Monday Mindspacing Vol. 32

1) The word murderess is hilarious to me!  How do you add an -ess to the word murder?  To pretty it up a little?  Look at that pretty little female murderer!  Put her among the duchess and the empress.
2) I'm so over recipes calling for saffron.  You know how they say it's the most expensive spice in the world?  That's not a lie.  I priced it in the store once (a specialty store of course, they don't sell it in the grocery store) and it was $17!!  For a small packet.  Like the amount you would have of any other spice, MAYBE LESS.  Stop telling me to use that in my food when you know I'm not.
3) Sooo tired of the fb baby mama drama.  If your baby daddy is acting up, fb isn't going to change his ways.  Twitter either.
4) Sometimes when Rashan's not here I turn on 'Family Guy' to remind myself of when he's here.
5) This chick said, "Ladies night tonight! Ooooh yeah!" And someone responded, "Where?!?! No one told me nothin!!"  Because you're not invited.  Fall back.
6) It drives me absolutely batty that everything I say has bloggers sending me to the delivery room or down the aisle.  Let's all calm down now!
7) I have no use for the idea that 2010 will be wonderful for us all.  It's going to really suck for some people... like those who can't find their family members or who DIED in the earthquake in Haiti.
8) I think I should move to West Palm Beach so Stace can cook for me all the time!!!  We had spinach, black bean, cilantro & mushroom omelettes with a side of roasted garlic salsa (which I'm addicted to) and avocado.  For dinner, tropical chicken with rice, black beans, corn & MORE SALSA!!!!! MMMMM!!!  Thank you sir may I have another!!
9) Worst music EVER to have stuck in your head?  Wii music.  Yowsa that's some bad music.


Rashan Jamal said...

1. That murderess is so dainty with her doilies and apron on.
2. I don't know if this was the same saffron pack, but at that kitchen store it looked even smaller than normal spices.
3. Yeah, boundaries, people, boundaries.
4. "I'm not taking my sneakers off, I am Sneakers O Toole"
5. womp womp. go play scrabble.
6. Sounds like we need another April Fool's Day prank on the overzealous bloggers. LOL
7. it's just not realistic. that being said, 2010 is gonna rock for us!!! LOL
8. The two of you should have a Iron Chef style cook off and let me be the judge. (PS. I play favorites, so you got this in the bag!)
9. Wii Music is horrible. It's like they gathered all the failed amateur music producers, gave them a casio and said just start pushing the keys.

Trish said...

Lol! Monday mindspacing always presents things I've never thought of. I do hate when people try to invite themselves places. The Wii music is irritating but I think what's worse is the "OH!" she says when you get on to weigh-in.

Mrs Count said...

3. I know a married couple that chooses to air their issues on FB. She posts sad statuses all the time while he posts about being in the studio and spending all this money on himself. She fusses at him on his status, he ignores hers.

LOL at 5

On a limb with Claudia said...

I guess yo'll have to solemnly swear that you will tell us when you're going down the aisle or to the delivery room. WE - your readers - all knew about Rashan before you told us. So...

Jameil said...

rj... 1) lolol. and white gloves. 2) you're right. i saw it again and it was WAY smaller than other spices!! 3) for serious. awkward... 4) lol. nerd. 5) lolol. or whatever you lames do when you're not begging to be included. 6) hahahahahahahahaha. DO IT!! 7) wheeeee!! 8) oooh you play faves? that's b/c you're smart. lol. 9) for serious.

trish... hahahahaha. they're the things that pop into my head in a given week and sometimes it's NONSTOP!!! lolol. why are you inviting yourself? if i wanted you to come, i would've asked. ROTFL @ OH! i'm always like, "Shut up, heffa."

tm... NO WAY!!! COMPLETELY unacceptable. At least w/the BDs they're not going back and forth.

claud... i promise i'll tell you guys!!! LOLOLOL

gee said...

you are hilarious.. i think i'll be adding you to my morning dose.

keep up the good work.

Jameil said...

gee... lol thx!

Adei von K said...

FIRST: Rashan, I'ma beat you next time I see you!! Playing favorites... *hmph*

Murderess is too funny!

Saffron is ridic. Just plain ridiculous.

LMAO @ "b/c you're not invited, fall back" HAHAHA!

"so Stace can cook for me all the time"... #trippin