Resolutions Update

It's past time for a resolution update.  Next year I'll have to keep a better eye on the resolutions.  I should try at least quarterly updates.  I ignored them all this year until this month!  Problem.  Know why?  Because my progress is a hot mess!!  Here are the goals and my progress thus far.

1) Run a 5k.  Yeah... that didn't happen.  I DID have a dream that I started training for one AND in life, actually downloaded some interval training podcasts for my ipod.

2) Get an internship.  Didn't do that either.  But I'm working on one for the summer.  I guess if I can get that lined up before the end of the year that could count huh?

3) Work on my film... a LOT.  I could've done more.  There's still time.

4) Try new restaurants.  DEFINITELY!!  This was a gimme, really.  But I did it!

5) Give the ultimate gift.  Totally!  I loved it!  I gave Rashan an ipod after he lost his.  I surprised Stace at her house & gave her some FAMU stuff she loved.  My line sister loves orchids so I gave her two for her birthday and she loved them, too!  I'm awesome!  Oh yeah!

6) Grow locks.  Another gimme!  Lol.  What a lazy resolution!! Wait.  Maybe not because it was so dramatic for a minute!  Like ummm.... THIS IS HARD!!  My hair was irritating me badly!  I'm past that now.

7) Watch more movies.  Yep!  More than 630 this year!!  That's at least 4xs as many as I watched last year and almost more than I've watched in my lifetime combined prior to that!  I'm going to post the things I've learned thus far from watching so many films in the coming weeks.  I already have more than 30 things on the list!  Still learning!

8) Workout more.  I don't even think the side-by-side comparison would be worth the effort my working out has been in the last 2 years.  Pretty bad.  I'm going to kick it into gear for the rest of the year!!  I can do it!!

9) Procrastinate less.  I have actually done this and it's really cool!  There are things I still procrastinate on so it's not eliminated.  But the goal was definitely procrastinate less and I absolutely did that!  #score!

10) Leave the country and/or go further west.  Nope.  Boooo!!!  But there's still a possibility.


Adei von K said...

oh yeah! my gift was AWESOME!!!! ALL parts of it!!!!

let's go to TEXAS!!!!

Anitra* said...

How about we can enter a 5K someplace and go run. I keep saying that I want to do one too but I can't even run a mile. I started training one time and got up to running a mile and half (on the treadmill). Went to run outside *DEAD*

Not So Anonymous said...

Go to California! It's farther west and basically a country of it's own...two birds with one stone, lol.

You should do a Turkey Trot 5k...it will make you feel better about all the Thanksgiving day food you will gobble down. Even if you don't run the whole thing, it'll still be great.

Rashan Jamal said...

Growing locs was not a gimme resolution. It took some time and patience. I'm glad you made it b/c the locs are awesome.

This summer would have been so much different if you had an internship. Selfishly, I'm glad you didn't get that so I could spend all that time with you.

I'm chuckling a little at including the orchids as an ultimate gift. If you say so...

Miss Snarky Pants said...

I give up on making resolutions *sigh* but yeah...You can do it tho!!! LOL

Momisodes said...

There's still a few more weeks!

Looks like you've done a great job in crossing off these goals. I hear you on the exercise. It's always on my list, but I never do as much as I want to.

And you did watch a ton of movies this year!

Jameil said...

adei... glad you liked it! we still haven't talked about that.

anitra... i've done miles and miles on the elliptical. SO not the same when i take it to the street!! there are endless 5ks here. there's no excuse for me not to have entered one!

nsa... lol @ two birds! cali is too expensive to get to right now & i don't have anywhere to stay when i get there. i want to be able to actually RUN a 5k so turkey trot's out.

rj... thanks! so selfish! do you understand that different people love different things? she loves orchids.

ms. b.... lol. thanks.

momisodes... i know! i can still get some of this accomplished!