

pserendipity said...

I had a lot of things planned for this comment. Then when I saw Trina, my disgust ushered them all away.

I've always hated Arbys. But thats only because I've always hated nacho cheese.

I wondered that about the stickers, too. What am I supposed to do with that?

If #12 bothers you, please don't ever teach an online class. You will want to slit your wrists by the time you're in Week 2.

Not so Anonymous said...

1. I hate Arby's...there's something not right about it.
3. I love the two dudes line from Brown Sugar between Mos Def and Taye Diggs...that's what I thought about when reading that.
4. Yuck
6. itampon....lmbo.
7. They want the free advertisment. I've seen those stickers on so many cars...mostly when in california, they were on every other prius, lol.
9. BWAHAHAHA....any reason to have a fish fry is legit.
13. What? I must have missed something. Trina as in the rapper? WTH is going on down there.

Mrs Count said...

1. I hate Arby's. I've never had one good experience with their food.
3. Now I want to watch Brown Sugar
6. the trending topic explanations always make me laugh
12. LOL
13. Trina? Poor Haiti, they ain't getting no pennies

Trish said...

I love the BLTs from Arbys but I haven't been there in at least a year. I do hate that their fries are always so greasy.

2010 looks crazy to me too. Especially when tobe lazy i write just 10.

I don't like cabbage either, I don't care who makes it!

HAHAHAHA! That was to raising pennies for Trina. I bet those kids don't even know who Trina is.

Sparkling Red said...

I don't remember bedazzled jeans ever being "in" for men. I'm pretty sure I would have remembered that. Maybe it's a trend that didn't make it all the way north to Canada. Thank goodness.

Rashan Jamal said...

1. I haven't had arbys in a minute since the one close to me closed. I like their subs a lot.
2.LOL- This seems like so long ago, but I guess we saw that last weekend. That gear was nuts.
3. looks just fine to me.
4.that's pretty suspect. I don't like to see middle aged women with those on either. Its like okay, i know you don't want to wear mom jeans, but is there a happy medium somewhere?
5. Maybe you should remember so you don't have to ask. How about that?
6. I was mad slow on that one. once i realized what they were saying I was like. OH!!!!
7. only white men use technology. DUH!!! I never noticed the stickers, but I guess they are for the apple stans.
8. You? yeah, you stay with the snarky. Pardon me for being shocked! Staying off fb was a good idea.
9. We got class on Wednesday, so its postponed.
10. Yeah, my grandma's cabbage is mad vinegary. I don't like the smell.
11. If i actually had a coffee table, I'd like some coffee table books. Preferably about black people, but not that expensive. That's crazy. Or we can get a coffee table book about coffee tables. #Seinfeld Reference
12. I had one of those last week on FB. friend in 30s was talking about going on a stakeout with her girlfriend. I had to say "arent' you a little old for stuff?" Everyone else co signed.
13. You holding out for Nicki Minaj? That is so wack. I don't want the chick who said "do bout 5 or 6 best friends nowhere near my kids. Trick can't come either, even if he do love the kids

Adei von K said...

#8- man! nothing snarky for a whole day!?!? I like how you tweeted to stay away from me! WHAT.EV.ERRRRR!!! I have to stay away from YOU to be nice!!

I am DYING at "he cleared his plate" nomnomnom... LOLOL!! now if only you can prepare cantaloupe differently...

Jameil said...

lady... you're right but i always had coupons and it was the only place on the way that was always open at my crazy hours. who cares what their checks look like. LOOK AT THOSE CLOTHES!! one trip to a wack club and there will be more bedazzled jeans than you ever wanted to see. you tryin to say you're better than me w/your nonapple, nontweeting self??? HMMMMM??? their stans encompass more than white males. not even a white female??? #cmonson. don't call it an ash wednesday fish fry then!! you still can't do a performance at my kid's school.

pseren... right!? lol. i loooove nacho cheese. so strange for me, i know. show people how awesome you are and put the stickers on your face. i like to put people in their places, tho! "are you serious with that?? DUMB." LOL

nsa... 1) wow... so many of y'all! 3) ha! that's what i was talking about. 6) lolol. 7) yeah... but i can't. 9) i kinda want to go... lol 13) girl please tell me!!

tm... 1) wow... so odd. 3) me too!! 6) lol ditto! 13) no they were naming all the schools who already had mad pennies! sad face.

trish... you're right abt the fries. geez. '10 looks like we should be in hoop skirts. cabbage is mmm mmm good! i didn't even think of them not knowing her! hilarious.

red... hahahaha it'll be there next week! don't worry!

rj... 1) the french dip was yummy as was the italian. 2) you liked it. 4) let's not let anyone wear those. throw yours away. 5) no. NOOOO! jerk (soft j). 6) get it together! but clearly i was like how did you come to that conclusion automatically?? 7) i knew that. 8) me *blinks coquettishly* 9) it's a local church so... 10) i'll fix that for ya! 11) i'd get some but if they're expensive, everyone's reading them!! 12) MAD OLD. 13) all of them are OUT!!

adei... you a LIE. i have to calm you down when you start goin in on folk! i have a special cantaloupe dish for him!