(I found another word those Brits and Canucks refuse to z-ify.)

Three weeks into the semester I've decided to really buckle down and get organised!  (I'm gonna keep doing that until it starts to annoy me... probably about one more time.)  Better than my usual method: with three weeks LEFT in the semester... lol.  Mess.  I stay on top of due dates (especially the big ones that could keep me from graduating) usually but sometimes when things are coming up at the beginning of the next month, they sneak up on me.  I have two lectures next month and a rough cut due.  I've started all of them in one form or another so that's good to know!  But I know I could be much more efficient in my use of time.

I did a search for organisation (except I spelled it with a z) schedule and got a tip I really liked: make a master list and set up a schedule around completion of that master list.  Some of the things I put on my master list are visit one of the museums on campus that's free for students once a week, go to a basketball game, just so you don't think I don't have any fun planned!  All work and no play makes Jameil a raving lunatic.  I need to figure out some way to get myself completely on board with the whole schedule thing and I think it's going to start with planning specific things for specific days and specific times.  I'll let you know when I get it down pat.  What helps you (she asks again)?

*If you're wondering if I lost the daily blogging competition with Rashan, I posted on The Record Dish yesterday about egg nog cupcakes.  Rashan said that doesn't count... what?  The goal is to post daily... considering I post on the Record Dish (Stace and my's food blog) AND this blog, I'm blogging circles around you, Rashan!  Go sit down!


Rashan Jamal said...

So I guess we just keep going then... although part of your organisation should be you not blogging for a day so you can get all your work done.

I can't help you with this one as I have never been organized, unless you are talking about me obsessively downloading music. Then I organize very well by album, year, track number, order of release... etc.

Patti said...

First of all, posting on The Record Dish totally counts.

Second, Rashan, organizing your music totally counts too. In fact, it may count more than shuffling around silly pieces of paper - lol.

Ladynay said...

I am organised chaos so I can not help you in you ventures what so ever! LOL!

You blogging on your other blog counts btw :-D

Mrs Count said...

The only thing that keeps me organized is tryping lists in my cell phone. If I don't put it in my phone, I won't remember.

Not So Anonymous said...

I just make to-do lists galore...I don't think that actually counts as being organized, though. Good luck.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

I'd be lost w/o google cal.....Happy Organising!

T Dot said...

I'm like organization queen when it comes to things that matter.

At work, I constantly schedule things in Outlook so that I can look at a day and find out what I need to do in a glance. (I also sync it with my Google calendar so I have access to it anywhere).

We also have these "updates" we have to keep updated re: our daily activities, in case they need to know where we are or pull us for another story. Some people are really vauge. I get specific and use that as a to do list. I'll write down every call, every piece of research, or any other task I need to do and check it off as I complete it. You could do the same with just a notebook or a smartphone if you have one though.

Oh, one other thing I do: when it comes to things that I'm doing for other people, I complete them right away. So if I'm the secretary for a group, I'm typing those notes out that night (or within the next day or so) so we won't come around to next month's meeting and ya'll are looking at me like, 'where are the notes.' in your inbox, snitches.

Jameil said...

rj... we sure do!! part of your helping me is you not blogging so i can get my work done. why don't you come obsessively organise my music? i have way less.

patti... thanks!

lady... lol you suck! but thanks for the 2nd pt.

tm... my phone is just for calling. it does nothing else.

nsa... ...................!!! lol

dani... i tried that at the beginning of the semester but i now have 3 calendars... which isn't helping me. lol

t... awesome! i use my planner to write stuff down. i think i needed a weekly routine. that's my major malfunction. i like the idea of doing other people's stuff first. that way they're not looking at you like, "you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing." b/c you're on top of it!