Monday Mindspacing Vol. 100

HAPPY 100TH MONDAY MINDSPACING!!!  Thank you to everyone for loving this series and doing your own takes on it!  It's been a while since I explained.  Mindspacing is when I allow you to take a trip through the space in my mind.  LOL

Some of your favorites: Vol. 77 (blog design confusion, old fb complaints, ad failures), Vol. 74 (best coworker ever, nosy interweb neighbors, fb not caring), Vol. 59 (2002 spoiler alert, kids toleration, Chef Rashan & Nautica Alexis), Vol. 49 (ugly photographs, fb spoiler alert!, formspring), Vol. 47
(Rashan v. beer, empty house, Mexican), Vol.35 (lemon pepper, pickled eggs, coke addict & drug signals), Vol. 33 (post-game interviews, Canadian/British 'z' hate, EVOO musings), Vol. 29 (dyslexic smiley faces, plant souls, sounding "smart"), aaaaand the original Monday Mindspacing from June 1, 2009.  If you'd like to read them all (for those of you who refuse to work... at work), click here.
1) I hate when chefs say fresh avocado.  You just want to say fresh.  Have you ever had frozen, freeze-dried or any other form of avocado other than fresh?  How often?  If I'm looking at it in slices, don't I know it's fresh?  Or am I that slow on the uptake?
2) My favorite Iron Chef judges are Karine Bakhoum, Jeffrey Steingarten & Cady White.  Hands down.  Good thing they're go-to judges.
3) Ever since Rashan & I saw a commercial on a local television station about teens getting high on nutmeg, he can't hear nutmeg without touting the ability to get high off of it.  LOLOLOL  Television stations should really stop making up ways to frighten overprotective parents.  Also, as much as I love nutmeg, my child better KNOW, if I go to use my nutmeg and it's not there, THERE WILL SOME SMOKE!!! IN.THE.CITY!!!  (Wow it's been a long time since I said that... LOL)
4) I'm gonna pass on your unsolicited marital advice.  I know so far you have 4 years on me but THAT little gem you're handing out right there sounds like a case by case basis thing and you're issuing near-absolutes.  No thanks.
5) Theirselves is not a word. You're welcome.
6) Right now I hate Rihanna.  The words to her Sa.ndM song irritate me but it comes on in the gym and the thing is just so catchy! It gets in my head and stays for WEEKS!!  GO 'WAY!
7) I also, many, many months ago, thought FTW mean f the world... and I rarely curse.  That, like IKR as "I know that's right," rarely fit.  If you didn't know, FTW means for the win. LOLOL
8) Okay loves, I need your help narrowing down my fashion challenge!  Help!  And join!
9) I don't trust anyone who says tweethearts.
10) I'm sensitive about my eyelashes because one time my aunt asked me where mine were.  "We have long lashes in our family. Where did you get those little stumpy things?"  Well my mom's almost hairless so I guess I didn't get that from y'all.  :P Meanie.  I don't have any hair on my legs, either.  You wanna talk about that?
11) EYE AND LEAF. http://www.youtube.com/user/StayFabuluss#p/u/4/WoleqKKk1vU  I don't spend that much time on making up my entire face in a year.  I'm not even exaggerating.  In the 3 years I was in Pittsburgh I may have worn make-up 6xs.  And that's mascara, lipgloss & eyeshadow.  Done.  Oh and I did watch this whole thing with at least my ears and most of the time my eyes...............................
12) A few months ago a dude I had the BIGGEST crush on in middle and h.s. started talking to me on fb and asked me for my number.  I said no.  He said why not.  I said b/c I have a bf.  He said so?  I laughed.  Dude.  You're over 30 and you appear to be doing the same things and associating with the same sorts of (apparently directionless) people you did when 10 years ago.  I dodged a bullet.  But more importantly, you have this semi-flirtatious tone and there is really no reason for us to correspond.  I'm a grown woman in an adult relationship.  I've put away childish things... like pretending it's no big deal for us to have "friendly" conversations when I see what you're about.  K.I.M. (Keep it moving)
13) We were watching "One Born Every Minute"... well I was watching and torturing Rashan with it.  There was a first year resident delivering and Rashan was like, "NO WAY.  No first year resident is delivering my first child."  Hey man!  We watch 'Scrubs'!  I'm all in.  (Maybe... who the heck knows?)
14) As much as I'm over being a gimp, I like having an out for any and all events I don't want to attend.  Also, turns out it's not a fracture but a sprain.  I had 6 xrays to confirm it.  *scowl*  More details later this week if you want them.  I was supposed to talk about it last week but you know blogger killed itself.


ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Can I have your number? Why? Because theirselves wants it. What? HAHAHAAA! Let me stop playing and go sniff some nutmeg.

Sparkling Red said...

Happy 100th! There should have been helium balloons and glitter cannons to celebrate.

I have lame eyelashes AND hairy legs. That is just not fair. (although they're not gorilla hairy, just regular.)

Nost So Anonymous said...

1. LOL...I've never even thought of it that way.
3. I'm officially frightened. Just kidding...nutmeg, though...really?
4. I feel like the majority of relationship advice is like that...no bueno.
6. She's too much for me...not a fan.
7. What does it mean?
9. You twitter crazies, lol.

12. Bravo!
14...oh no...what happened?

Mrs Count said...

3. where are these kids that keep discovering new things to get high on? Why don't they have anything else to do? Can you make a documentary on this? I need answers.
7. Oh Jameil
14. Just wait until you get pregnant. Instant out for anything!

Trish said...

1. Frozen avocado sounds gross.

6. I hate when I can't get a song out of my head.

7. People like this guy make me sick. Would they want their woman making "friends" with another man?!

Anonymous said...

Happy 100 lady! Nutmeg??? Dear lawd. What will they try next? I've never like Rihanna and she continues to go downhill for me. Blogger ate so many of my comments last week that I go annoyed and stopped even trying to read blogs for 2 days. Feel better!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1.Could they mean fresh vs. spoiled or old?
2. Who? lol.
3. Imma need to know what type of high? I heard some where people drink it mixed with water and get high. I can't even fathom how that would tastes BLECH!
4. Well whomever your talking too Umm yeah what she said.
5. It's not?
6. Right now I hate Rihanna too, but it's because of her hair. raggedy ann red is NOT the business...but I like her tho *shrugs*
7. There are a few I still don't get.
8. I chimed in.
9. What about tweeties?
10. Ugh!...family can give you a complex like you wouldn't believe. I'm still shattered by a few things.
11. As a confirmed PDJ no comment.
12. FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! What? FAIL! AND booooooooo to him...just BOO!
13. I'm with him. I need a seasoned professional that has kept up with his/her training and is on the cutting edge of obstetrics. Hear the shwing that's how cutting edge lol
14.Blogger definitely helped me not post...again *sigh*

my word veri is mestop. Um have they not heard...can't stop won't stop! lol

Jameil said...

Sha... please get to the nutmeg!!!

Red... LOL I totally considered a virtual glitter cannon! Do better, eyelashes!!

nsa... 1) It hit me on Iron Chef America the other day!
4) Seriously.
6) In the gym, her stuff can be great, keeps you moving but I'm a firm believer in her inability to croon.
7) See last line: for the win.
12) Merci
14) Fell, sprained it.

mrsc... 3) Can they cure something while they're finding new ways to high themselves??? I'm going to pass on a doc on that but thx for asking!
7) What I do?
14) I'll wait! LOL

trish... 1) Truly.
6) UGH!!! It's so FRUSTRATING!!
7) (I think you mean 21) LOL. I didn't even give it too much thought. I was more amused than anything. You are more than 31 years old and still playing these games? SMH Silly man.

mrstdj... Let's hope not vanilla extract. Too expensive! Poor Riri. So many antis over here! Blogger made me mad!!!

gp... 1) No. It was on a cooking show.
2) You have got to do better if you're going to call yourself a foodie! I insist!
3) Let us know.
5) It's not.
6) LOL @ raggedy ann red!
8) Thanks!
10) LOL I wouldn't say it's still a complex but I didn't appreciate that!!!
11) Product is one word... PDJ???
12) LOL
13) Meh. If you're just out of school, you're probably on the cutting edge. You may have even led some of that cutting edge research. SHWING!
14) So.many.excuses.
Eh eh eh eh. *diddy bops out this comment*