Snow in the South

For you Yankees out there laughing at the southerners huddled in their houses for a few flurries, let me explain.  Now, after living in Pittsburgh, it does make me laugh but I also completely understand.  Northern cities have millions of dollars in their snow budgets, a tried and true network of salting and snow plows and people who not only know how to drive in the snow but do it on a regular basis.  Even with all of that, there are still multi-car accidents and fatal accidents when it snows.

Now take all of those things and get rid of them and add temperatures where it warms above freezing temporarily to melt some of the snow then freezes it to make what, boys and girls?  Ice.  Yeah no.  You get out and drive in snow and ice with thousands of people who have never done it before or who have only done it a few times.  You are out there with nuts speeding then spinning out and crashing right in front of you and snow and slush-covered roads, sometimes with a few ice patches.  Not cool.  Everybody stay in the house.  My next city got 6.8 inches.  I'm not ready.  But this is why I gave myself a 2-year snow sabbatical.  Because I deserve it and I KNEW my next city would have snow.  I just knew it.  I'm really gonna try to enjoy you while I have you, Florida, with your sunshine and your palm trees and your clear blue skies.  I have to stop talking about snow.  I'm starting to miss you already.  *sniff*


Ladynay said...

I missed the whole coming to Winston Salem thing! Yay!

I am bored as ever! I live on a hill and my parking lot is a snow covered skating rink right about now!

Rashan Jamal said...

We now send it to Jameil with the weather. LOL

I'm good on the snow. I liked it when I didn't have to be around it, but the novelty has worn off. the only thing I like about it now is the possible day off from work.

Trish said...

Lol! I'm a true Yankee! It was 40 down here today and the Texans were losing their minds. Someone commented that "the hawk was here!" I quickly replied that the hawk has never nor will ever fly south! Thursday it was 50 degrees warmer here than back at home, I don't ever want to live there again!

Adei von K said...

Awww :-( Well, you will always have a palm tree close to your heart :-)

Jameil said...

lady... pay attention! lol. stop being bored!

rj... hush! snow is fun when you a) can get a snow day b) don't have to drive in it c) can order or already have plenty of food and d) it goes away when you're tired of it. how often does it play by those rules? rarely. hence my disdain.

trish... oh i ROUTINELY rail the Floridians. they seriously take "i'm cooooooold" to a whole new level (like Texans, I'm sure) bringin out the bubble coats when it hits 55. did you say 50 degrees warmer??? BRRRR!!! (gucci!)

adei... yeah... but sometimes i'm gonna need the accompanying warmth in the winter!