Monday Mindspacing Vol. 30

1) Let's take a moment to thank God for chickens & especially for eggs.  THANK YOU GOD!!!  I watched a chicken doc and it said Americans eat 250 eggs a year.  You know that makes me want to count how many eggs I eat next year, right?  I've gotten used to keeping track of movies that I can't imagine keeping track of nothing next year.  (365 movies is too easy by comparison to be considered a goal.)  I have decided not to do that.  Too stupid & pointless to be considered.
2) I either have over-active smelling glands or the ability of a savant.  I am constantly smelling things no one else smells.  On Christmas Eve this affliction made me feel more than a little ill.  YUCK.
3) Some of y'all need to get a life.  I like twitter, too but 60 posts/hour is beyond excessive.
4) However, can you stop ALL going to bed at 11pm?  Twitter's too quiet!  Me no likey!
5) I hope I have children who like to read.  I will be sorely disappointed if I can't share that with my school chiddlers.  I might beat 'em until they read.  You know, positive reinforcement.  Reading = no beating.  YOU'RE WELCOME.
6) Please go back in time and tell Julia Child to stop calling people named Jacques "Jack."  Mess!  Lol
7) I am SO glad my sister and I don't wear any of the same sizes anymore.  Esp. since I got these HAWT $10 shoes at the Nine West Outlet near my mom's house.  WHO KNEW THIS EXISTED!!?!?!  Do you even know how poor I would've been when I was working if I'd known this place was around the corner selling $10(.81 with tax) leather Nine Wests???? 
8) My mother hates when I say she's 'making' something instead of cooking something.  For instance, "What are you making for dinner?" or "My mom's making dressing!"  She'll always correct me and say, "Cooking! I'm not making anything. I'm cooking."  Touchy, touchy!  Know what I do now?  I say, "Ooh! Mommy's making potato salad! (exaggerated gasp, wide eyes) Excuse me, COOKING potato salad."  Well... cooking the potatoes for the potato salad.  Then she narrows her eyes at me.  HAHAHAHAHA!!  It's hilarious.
9) The entire time I was home I could not stop thinking about food.  It was really ridiculous.  Like worse than usual.  I would eat and sometimes DURING A MEAL, be thinking about what I could eat next.  Food food FOOD!  LOL.  Hungry hungry girl. 
10) It's probably bad that I gave Rashan a camera for Christmas and loved it, used it more than he did AND kept it with me in Charlotte when he went back to Atlanta, huh?
11) I love french manicures/pedis on other people & am completely unimpressed with them on me.
12) It's almost like it's impossible for me to get my Netflix queue down because I get 2 movies, then add 2 more, get another one, add 3 more.  There's just so much I want to see!  All Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn, a lot of Judy Garland and Katharine Hepburn.  Random docs, movies I've heard about a lot, indies and on and on.  Right now my mail home queue is at about 100, my instant queue is hovering around 65.  The only reason it's not near 80 is because Netflix took about 10 offline.
13) I love the first day of the year.  New beginnings are great!  But I'm weird about January.  I don't know what it is about that month that I don't love.


Mrs Count said...

At night, I'm on twitter basically talking to myself because everybody I know has gone tobed.

Not so Anonymous said...

1. What would I do without chicken?? I love eggs, and chicken breast is my go to meat..yummy.
2. ummmmm.....my smelling sense was ver acute when I was preggers...I'm not suggesting anything, though.
3. I'm not even on twitter...I'm still thinking about it.
5. LOL...you're crazy. If you like to read and Always read to them, they'll love to read as well.
6. Bon A Petite!
7. Now I want to look for one in my area...but, I'm not because I'd probably have no self control, hmph.
9. Every time I come to your blog I think of food, lol.
13. January always goes by too fast for me.

Trish said...

They say to give people gifts you want yourself but I don't think you're supossed to keep them! Lol!

I like black and white movies too, I can thank my parents for that. Have you seen Arsenic and Old Lace? This movie always made my family and I laugh.

SincerelyGo said...

Yeah I ususally do egg whites so I probably eat even more eggs if we actually divded the egg whites. But yes thanks be to the Chicken God!

Beat them you say? I won't say a word.

I wasn't gonna say anything about the acute smelling senses and all...but ummm.

I'm all on twitter girl...more than60/hr sometime..well I have peak and non-peak hours..horrible I know.

About that Camera...brings to mind I bought my BFF a black camera he raved about and his sister liked it so much when she borrowed it..he let her have it..THE NERVE.

Oh I want to see " Lovely Bones" Jan 15 is when it comes out!~

That's all



Rashan Jamal said...

1. I can totally see you counting your eggs, you big weirdo.
2. The worst part about this is that you don't like any smell.
3. Yeah, I agree, yet I can't stop reading their excessiveness and making fun of them.
4. You can always follow Marlon Wayans, he be tweeting all the time according to the constant retweets I see.
5. what the heck is a chiddler? I used to like to read, I don't know what happened.
6. That was mad uncomfortable, but Jacques just rolled with it like he was used to it.
7. I can't believe you only got one pair.
8. Lemme find you get your peculiarities from M. Sounds like something you would say.
9. yeah, that's just greedy.
10. Thief. You bet not take my camera when you leave.
11. Cant imagine you with french manicured nails. I can see you with multi colored acrylic with designs on them. LOL
12. I need some new movies on my queue. I'm not feeling the ones that I have on now. I need more obscure French movies.
13. I like January b/c I have sick time again and I can take days off whenever I feel like it. LOL

Jameil said...

tm... lol. sounds like we need to be following each other.

nsa... 1) RIGHT! mmm 2) i've always been like this. it's not new, it's just irritating sometimes. 3) lol. if you don't need another addiction, just don't. 5) idk my mom did that. it took w/me but not w/my sister. 6) Lol. Bon Appetit to you, too, Jules! 7) that place is AAAAAWESOMEEEEE!!
9) Lol. That's the plan! 13) is that it? hmmm

trish... hahahaha. right!? rashan liked arsenic & old lace. i was not so much a fan. bah. i loved 'bringing up baby' tho. lolol

go... yay God for chicken! thanks for helping me beat my children!! aiding & abetting! ummm... what? more than 60/hr??? YIKES! he let her have it?? mess. i'd direct her to a place where they sell them!! i liked lovely bones the book but i'll probably wait on the movie.

rj... 1. shut it.
2. b/c there's too many cacophonous smells! i don't need 8 more! or air fresheners i like to have a neutral-ish odor b/c otherwise it's christmas holiday on top of funk. STILL SMELL THE FUNK.
3. lol. 4. i'm straight.
5. roald dahl. fix it!
6. lol. i was like MAKE HER STOP!
7. I. KNOW. Restraint, dog. I was really pissed to see these shoes I paid almost FULL PRICE (around 60 or 70) for $20. SALE ONLY.
8) lol. i got some from D, too.
9) hush.
10. or what? lolol
11. nope. me either. & you're so wack on the acrylics!!
12. i'm going to add a bunch of romcoms and 80s comedies to your queue just b/c of what you just said abt the nails.
13. ahhh yeah!