Monday Mindspacing Vol. 102

1) Last week I saw an article that had exclamation points in the title and instinctively went to turn down the sound on my computer. LOLOL!
2) I am in the worst sleep and work pattern ever.  I sleep in these random spurts and am awake until 4 am or later DOING NOTHING.
3) It creeps me out when people crack or pop their bones.  Fingers?  Meh.  Back? Ankle?  NECK!?! WHYYYYYY????  Rashan and one of my closest friends, SP, crack their necks DAILY!!  SP GRABS HER HEAD AND PHYSICALLY, LOUDLY, CRACKS.HER.NECK.  OMG!!!  Every time I see it I react as loudly as that sentence was written.  Every.single.time.  "But it feels so gooood."  What you have is a sickness. (LOL)
4) You may not know this about me but I am slightly dramatic.
5) I saw my trainer for the first time last Monday and it was frightening. FRIGHTENING! But my ankle is mostly back so that was exciting!  And then the next day I did Just Dance on the Wii which was EXTREMELY fun but then I could not walk or sit or get up the next day and it was bad.  But it confirmed the fact that I don't ever want to be w/o my trainer.  Can someone please hire me so I can afford her services?
6) I'm beginning to dislike Winston-Salem as much as I disliked Pittsburgh.  I'm ready to leave this town.  Now.  But I also don't Rashan to have to leave a job he likes and does well.  But we've discussed it and we'll be going wherever there is a wonderful opportunity for me (provided it's not some deserted place (the college is the entire population of 5k) in the middle of nowhere).
7) I had a hummus-like dip that I fully expected to dislike that I now can't stop thinking about.  Chickpeas, salsa and mango.  It looks like baby food but IT WAS SO GOOD!!
8) There's nothing more terrible than like getting a twitter follower request from someone who's a friend of a friend.  I allowed it once and said person then tried to talk to me and joke around like we knew each other.  Whaaaaa?  Does not compute.  In person I'm often open to meeting new people and can sit down and make fast "friends" but on the interwebs?  I can be rather guarded.  I need you to work your way to all of that.  Thank you ever so much.
9) I'm soooo glad I convinced/cajoled/begged Rashan to let me go to Savannah enough that we finally went this weekend!!!  MY LIFE IS NOW SEMI-COMPLETE!!!  I saw palm trees! I had oysters within 20 minutes of getting into town!  (Those oysters almost had me trying to convince Rashan to move back here...)  I GOT OUT OF WINSTON-SALEM!!!!
10) I hate when Iron Chef America uses live fish or whole animals.  I DO NOT want to see any animal's face when I'm going to eat it unless it comes from the sea.  And I don't want to see it die!!  Ugh.  Suckling pig?  I almost felt ill.
11) I.nstagram feels so kitschy to me.  Like look at me! I'm so indie! I make vintage-y photographs in 2011.
12) Sweetie... you really shouldn't talk about someone's poor grammar in a post RIDDLED, RACKED & RANSACKED by what? Take a wild guess, blog la familia!
13) I'm in a good book-reading rhythm! Yay!  It has me extra excited!  If you want in on the blog book club, we discuss a book each month at Nerd Girl's spot.  On June 13th, we're doing Miss Black America.  I enjoyed it, it's a quick read.  If you read something other than blogs, hop to it!
14) Me, Naima & Stacey had so much fun getting dressed by our men last week!  Check out our fly outfits on The Record Dish.  Also... if you still don't "get" twitter, I did two posts on that here last week.  Ya missed it!


Naima said...

#3. I crack my back multiple times a day and yes, it feels so gooood! LoL!!!
#6. Aren't you almost done? When is graduation? Come to Atlanta!
#8. Are you talking about me??
#14. It was TONS of fun!! Let's do it again!!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE Savannah. I only went once the entire time I was in GA but would move there in a heartbeat. Glad you got a chance to go.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

You? Dramatic? NEVER! *gasp* lol Mmmm..Oysters.. fried please! YAAAAS!

Nerd Girl said...

3. Ewww.
4. Get. Out.
7. I'm not convinced.
13. Oops. I need to get to reading!
14. They did a really good job - everyone was cute every day. Smoochy declined to dress me. Nerd.

1969 said...

#4 LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adei von K said...

3. Oooh yes, cracking the back, neck, and ankles are the only way to start and end the day!

6. is it the lack of cuisine that's killing you softly or what? i remember how much you despised Pitt... porbrocita :-(

7. the dip... was everything blended together? where'd you get it from? mango flavored hummus sounds awesome! mango and salsa go well together so all three sound absolutely delectable!


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. LOLOL! That's funny
2. Oh I remember the no sleep. BOOO!
3.OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!I react the same way!!!! stop it people!! I swear when they're old they are going to joint problems!
5. Ummm saatdown somewhere until you fully heal. And I NEED a trainer in my life!
6.I hope wherever you end up ya'll both find the BOMB jobs and the city has THEE best food and restaurants you've ever seen!
7. Well I just..........Ewwww!
8. You are hilarious!
9 I hear such good things about Savannah being a great place to visit...and anywhere that has palm trees is all right in my book!
10. See that is exactly WHY I CAN'T. LOLOLOL!
12.Well you could be talking about me but I don't care!
13. I guess since it's Summer I can get involved...I love to read.
14. TRD fashion show was quite enjoyable! I appreciated the Twitter lesson. It did however make me want to continue to respond to tweets 2 or 3 hours later with just answers without referencing the tweet LOL!

Sparkling Red said...

1) Hilarious!
2) That sucks. My husband gets stuck in cycles like that. Sometimes I don't see him for a few days because he's in sleep mode during the evening when I'm home and awake. It's hard to get back on track.
3) Yes, gross. I hate knuckle-cracking. Once I went to a Thai masseuse who insisted on cracking MY toes. It made me want to barf.
7) That sounds totally disgusting.

Jameil said...

Nai... 3) *projectile vomit*
6) Until I get a job somewhere, we're staying in W-S. COME ON JOB!!
8) GIRL BYE! NEVER! You're the best friend of friend I have!
14) Yes let's!

goddess... This trip solidified I don't want to live there but I wouldn't mind visiting quite regularly.

Sha... Me???? Dramatic??? Oysters fried and raw please! Thanks so much!!

ng... 3) RIGHT!?!?!
4) I will!
7) I understand! I wasn't either until I tasted it!

1969... 4) What I do?

adei... 3) GROSS!!!!
6) Cuisine's at the top, more stuff that I like to do (fests, etc), concerts, stuff open late. The hours of everything here makes me want to become a cutter.
7) All blended. It was AWESOME!
12) Point Point Point!

gp... 2) It's not that I don't sleep, it's just all over the place, mad late and such.
4) #kanyeshrug
5) That wasn't the problem at all! I'm healed enough for light workouts. Get thee to a trainer!
7) What did I say? Sounds gross. Not.
9) You HAVE to go! Any place w/o palm trees is not awesome. Ahem Myrtle Beach, Daytona.
10) What happened?
12) I wasn't but you can add yourself to the list!
13) Since it's summer??? You work! What does summer have to do w/it?
14) I loved it! & you're welcome on the twitter lesson now BEHAVE!!

red... 1) LOLOL
2) WOW! I so don't want that to be me!
3) EWWWWWWW!! I would've been like okay I GOT TA GO!! You know I don't like massages anyway!
7) I know but it wasn't!