Monday Mindspacing Vol. 98

1) After weeks of ignoring Pinterest on fashion blogs... I'm now addicted.  This is Pserendipity's fault.  She invited me... It's basically a giant clipboard.  You add pictures of stuff you like in different categories.  But I'm adding it to my CV anyway.  LOLOLOL  What?  I'm in communications!  I have to know this stuff!
2) Will Ferrell is terrible on "The Office."  There.  I said it.  And it wasn't hard.
3) I hate when people call food "New American" or "Regional American" cuisine.  SCOWL.  It always yields the same overpriced menu items.
4) There are a lot of bad movies out there.  I'm not sure why I watched so many of them in a row this weekend...
5) You don't have to like the royal wedding.  I don't like Housewives of anywhere, The Game, Bad Girls Club, any VH1 or MTV show but I let you talk about them.  This whole your priorities aren't in order if you watched the royal wedding thing that people are so self-righteously proclaiming?  Get over yourselves.
6) Scallop shells are sooo pretty.  Too bad I don't like scallops.
7) Jeffrey Steingarten is the best Iron Chef judge EVER!!
8) I had zeppole this weekend (Italian doughnuts) and YUM! WINNING! Slapped some nutella on there and went to another place.
9) Would you like to hear more about food?  I bombed out on the first meal in a while this weekend.  It was overcooked pan fried fish and spinach tomato pasta.  Yuck.  I still have two pieces of rockfish so I'll try something different.
10) I HATE the way Rashan eats fig newtons.  It is soooo nasty.  He eats 8 cookies at once, smushes them all together in his mouth "so it's all newton" (or no newton... IDK) and commences to reveal the smushy bits as he rolls them around noisily in his mouth.  HANDS DOWN the most disgusting thing he does.
11) No matter what happens or doesn't happen as a result of Osama's death, you can't do anything about it.  Don't fear it or waste your time worrying about it.  Be encouraged. 


Not So Anonymous said...

2. oh no...and I was looking forward to watching it.
3. I've never heard of either...does that mean I'm uncultured, lol.
5. Self-Righteous is sooo right. I got so tired of FB with their wedding hate.
6. You don't like scallops??? I don't remember ever reading that before. I love them!
11. I agree with you again. I was more nervous and anxious at the talk of a statement when they didn't know what it was about other than national security. For the past month I've been watching 24 on Netflix and well, my mind went to all kinds of silly places...that dang Jack Bauer, lol.

Mrs Count said...

4. I like bad movies. Good movies take me through too many emotions. I can't handle it. If you knew what movies I loved enough to buy on dvd, you'd probably deny ever e-knowing me.
8.so very jealous
10. so very disgusting
11.word again
12. you too!

Naima said...

#1. Those navy blue damask pillows? I have them on my Etsy favorites list to try to find a way to work into our wedding! LoL!
#5. *waves church fan*
#9. No, not until I can eat it again :o(
#10. Ewwwwwwwwww...
#11. And there it is.
#12. Thanks, you too! I will do my best!!

Sha Boogie said...

I hate you ROYAL WEDDING!!!! lol And so mad at Rashan for eating them cookies that way ::side eye:: bleh..forgot to mention i hate those too!!

K. Rock said...

1. I just saw it on someone else's site and signed up for an invite. I haven't gotten it yes. So you thinks maybe youse can invite me?
2. He is. Luckily, he only has 2 episodes left. Everybody is wondering how they will remove him but I think I know how...
5. Agreed. I wasn't into the royal wedding but I definitely respect other people's right to be.
8. Never heard of these.
10. Even more than the way he eats them, you should hate the fact that he even eats Fig Newtons. Ewww. I love figs but hate their newton counterpart.

Adei von K said...

"5. you don't have to like the royal wedding. I don't like Housewives of anywhere, The Game, Bad Girls Club, any VH1 or MTV show but I let you talk about them. This whole your priorities aren't in order if you watched the royal wedding thing that people are so self-righteously proclaiming? Get over yourselves"

girl, you saw i had to get some people together on the 29th. those same raggedy arse people who think they are doing something big by watching the SOTU... GTFOOHWTBS. and I quote, "take and have ALL the seats"

Trish said...

2. I haven't watched the episode yet but I've pretty much given up on the office.

5. I had coworkers who took the day off to watch the wedding...to each's own.

6. I LOVE scallops!!

10. I don't like them either, the insides of them look gross. Everyone in my entire family eats those nasty newtons and I'd always be cookie-less.

12. Thanks, you too!

Sparkling Red said...

3) I recently discovered a French Canadian bistro in Toronto that serves "cheval". That's horse meat, y'all. On second thought, I'm not hungry enough to eat a horse.

4) I saw "Paul" this weekend. It was moderately fun.

10) Eeeeeeeewwwww! Rashan, where are your manners? I have a friend who does something similar with bananas. That might be why I no longer like bananas.

11) Wise words indeed.

Unknown said...

I started to check out the Pinterest thing and realized I've got too many addictions already, so I'm staying away.

I'm not a huge Will Ferrell fan. He's really not that funny to me.

Doughnuts....Yummy. My mouth is watering. One of the many things I miss since changing up the diet. SO sad!

You cant make perfect meals all the time Jameil...you're allowed one. Lol

Ok, the fig newton thing is GROSS!!! Tell him to stop that. Hilarious!

I agree with the whole Osama thing. It's done and over and really doesn't deserve all the attention it's getting. I think it just a distraction to take make us stop thinking about how corrupt our government really is. That's just MY personal opinion.

Enjoy your week also!

Unknown said...

I meant to say I agree with YOU on the whole Osama thing...silly typos

pserendipity said...

1. You're welcome. Your love of pinning things to my wall has been very good for our relationship. :)
2. Am I the only person on the planet who has never watched that?
3. Huh?
4. If you wanted excellence in movies, you should have just watched Madea. Ha!!!
8. You and nutella....
10. People still eat those?
11. Amen.
12. You too!

Jameil said...

Everyone... for no. 3, everyone, this is code word for basic food the region is known for that is slightly fancified and costs 10 or more dollars more than it should. Sometimes it's also code for locally sourced food. Shrimp & grits, meatloaf, pork chops, lamb chops

nsa... 2) sorry...
3) Lol. No!
5) YES!!!
6) BLECH. Don't like the taste or the texture.
11) Yeah that was an unwise announcement for one that was so carefully planned. That Jack Bauer! LOL!

mrsC... 4) oh noooo!! never share!
8) it was awesome!!
10) right!?
12) thanks! :)

nai... 1) so coo!
5) lolol
9) :(
10) right!?
12) yay!!!!

sha... the royal wedding has more finishing and doesn't care about you either way. fig newtons are yummy!

k... 1) invited!
2) it seems pretty clear to me, too.
5) hallelujah!
8) zeppole or nutella???
10) no! i love fig newtons!

adei... take and have all the seats? i don't get it. people like to proclaim their superiority from here to baghdad.

trish... 2) yeah... i'm not there yet but these next few eps are crucial.
5) i wouldn't go that far but i respect his/her right to do so!
6) blech
10) what? yummy food!
12) :)

red... 3) okay no. things you couldn't get away with in America! LOLOL
4) I saw the previews... it looked like boy humor. Throw up, prat falls, etc.
10) extra gross.

tg... that's a good idea. i'm going to limit the amount of pinterest time I allow myself. Will Ferrell plays a loop of the same characters. Sometimes it works, sometimes I yawn. I try to limit my doughnuts but I don't think I can cut them totally! I know I'm technically allowed one but I still don't like it! I've repeatedly told him and it didn't help! He still does it! While I don't subscribe to that particular theory, people are spending way too much time and energy on it. It's a vicious cycle. The media thinks people want all the details so they print every last one then people read them so they keep printing them when really most people wanted the first flush of info, then a second or third follow up but wall to wall daily coverage? Overkill.

p... 1) LOL
2) No. But the 2nd season is my FAVORITE!! Like guffawing laughing uncontrollably! LOLOL
3) see above.
4) I can't with you.
8) mmmm
10) Yes! They were on sale!
12) Thanks!