November Goals

I don't see the point in waiting until January to set goals. (Speaking of which I should really check up on my goals from January... I have a feeling I haven't done what I wanted to...) Aretha does monthly goals and I like that idea so here's what's on deck for November!

1) Try new recipe twice a week. Seeing as I now subscribe to Every Day with Rachael Ray AND Food Network magazine (which has a ridiculous amount of recipes!!) I should really put those to use. I also have a ridiculous number of RR cookbooks with a new one out this month (yesterday in fact and you know I want it even though it will be number 7!!)... I should use this stuff!!!

2) Try new ingredient, spice or dish once a month. I like being adventurous! Since sometimes it's difficult for me to get out of Gainesville, I can at least travel via food.

3) Eat out no more than 3xs/week (4 on Rashan visits). This probably sounds like a lot to y'all. It does to me, too but when I was in class for hours and hours on end and didn't get home until 8 or 9, I didn't feel like cooking. Now that our classes are cut down so we can work on our films, I bet I can do even better than 3-4xs a week but I wanted to give myself a doable goal.

4) Work out 3xs/week. It is so irritating to me that I have let this go! It's insane! The gym is ridiculously close. I can and will do better.

5) Dedicate time for spiritual growth. I have let this go, too and I can tell a difference. I'm going to fix it.

6) Catch up on movies. I'm still about a dozen behind. I made no progress in October and we're getting closer and closer to the end! Time to kick operation 750 movies this year into gear!!

7) Use a budget. Ahem. Yeah.


Ladynay said...

1) Make sure you post up the dishes that come out extra tastey!

3,4,&5) Mmmm hmm me too! Good luck!

6) You really are a Crazy Movie Lady, even it for some reason you don't make 750! If you don't watch another movie this year I swear you may have still seen more than I have in my lifetime! HA!

7) If you have a credit card leave it at home. It helps a lot! Well it does for me anyways.

JJai said...

#7. www.mint.com is Amazing. It accesses your checking account and puts your expenses into a pie chart, helps you set a budget, and allows you to see where you are day to day in staying on budget in a very easy to follow way. And it's free!

Rashan Jamal said...

you don't have to eat out more when I'm here. You can try out your RR recipes. I like adventurous food too.

Not So Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a new spice/ingredient...I should try to make that a habit.

Cooking is growing on me...kinda.

Good luck!

Miss Snarky Pants said...

I totally agree with you on setting goals like NOW and especially so since doing it in January means you'd ONLY be doing it because it's traditional for the start of a new year when odds are, you'll NEVER hold yourself accountable.

Hey wait...that's MY excuse...

Ummm...nevamind! LOL

Momisodes said...

You are so good to plan ahead like this. I love the idea of traveling via food! Very clever.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

Ive got a dusty gym card, Bible, and excel budget spreadsheet. You're right....today is the day to get started! Good Luck! (although between you and me that budget will be the hardest thing for me to work on....better luck to you!)

Jameil said...

lady... i will! thanks! i'm making 750!!! i don't have a CC, never have.

jjai... is that spam?

rj... it's b/c i might eat out before you get here. we can go on lots of food adventures!! yay!!

nsa... do it! it'll be cool! cooking a lot seems to be like going to the gym a lot. the more you do it the more you want to do it.

msb... right!? gotta start now!

momisodes... it's a way of you guys holding me accountable! thx!!

dani... for shame! the both of us! lol. thanks!

Liz Dwyer said...

Love it. I should check in on my goals, too! Ha!

There's a Food Network magazine??? Wowzer! Yum.

Jameil said...

it's time! lol. it has a crazy amount of recipes!!

JJai said...

no, it's a real site and I am a real commenter, lol I noticed by comment came of spamerific. I really do think its a great site...bless~