Gobble Gobble

Since Adei & Dani's parents are from different, countries, Ghana & Jamaica respectively, they're both freaking out about their families' non-traditional approaches to Thanksgiving.  It's hilarious!  I know they didn't mean it that way but it's cute!  For me, Thanksgiving has always been about the house hopping!  It's not fun unless you're going to multiple different houses to taste multiple different takes on everything!  Oh yeah!  One year my mom, after years of not making a turkey because we had so many leftovers from the 3+ places we went to eat (I think 5 was our record one year), my mom asked my sister and me if we wanted a turkey for home and there was a resounding NO!  For what?  I don't even like turkey that much.  Dries out too easily.  Yes, I know fried turkey isn't dry or greasy.  I'm from the south.  We've been eating fried turkey for at least 10 years.  I'll eat turkey, but I'm just not too crazy about the texture.

When I was in college, I brought my friend Christina home with me one year.  So fun!  When I lived in Pittsburgh, I went to Norfolk to spend Thanksgiving with my friend Wynel's now-husband's family.  We did a mini house hop (score!) and went to her family's house where I had she-crab soup for the first time.  DELICIOUS!!  My mom just left and before she did she baked a chicken, made cabbage, cornbread dressing & potato salad.  YUMMY!!  I have lots of leftovers in my fridge I'm sure Rashan is licking his chops waiting to get his hands on.

 (From top left the pics are homemade chicken stock, cabbage, potato salad & baked chicken.)

Tonight I'm going to a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with the black grad students on campus.  I made my famous lemonade.  I blend fruit into lemonade with sugar.  I've done peach, raspberry & tonight strawberry lemonade.  People LOVE this drink!  I'm so awesome! Lol.

This year Rashan and I are driving up to Savannah to spend Thanksgiving with his family.  I'll get to meet his grandma for the first time which both of us are excited about.  He has requested that his mom fry oysters since he knows I LOVE OYSTERS!!  We're going to the beach since his mom's house is only 10 minutes away.  AND.... WE'RE GOING TO PAULA DEEN'S RESTAURANT!!! SCORE!!!  You know I couldn't go to Savannah without going there, right?  RIGHT! 

And even before Thanksgiving is what???  RASHAN'S BIRTHDAY ON WEDNESDAY!!!!  35 YEARS OLD!  My old old man.  Since he's more than underwhelmed about his birthday, I have a couple of surprises in store for him that I hope will make his day even happier than just being with me!  :)


Ladynay said...

Yah know, I've never been house hopping for Turkey Day.

What's in she-crab soup? Never mind, I'll google it! LOL!

Rashan Jamal said...

Fried turkey is awesome!

As you know we have a decidely non traditional Thanksgiving, so I think I would fit in fine with Stace and Dani.

House hopping used to be fun. It would be like a competition to see who could feed me the best. And I was the winner! Love take home plates.

You already know chops are being licked!

Stop talking about the surprises or I'll have to figure out what they are. LOL

Jameil said...

lady... it's a must! good that you're googling that b/c idk! lol.

rj... yep. tradition is really what you make it anyway. i like the idea of a feed me best competition! maybe we should call up some of your exes and crash their thanksgivings! mmmmmmm. de-lick those chops. you better not even try to figure out the surprises or it's OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!

Miss Snarky Pants said...

You have not LIVED unless you have house hopped for Thanksgiving (which is EXACTLY how I'll be spending my turkey day)!


Jameil said...

ms. b... right!?! house hopping is LOVE!! get it girl!