Monday Mindspacing Vol. 101

1) I hate crafts that call for using old books. Whyyyyyyyyy???? Why must you ruin beautiful books???  If it is already missing the cover or something, I'll allow it but it still makes me cringe.
2) Sometimes I wish there wasn't so much overlap between twitter, the blog & facebook.  Sometimes I feel like I have no outlet to vent about people who are out of order.  And this really makes no sense considering I am on fb, blogger & twitter!!
3) I've decided I want to see a bunch of really potentially bad and hopefully some good movies this summer.  I have made my list with their release dates in parentheses.  I'M GOING TO THE THEATER!!
May: The Hangover Part II (26)
June: Super 8 (10) & Bad Teacher (24)
July: Larry Crowne (1) & Horrible Bosses (8), Crazy Stupid Love (29-maybe I will see it)
August: The Change-Up (5)
4) I see there are a lot of baby announcements and bumps all over the blogosphere.  You do not have to look for clues between the lines of my posts.  I know... you're thinking you're clever.  You're not.  I like babies more than I used (when they're not mine & I don't have to change their diapers or lose sleep) but I've always liked baby shows.  Every week, I'm like, "Someone is over here thinking I'm going to tell them I'm pregnant next week."  Not going to happen.  I refrain from writing things sometimes because I don't feel like being bothered with 'Are you trying to tell us something???' comments.  If you've been skimming this, let me put it in all caps.  I'M NOT PREGNANT!!  AND I DON'T WANT ANY BABIES RIGHT NOW!!  End friendly reminder.
5) We've had a goal breakthrough!! So I set these two yearly goals that I've either missed accidentally (a photo a day for a year) or had to miss (thrice weekly workouts) in the last week.  When I set these goals, I set them very rigidly i.e. MUST make goal or else you die!  J/k.  If I missed a day or a week before spraining my ankle, I would've said, now I have to start over.  Now I'm like hey... life happens.  There are setbacks but that doesn't mean you give up midstream! Dust yourself off and try again!  The point of setting the goals was to set my mind to something and accomplish it.  To take more meaningful photos (some of them... yes), capture more of my life as it happens (definitely) & get back in shape (ABSOLUTELY! I'm stronger than ever before!).  I unintentionally landed on this even more important reminder of the magic of life!  So as far as I'm concerned, I'm still on track with both of those goals.  Go me!
6) Dear every station that starts or ends a program outside of the hour or half hour, YOU ARE THE WORST!!! YOU KNOW I WATCH ON DVR!!  Martin on TV One this weekend was the worst.  The episodes started at :25!!!  As in instead of starting at 4:30, that joint started at 4:25!!! What kind of foolishness?!  What in the sam hill???  LOL What a funny saying.  But y'all. For real. Stop doing that.
7) You know how when you rate films on Netflix, it then suggests films for you to watch?  I wish there was something like that for books.  Is there?
8) Rashan has ruined my relationship with the NYTimes.  I now look at many more of their articles than I previously would have and say, "What was the point of that?" "Did we learn anything from the reading of said article?" "Where's the rest of it?"  SMH.
9) People make up things to be outraged about just so they can chatter.  You don't really care about that THAT much.  Stop pretending.
10) I'm sad about what CNN has become.  That website focuses less and less on real news with every passing month.  Most of the things pushed to the front page could just as easily be featured on a tabloid or joke website.  What's the point?
11) I also have no tolerance for old news.  If you don't talk about something in the first 24 hours, please leave!  Yes, I know this is crazy.
12) Rashan is dressing me this week, Stacey's dad is dressing her & commenter Naima's fianc√© is dressing her!  It is extra amusing!  Check us out on The Record Dish.
13) Guess who passed her book goal for the month a week ago? Meeeeee!!
14) Sending off an app for a job I really want today.  Send up prayers that if that's the opportunity God wants me to have that will help me grow spiritually and mentally and emotionally, that will be the job I receive.  And if not, that the one that IS for me is headed my way!  Thanks!  :)


ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Haha! Good luck trying to throw me shade on your many outlets! I'm everywhere son! EVERYWHERE! lol

Ladynay said...

With all that you spent time on typing up I will only say GOOD LUCK on the job! You need it to start saving for that potential baby bump everyone wants you to have :-)

Anonymous said...

3) With you on the Hangover, Larry Crowne and Horrible Bosses. Totally at the top of my list is Super 8. I am a total JJ Abrams STAN!

6) ERGH! That burns me up too! Grey's Anatomy is notorious for starting about 40 seconds early and shows on the Food Network always start early or late. HATE IT!

14) Prayers up!

Nicole said...

As far as the movies, all of the movies I've suggested to my boyfriend have been awful lately. I beat my awful streak when we went to see Bridesmaids last night which was surprisingly very good. He doesn't think Hangover 2 will be good but he's going with me anyway. I really hope I don't have to apologize for another bad movie. LOL. I cannot wait for Super 8! I love JJ Abrams (I'm a LOST fanatic) and the movie looks like it's gonna be good. I really hope it is.

Trish said...

1. I like crafts but I suck at them. I love books and I can't see destroying one either.

2. I am one of those people who only posts on FB every now and then.

3. I can't wait to see Hangover 2, but I have low expectations. I never really like sequels as much.

4. I hate being forced to play games at baby showers. I love kids though, BeBe had her neice and nephew last weekend and the little girl was so smart, that I thought to myself, my kid will be as bright as her. What is even worse is when I see cute kids I say to BeBe, I want one! Lol!

5. I suck at goals, I need some pointers from you.

12. I have to go over to The Record Dish to see this!

14. I've got you covered on the prayer!!

Unknown said...

I want to see Hangover 2 also. I thought the first one was hilarious. Actually maybe I'll wait for you to rate it and then decide whether or not to go. You can be my own personal movie critic. Lol

I wont even comment on the baby bump. ZIP! I guess me saying I'm not going to comment is actually commenting isn't it. Oh DARN!

Cant wait to see what Rashan comes up with. I think this was a cool challenge. Kudos to whoever came up with it.

I've set the same goals as far as pictures and videos. I used to do it like crazy and started slacking somewhere along the way. But you're right life happens....it's important to be able to adjust and continue moving forward. Glad you're allowing yourself some flexibility.

Jameil said...

SHA... LOLOLOLOL eeeeeeverywhere!!

lady... Thanks for the good luck!

mrstdj... 3) Rashan insists on Super 8 also so that's why we'll be going to see it.
6) They need to fix it!!!

Nic... LOL! We're def. going to see Hangover2! Definitely! Rashan is a Lost stan, too. I hope it's good, too!

trish... 1) LOLOL. I think it's funny when people love something but are terrible at it. My friend's mom couldn't carry a tune in a cast-iron bucket and ALWAYS sings at the top of her lungs!
2) My posts are def. fewer than they were before everybody was on twitter. Mostly pics.
3) Everyone's scared of sequels!
4) I LOVE SHOWER GAMES!!! I'm reading a bunch of mom blogs and many of them are exhausted, frustrated or something else through their love and I'm sooo cool on the kids right now.
5) What works for me is having a mix of easily achievable things and things that will take a bit of effort. I also have to remind myself of my goals semi-regularly, too.
12) Do it! :)
14) Thank you!

tg... The first one had me ON THE FLOOR!! Loved it! I'll be your critic! Isn't it time for you to have another baby? The idea came from a website. Stop being a slacker!