Mini Weekend Recap

I had an AWESOME time hanging with Stace in West Palm Beach!  We got that party started RIGHT!  We got that party started QUICKLY.  Very quickly as a matter of fact!  As soon as I got there, I opened my Christmas gifts from her-- whoo hoo!!, Stace changed out of her frog pajamas (IDK why) and we went to get some SUSHI!!!  Yesssss!  Since she loves sushi & Rashan most decidedly does not, Stace and I always eat sushi when we're together.  We had a ton of yumminess including eel (for me), tempura shrimp (for her), deep fried soft shell crab and gobs of sushi.  Then we went window shopping but inside... lol.  Then we decided to go to her homie's club.  We had a BLAST talking junk about people but I apparently drank a mind eraser because I needed the pictures to remind me of the horribleness we saw!!  I didn't even drink that much.  We didn't go to sleep until 4:45 am.  My mom said respectable young ladies get in earlier than that.  Lololol.  She also once told me I shouldn't kiss before I get married.  I asked her if she did that....... LOLOL!!  I'm not saying I have ever kissed anyone but did you, mom?  *innocent face*

The next day Stace made an AWESOME breakfast of spinach, black bean, garlic, cilantro and mushroom omelette with roasted garlic salsa (which I got promptly addicted to and may now have to be buried in-- just sprinkle it inside my casket) and fresh avocado.  YUMMMMMMMMM!!  Loved it!  We wii fitted it up and just chilled until she cooked (sorry Mom!! (no. 8)) dinner--- tropical chicken, basmati rice w/cilantro, black beans and corn with more roasted salsa!!!  YESSS!!  Why did her neighbors have a LOUD party until 5am and not invite us?  I had an early shoot but STILL!!  Haters.  I so would've crashed if I hadn't had to wake up at 8 for a shoot (which means I was heated about the party).

Yesterday morning she cooked breakfast for me before I went to Miami for my shoot.... in the longest parade of my entire life (and most disorganized but whatever).  Then we interviewed one of our film subjects, I saw exit 1A on I-95, WOW that's far south!!!, I headed back to Palm Beach where Stace had made chilaquiles (basically Mexican lasagna).  SPOILED!!  Clearly I never wanted to leave!  Lol.  This morning I woke up to go hang with Stace and the kinders and got LAZY.  I still made it in time and had so much fun that gets its own recap tomorrow with pictures!  Yay!  I had to come back before I originally planned because my lost in Haiti friends are being feted with a welcome back party tonight.  I'm about to go make some awesomeness.  Recipe to come on The Record Dish (you know the food blog Stace never posts on... lol).  So I miss Stace and WPB already and will definitely return before I leave Florida, especially since I have to go to the Keys before I graduate.  Statecation here I come!!


Ladynay said...

Recap with pics! YAY!

Good friends, good food, good fun. Gotta love it!

Trish said...

I've never crashed a party, sounds like it may be fun. I didn't get any sushi all weekend, now I really want some. I miss my friends, one of my bffs is coming to see me next month and I'm so excited!

1969 said...

The food sounds fantastico! Waiting for the pictures....

Not So Anonymous said...

That omelett sounds like a little slice of paradise, lol. Glad you had fun! I wish my friends cooked like that for me. :(

Jameil said...

lady... yep!

trish... haha! right?? i'm sure i've crashed parties in undergrad. technically anyway b/c i went w/someone who was invited who was with someone else who was invited and i don't know the original invitee OR the person throwing it. lol hilarious. yay for bff visits!!!

1969... keep waitin!

nsa... girl AWESOME! i had a blast!

Naima said...

Wait...what's this food blog you speak of?? *salivates*

Rashan Jamal said...

Whoo-hoo! You got your sushi fix without me. I got you on some Mexican this weekend if you want it.

You guys always have lots of fun together, glad this one was no exception.

Not only doesn't stace post on the food blog, she don't post on her other one either. LOL

Sha Boogie said...

you and stace both make my mouth water! YUM!!

Loves me some sushi. Mmm, all kinds of yummy in my mouth. Thankfully the hubby likes it too :)

Jameil said...

naima... lol 'the record dish.' that's where i now post all my recipes.

rj... lol. mexican it is!! we have a blast! ROTFL! show ya right!! can't get her to blog for nothin!!

sha... oh yeah! mmm sushi!

Adei von K said...

FIRST: Rashan, I'ma beat you next time I see you!!!

Secondly, YAAAAAAAAY!!!! I's so glad you came to WPB!!!! You didn't mention our SATC marathon!!! OMG, I love that show!

Jameil, WTF was I doing up at 4am!?!?
And clearly, he could've told us the club doesn't close till 5am (or whenever, we certainly didn't hear "last call" before we left)!!!!!! No wonder he didn't show up till 1am!!!

Florida keys is on the agenda for the summer!