Do You Know What Today Is????

Rashan's birthday!!  Happy Birthday old man!  35 now huh?  That makes me feel way older than I'm sure it makes you feel.  How is it possible that I'm dating a 35-year-old man?  My mom & his sister have both shamed me this week about calling him old.  I'm sayin...  I'm guessing his sister is saying it because she's two years older so if he's old... Lol.  Is a birthday an inappropriate time to do a roast?  Because according to Comedy Central & The Office, it's the perfect time!

Let's get it!!

Rashan you know how you're always saying you don't read because "shorty can't eat no books"?  We all know it's because your attention span isn't long enough to read a 500-word blog post, let alone a 50,000-word book.  Uh-oh.  Guess that means you won't finish this post.

As heartily as you disagree with becoming a vegetarian, I hope you know an alien may come skin you one day.  And I think we can all agree that though you'd make a warmer coat, I'd make a cuter one.

Rashan, your mom called to wish you a happy bir.  Wait your mom never calls.  I'm guessing your birthday is no reason to remember you now.

This picture is it's own joke.  Bet that'll teach you to take pictures of yourself with my camera!!

(I save the sweet stuff for the anniversary.)

Add yours!


Adei von K said...


I don't even wanna play this game!!


Rashan Jamal said...

LOL - weak roast! you should have went hard, but now it's too late!

Patti said...

Me either! I don't like this idea of being roasted on your birthday. What happened to the happy memories and fawning? I sure hope he is getting some off-blog fawning - lol.

Happy Birthday (again) Rashan!

Ladynay said...

I've been reading dude for a long time now and I can't think of anything to add! Darn! :-(

Jazzy said...

lmao @ Rashan's pic. The expression on his face makes him look "special"...and not in the most flattering way! lololol!