Home Again

Jiggity jig.  My mom used to say that when we came back from one of our long car trips when we were kids, "Home again, jiggity jig."  I have no clue why.  I'm happy I got here safely and without incident, but I DID NOT want to leave Rashan.  Bah humbug.  Maybe this break was too long?  I'm gonna get my groove back, I promise!  I have some randoms for you even though it's not Monday.  I KNOW!! YOU CAN HARDLY CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT!!

Rachael Ray has had a new set for 30 Minute Meals for at least 2 seasons, maybe 3 or 4 and I'm still not used to it.  It's so... orange.  Her favorite color... YUCK.  Orange is such an obnoxious color.  It's hard for me to watch the show sometimes now b/c of that horrific set.

I came home to a PACKED mailbox.  LOVE IT!!  2 Christmas cards-- including one from Rashan's grandma, a Food Network mag and a Rachael Ray mag (February already), a Vickie's catalog (I seriously can't believe just one), and only a little junk mail.  YEAH!!!

Tomorrow is the day I sit down and write all of my assignments in my planner.  SCARY.  But necessary.  I'm also buying a giant calendar for the wall (like what people put on their desks) and putting it up as my decoration to help me stay on task with what's due when.  I'm going to take it apart and put it across the wall so I can also see in advance what's coming up in addition to my planner that I carry with me.

I have only had sugar and carbs today... that's not cute.  I'm feeling a little cracked up.  I slept poorly last night because I woke up just about once an hour, drove to Gainesville from Atlanta, unpacked my car some, went to the class I'm assisting (I think it'll be fun because we have some characters... Lol.  This one kid stood up during his introduction after about an hour of class and said, 'I'm actually here for Geology 101 but this is really interesting.'  He was kidding.  Lolol.), realized I'm giving a lecture in less than a month...................., thought about all the other stuff I have to do, got two movies and now might be asleep before 9 o'clock.  And I will totally sleep 12 hours.  AND WHAT? 

I have class 2 days a week but I'll be spending the rest of that time MAKING MY FILM!!  And grading those pesky assignments.  This semester instead of having to grade 9 or 10 (1/2 of 20 students if they all turned them in), I will be grading 25 assignments each time....... FUN!!  Saaaaave meeeee!!  Okay I've gotta go.  I'll try to get it together for tomorrow.  I had to post today because RASHAN WILL NOT WIN.


Rashan Jamal said...

You really are going to have us blogging until 2012 aren't you? Just stop, shawty!

You gonna make a vision board to go with your Beautiful Mind calendar? (did you see that movie? If not, this comment may not make any sense)

Trish said...

So why did I laugh at the jiggity jig? I'll tell you why because my dad STILL says that and sings it at that! I guess it has to be a song from our parents generation.

My mailbox was full when I came home too. I was so worried about my apt and car while I was gone.

Good you got home safely!

Mrs Count said...

I wanna say that jiggety jig came from some sort of a nursery rhyme/poem/fable/cartoon. When I read it, I sang it, and thought of pigs so I must have heard it somewhere (or I'm just a bit crazy).

Jameil said...

rj... YOU STOP. seen the movie, but don't rememeber that part. vision boards aren't for me.

trish... wow! idk what the deal is. odd. full mailboxes make me so happy! :) esp. b/c there were NO bills in there! yep! NONE! I was thinking about my apt. but I won't say I was worried about it. Good you got home safely, too.

tm... idk what it is but it's nutty!

Sha Boogie said...

First LOL @ Rashan calling you 'shawty' HAHAAA!!

yay! New RR mag, love in the form of food pics!

pserendipity said...

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig,
Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

To market, to market, to buy a fat hog,
Home again, home again, jiggety-jog.

To market, to market, to buy a plum bun,
Home again, home again, market is done.

One of Aidan's faves.

Jameil said...

sha... don't encourage him! new RR seriously is food love!! :)

pseren... wow! i should've known it'd be a parent or an old person to know that... LOLOLOL