Movies 2010, Week 4

January 24-30, 2010
Some really really boring movies this week.  Merely mediocre.  But I still couldn't stop watching.
31) Let's Make Love. Marilyn Monroe film about a rich man being parodied in a play who joins the cast after seeing the star... who happens to hate him.  Very amusing from the first 15 minutes.  I thoroughly enjoyed  this film.  It would've been even better if the synopsis hadn't given away so much.  Very fun.  4.6 stars
32) Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills.  A documentary about three 2nd graders murdered and the teenagers accused of committing the crime.  Beautifully shot, masterfully edited in the first 30 minutes.  I was into the film immediately.  GREAT access to the involved parties.  Then in the 2nd trial, it starts to feel like real time and far too long.  3.4 stars
33) Third Finger, Left Hand. Myrna Loy film about a woman who pretends to be married to keep her job but of course then finds a guy she likes.  I was disturbed to hear "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  Amusing film.  Loy was awesome.  3.5 stars
34) Whip It. Ellen Page stars as a beauty pageant winner turned roller derby winner.  When is she going to stop playing a teenager?  Lots of familiar face: Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis, Kristen Wiig (SNL), Eve but none of them really did anything.  This movie was basically just there.  Not terrible but not that great either.  3.4 stars
35) Everything is Illuminated.  Liev Shrieber wrote & directed this Elijah Wood film about a Jewish collector who goes in search of the truth about his ancestors in the Ukraine.  In trying to be deep, things made no sense or were unnecessarily obscured.  3.4 stars
36) Bunny Lake is Missing.  Otto Preminger-directed 1965 film about a preschooler who goes missing and police begin to wonder if she ever existed.  Kind of slow at the beginning but worth it for the twist in the middle.  Sir Laurence Olivier makes and appearance.  4.2 stars
37) Shower.  Chinese film about a son who comes home to visit after a long stay away from his father and mentally handicapped brother who run a bath house. Interesting at times but toward the middle the plot started bouncing jarringly.  Very strange.  3.2 stars
38) Stage Door.  Kathareine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers (with a small part from Lucille Ball) star in the story of aspiring actresses, including one determined not to use her rich father's connections.  I laughed, I almost cried.  Not the tightest story line but still one I mostly enjoyed.  3.7 stars
39) Adam's Rib. Spencer Tracy & Katharine Hepburn are married lawyers on opposite sides of the same case which makes for some hairy situations.  The end was unnecessarily protracted and the scene transitions were a tad corny but overall an amusing story. 3.9 stars


Ladynay said...

You intentionally watched Whip it?!?!?! Yeah you're a film student alright! HA!

Mrs Count said...

Bunny Lake is Missing seems interesting. I might try to watch that.

Jameil said...

lady... hahahahaha. i know!

tm... it was! worth a try. it's streaming on netflix.

Rashan Jamal said...

Let's Make Love was too long for me. I was getting bored, still was good.
So glad I missed Whip It! It just looked like a self indulgent first time director movie

I know I'm supposed to like Tracy and Hepburn, but I just don't I like Hep by herself, but I don't like them together.

Jameil said...

rj... it was a tad too long. whip it was definitely like sigh keep it movin. i like hepburn & tracy and don't mind them together necessarily.