Fake Names

When I was in college (and maybe a little after... maybe even this past summer), we used to give fake names to lame or annoying guys all the time at the club.  We had to weed out the crazies!  Not that that really helped because we still managed to keep some crazies around... but still!  It was also fun!  Hahahahaha.  Sometimes we had to give out fake names.  Okay okay, we didn't HAVE to give out fake names but it was fun!

I used Tameka a lot.  And regularly guys said, "You look like a Tameka."  My response?  "I know. That's because it's my name."  When I was with Kisha, I would tell people my name was Kisha because it pissed her off!!  Hahahaha!  That was hilarious!  And I also went through a phase where I told dudes my name was Brocccoleigha.  YES.  With all those Cs!!  Triple C Mafia!  Lol.  Once dude looked at me like I was nuts and I said, "That's my name."  Stone face.  He backed down.  Lol.  The best?  Stace used to tell people her name was STANKESHA.  And give them her brother's number.  MESSSSSS!!  And so funny!  Lolol.  They would call her brother's phone like, "What???"  And never call again.  AWESOME.

I used to HATE when dudes forgot my name.  I only forgave the cute ones.  Lololol.  The rest?  Or cute & annoying?  You can't remember my name after 5 minutes, you definitely can't remember or HAVE my number.  And if you badger me for my number after I say no, I'll give in.  WITH A FAKE NUMBER.  And you can call my cell b/c it's off.  So it's not gonna ring.  And what are you gonna do anyway?  Shoot me?  Then I'm REALLY glad I didn't give you my number.


Rashan Jamal said...

What up broccoli? That's what I'm gonna call you for short.

You totally do NOT look like a Tameka. Maybe back when you had a perm, but now you look more like an Amira, but spelled different like Amyeerah.

Fake names, fake numbers...glad I never had to hook up at the club. I can't take all that rejection.

Trish said...

I've given out fake names on many occasions, they always had to be T names though because I wear a charm with my initial. I gave this guy my number and he surprised me calling while I stood there. I concluded he was crazy and let him call several times without picking up and he finally got the point!

Adei von K said...

OMG, you are bringing up some GOOOOOOOOD times!!!!!

They'd call and get his voicemail... "You've reached STAN, leave a message"



no your BF did not say you look like a Amyeerah... with all them e's... and a 'y' LOL

But what about Jamila or was it Jameeka? what did Punjabi MC call you?

love.joi said...

This post is hilarious.I used to say my name was Quesha, ha!

and in high school ridiculously used to actually write down numbers like 777-9311.

btw, this post is hilarous!

Jameil said...

rj... you can skip that pet name. i'm so over you for amyeerah. at least you could've made it lowercase. if you're not wack and unnecessarily persistent you don't have to worry abt fake numbers and names.

trish... lolol @ t names! i had to give a dude or 2 the call and i won't pick up thing too!

adei... HAHAHAHA! RIGHT!??! soooo funny!!! punjabi called me jaleesa. ignoramus!!

love. joi... welcome! not quesha! lol. and the rhyming phone number? classic!