Monday Mindspacing Vol. 99

1) If your tweets go into twitlonger (for the twitter unfamiliar, that's for tweets longer than 140 characters), I only read the part that's actually on twitter.  I'm not sorry about that.
2) My dad asked if me and Rah were starting a family yet.  Is that a real question?  Most decidedly not.  Act right.
3) One of my goals for 2011 is to challenge myself sartorially.  I haven't done that yet... and I find I make the most interesting choices when I'm in some sort of group activity... so methinks a challenge is in the works.  Look for more details on The Record Dish on Wednesday.  I hope you guys will join me!!! :)
4) This woman said "My husband & I are 25 1/2 weeks pregnant."  False.  YOU are that pregnant.  I will allow you to say we're expecting/having a baby/gonna be parents.  But you cannot say you're both pregnant.  I will allow my future husband to say this if he agrees to carry the baby for the last 4 months of the pregnancy.
5) My grandma said she felt 30 years old!  She also said she was on cloud 90 from all the birthday attention!  LOLOL  I love it!
6) My cousin tried to one-up me on grandma's happy birthday.  She said, "May she have 90 more!"  Really?  You say that about a 5yo.  A 1yo.  Heck, I'll even let you say it about a 10 or 15yo.  But an 84yo woman?  Go somewhere.
7) I hate when people trash talk a child on the internet.  If there were always cameras on you all the time when you were 8, I'm sure we could talk about the foolishness that you wore as well.  Furthermore, THAT'S A CHILD!!  Go be a better person.
8) I don't like kabobs.
9) Rashan was in the car rapping on the way to Charlotte over the weekend and it reminded me of the video he made a few years ago before we ever met of him rapping while driving.  It was the most adorable, nostalgic thing ever!
10) I tried to surprise my Mom for Mother's Day and you know what she said?  I had a feeling.  WHAT!?!  That mother's intuition is RUINING my fun!  HMPH!
11) While home I fell and severely sprained my ankle, complete with an avulsion fracture.  I went to sleep but didn't sleep well.  When I woke up for good feeling worse at 7:30 am (after less than 4hours of sleep), I knew I had to go to the hospital.  So I have at least 4-6 weeks until it heals & a splint.  And you know one of my first thoughts?  This is really going to ruin my workout schedule.  Addict.
12) My fall story is terribly boring.  I was flitting around in my mom's too big, untied shoes and I rolled my ankle.  I really have no idea how it happened.  Please use your inventive minds to come up with something better. GO!
13) Y'all, there is never a good day to air your grievances with your child's father but it's especially tacky on holidays.  If that man pays you little to no attention on Thursday, why would he care about Mother's Day?
14) Know Rashan's self-proclaimed favorite sound?  My uncontrollable laughter.  How cute is that?? :)


ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I'm going to need your fall story to have all kinds of dramatic gasps and such.

I hate, hate HATE folks that air their dirty laundry on FB. Especially about their significant other. Then they expect us to believe they are all lovey dovey next week. #stopIt.

Ohyea.. this is my new home!

Ladynay said...

Awwww sorry about the ankle. I've heard more boring stories! At least you can pin it to oversized and unlaced shoes!

For the fiddy leventh and second time...yall are too cute :-)

Sparkling Red said...

1) I didn't even know that Twitter would accept over 140 characters. I'm such a rule-follower, I never tried.

4) Yeah, that always strikes me as kind of creepy.

5) Happy Birthday to our grandmas! Mine turned 95 this weekend.

8) What about kebabs?

14) Being adored is the best!

Mrs Count said...

1. Unless I'm being realllly nosy, I normally don't click either.
2. Dad, do better
4. He gets no credit, I'm carrying this baby and doing all the work. The last 4 months are the most fun! Punching, hiccups, random body parts sticking out, it's exciting. The first 3 months I could do without.
6. If granny lives to be 174 she should slap the crap out of your cousin when she finally gets to heaven
8. you should. They're yummy.
9. :)
11. You were wearing your mom's too big shoes. As you walked through the house, one of your locks brushed your neck and you thought it was a spider. You jumped, swatted your neck, lost your balance and fell over the dining room table. You also knocked over your mother's flowers that Rashan just got her for mother's day. They were so mad at you, they refused to take you to the hospital until the next day when your foot was so big, Rashan thought it was his
14. very cute

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. If the tweet is interesting I may click the link.
2. Really??? He asking you that like her doesn't know you LOL!
3.When I first read this I thought you wrote satirical and I was like you are like that to me already so I am completely intrigued to see what you come up with...then I read it again. LOL! Still intrigued.
4.LOL! Leave them alone. You know he's probably having preggie issues. Sharing is caring LOL!
5-6. Yaay happy b-day grandma and OH Gawd!!! Your cousin???? 174??? no ma'am, no sir!
8. I kinda do...depending on what's skewered.
11-12. Jameil went outside...she slowly looked around and saw the cutiest furry creature she had ever seen... and then it started coming toward her...she paused... Heck I got nothing get well soon LOL!
13. Agreed!
14. Oh c'mon...stop it!

Nerd Girl said...

2. This is all kinds of hilarious to me.
4. Agreed.
5. Yay! My Grandma will be 90 in June. Happy belated to yours.
7. Yep.
8. I rather enjoy them.
10. :)
13. I've hidden all those people and their crazy statuses. I refuse.

K. Rock said...

1. I rarely click either.
7. Where they do that at? Not cool.
8. I dont like them either. I usually like the food that is on the kabob though.
9. Video please!
11-12. Aww man. That sucks. I would be upset too if I couldn't work out for a month.
14. On a cuteness scale of 1 to 10, I would label that an 8 right behind kittens chasing their tales.

Unknown said...

1. I didn't even know you could post a tweet that was longer that 140 characters.

2. Ok...Your dad was wondering too. Now I'm mad at you guys for being so mean to me about my kid comment. See, I'm not the only one thinking it. :)

3. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

4. I'm going to have to agree with you on that. I don't know why that irks me.

5. I wish I felt 30. I feel closer to 90. Lol. Your Grandma is too cute.

9. You guys are SOOO cute. I'm glad you guys found one another.

12. I do that to my ankle all the time. I'm so surprised I haven't broken it. I hope it miraculously heals faster than expected.

14. That IS adorable. I can understand why he'd feel that way. I remember when you used to do the audio blogs (cant remember what it was called) and you'd laugh...next thing I know I'd be laughing too. It's infectious.

1969 said...

Sorry about the ankle...elevate and stay off of it!

As for this:

If that man pays you little to no attention on Thursday, why would he care about Mother's Day?


Jameil said...

shizz... DID YOU NOT SEE I ASKED FOR HELP CREATING A STORY??? You're so no good. The dirty laundry is so OLDDDDD!! Please people, find other ways to communicate!

lady... more boring? do tell! & thanks! :)

red... 1) I had to stop following one of my homies in part b/c she was ALWAYS on twitlonger. (She was also raunchy.) Figure out how to be more concise or get a blog!
4) It really is!
5) Wheee! May babies!
8) Those either.
14) It is! :)

mrsc... 1) right!? b/c every once in a while it pays off!
2) seriously.
4) I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT!! I'm selfishly thinking about my body. Clearly. LOL
6) She really should!
8) Nope.
11) That makes me sound like a spaz!! I do like the last sentence though.
14) :)

gp... 1) meh
3) ROTFL! Please get it together! She says again!
4) No ma'am.
5-6) Just ridiculous.
8) Please no. The vegetables don't cook at the same rate as the meat so something is always at the wrong level of doneness. It's usually the meat is overcooked. Gross.
11-12) What in the half-finished story ham sammich??
14) LOL What'd we do?

ng... 2) go in the corner w/him!
5) Go Grandmas!!
8) Blech. See comment to GP.
13) LOL. If only I had that level of restraint.

k... 1) so much work.
7) this one chick posted THREE links in a week and her and her friends just rode on these little famous children. it was so wack!!
8) when cooked at the proper temp, I can get w/that.
9) LOL If his blog would work!!! (see today's post)
11-12) Update forthcoming.
14) LOLOL Are kittens 9 or 10?

tg... 1) you shouldn't
2) it's rude no matter the source. i don't worry about either of your abilities to procreate, I'd appreciate the same respect.
3) as am i.
4) b/c it sounds ridiculous.
5) umm... you're a vegan and you still feel closer to 90? sounds like you need some meat!
9) me too
12) so horrid!
14) lol i am frequently complimented on my laugh.

Trish said...

1. I'm avoiding twitter. I go days, sometimes weeks without posting a FB status.

2. I hate when people ask uncomfortable questions.

4. LMAO! I SO agree with you, men have it easy!

8. I love kabobs!

13. I agree! I have a fb friend that rants about b*****s all day, it's like, why are you so angry?

14.Super cute!!